Why Developing A Success Mindset Is Important As A Student – And How To Implement It?

If one truly, intensely desired something, he / she would get it. Perseverance, hard work and patience are the characteristics that alone the path to progress.

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Many can participate in a race. But one person will win the title. Thus many students are studying in a class. But only some pupils will get the distinction. Success is a state which is set apart from others. In a student’s life success is the main motive. It is important for students to develop a success mindset.

  1. 1 Mindset of a Student

    To be a winner in any of the events, one should believe he or she can perform better than others. Without believing one cannot succeed. So the mindset is important to succeed. There will be so many obstacles that hinder our confidence.
    Concerning students, the background may be an obstacle. Every student comes from a different background. Parents of each student are of different professions. Their financial status differs. Looking at their classmates' parents, several students' mindsets get affected.
    Many may believe that they could only achieve as like their father. Even though their parents put them in reputed institutions, they could not believe that they can achieve something in society. This type of mindset will definitely affect their studies.

  2. 2 Growth Mindset: Understand it

    The students who believe that their talents, intellectual skills are limited and that cannot be developed are of a static mindset. My father is not in a high profession so that I would be like him only, is an example of a static mindset.
    A growth mindset is different from a static mindset. The students who have a growth mindset believe that their skills can be developed. They are the people dreaming about their future and work hard with great hope to attain that.
    People’s growth in status is linked with their mindset. The Tamil moral epic Tirukkural states that, “With rising flood, the rising lotus flower its stem unwinds; the dignity of men is measured by their minds” which means that, ”The stalks of water-flowers are proportionate to the depth of water; so is men’s greatness proportionate to their minds.”
    Only when our mindset believes in growth, we can grow.

  3. 3 Success Mindset: What is all about?

    A growth mindset, in other words, or for students can be called a success mindset. If a student hopes that his intelligence is like the color of a parrot which cannot be changed, he will not be a successor. But a student believes that his skills can be developed and he can be trained with new skills as a parrot trained to speak, he will surely achieve something.
    Every student experiences some transition in their academic life. Many students who got admissions to professional colleges after their schooling find it difficult to cope up with the medium of study. Many of them studied in their schools in their mother tongue or in their regional languages. The change in medium to English or other language brings fear in their minds.
    A student with a successful mindset overcomes this fear. Even though he or she feels discomfort, he or she is learning that new language and try to understand the lectures. They do not feel shame about their background but the value their parents have with great hope to put them in this reputed institute.

  4. 4 The Role of Inspiration

    You can set a success mindset by inspiration. You may get inspired by reading biography or autobiography or by watching videos of successful people. Keep reading good books in your student life. When students come to know people from the same or more downtrodden background succeed and achieve great things in life, they are also inspired to overcome their situation.
    A video has been shared widely on social media and attracts more likes. It is a video of a police father saluting his officer daughter in Andhra Pradesh. Ms.Jessy Prashanti, a Deputy Superintendent of Police rank officer, and her circle inspector rank father met in an event. The father Mr.Shyam Sundar saluted his daughter who is a higher rank officer. Ms.Jessy Prashanti shared that she has been inspired by the commitment of her father to the service from her childhood.
    You can easily get inspired by great people’s lives. You have to get the inspiration alive until you achieve your goal. The inspiration gives a spark in your mind. But you have to keep it so that the spark is not getting off.
    The success mindset can be implemented by the following steps:
        Cultivate Discipline
        Hard Work
        Carrying Yoke
        Perseverance
        Overcoming Shame
    We will discuss them in detail.

  5. 5 Discipline: How to Cultivate it?

    Discipline is one of the essential characteristics of a successful mindset. One should discipline him/her and cultivate good habits. Get early in the morning, Listen well in the class, study the lessons, finish the assignments in time, get prepared for the examinations, keep good health, avoid distractions like mobile phones and TV, etc., are some disciplines to cultivate.
    If one cultivates these habits within himself/herself, he/she never miss anyone of them. This will be a routine style in their daily life. If you do not cultivate them and try once in exam time, you cannot score high marks. No tree yields fruits at once. We have to plant it, water it and wait patiently till the time. Then we can get the fruits every year. Like that students should cultivate good habits to get good results in their study.

  6. 6 Hard Work: Why is it Important?

    There is a proverb that states that “Hard work is the mother of good luck.” There is nothing equal to working hard. One has to work hard after he/she gets inspiration. Only by working hard can one reach his/her dream position. A successful mindset never hesitates to work hard.
    A student to understand and study his/her lessons day by day. It is advised not to keep the lessons for later. As the syllabus is vast, students have to work hard or go the extra mile to finish the assignments. It is said that “God helps to whom he helps himself”.
    A farmer cannot expect yield from his land if he is not plagued, sowed, and watered. The spark of inspiration motivates the student to work hard to get good marks. Even in an uncomfortable environment a student with a success mindset will not complain but work hard towards the rewards.

  7. 7 Carrying Yoke: The Reality

    A verse in the Holy Bible states that “It is good for a man to bear the yoke while he is young.” Youthful days have the power to encounter challenges. As a young man or young woman, a student can learn with patience.
    He or she is enjoying learning new things. The happiness which comes from learning gives the power to sustain amidst the odd situations. If they learn to carry the burden about the future and background, surely they can achieve big things later.
    So a student never says no to carry a burden. If he or she is familiar with that, their mindset gets strengthened to face any such challenges in life with confidence.
    Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, former president of India was born in a simple family. His father was not an educated person. Kalam had seven siblings. Due to the family situation Kalam usually rose up at 4 O'clock early in the morning and went to distribute Newspapers. After returning from school he studied till 11 PM late at night. Kalam’s teacher encouraged him by telling if one truly, intensely desired something, he would get it. Kalam studied by earning for himself and worked as a paperboy. He insisted that perseverance, hard work, and patience are the characteristics that alone the path to progress.

  8. 8 Perseverance: The Necessity of This Virtue

    Success is not a granted one and not a guaranteed one. Sometimes you miss your goal in a narrow line. A student is well planned and works hard for his/her success all through the academic year. But may fail to get the top rank or even fail to get qualified in the entrance test. Many may get discouraged and tired after working hard. Some may even be disappointed and lose mind. But people with a successful mindset are never disappointed. They will not lose heart. They will try until they attain the aimed status.
    There is an old story. There was a king in Scotland named Robert the Bruce. In his time, the king of England came against Robert the Bruce and warred with him. Robert the Bruce was defeated by the England army six times. Robert the Bruce disappointed and all his soldiers got scattered. Robert the Bruce was all alone. He hid in a cave. He lay inside the cave with a broken heart. In that cave, he saw a spider that was trying to spin its web. While trying to get to another side the spider fell down. It fell down again and again. Robert the Bruce was watching it. The spider failed to reach the other side and fell down for the sixth time. Robert the Bruce said, “Oh, it also failed for the sixth time. That is the end.” But to his surprise, the spider again climbed and tried to jump to the next side. It was the seventh time. The spider made it. It spun the web.
    Robert the Bruce gained confidence. He decided to try one more time. He gathered his army and went to war with the King of England. This time Robert the Bruce won the war and regained Scotland, his country, and was crowned as the King of Scotland.
    Perseverance is one of the characteristics of a successful mindset. It never gets disappointed. In a student’s life, this mindset is essential. If one fails to achieve even after working hard for months, he/she should not be disheartened. They have to try until they succeed. Perseverance is a characteristic that can lift you to the highest position.

  9. 9 Shame: Overcome it

    A person with a success mindset will not stop by shame. There could be situations that persons mocked you. But a person journeying with a vision could not be stopped by this mockery. A successful mindset overpowered shameful situations. Even if they failed to achieve a victory and walk through shame, they never get disheartened. They continued their journey until they reached their vision.
    A young man who was in a poor family wanted to achieve something. He worked for many years in a shop as a salesman and opened a small shop on his own. He borrowed money from a lender and bought some defective readymade dresses, which are called second quality dresses to sell. He happened to cross a big house every day while going to his shop by bicycle. This young man was attracted to that house. He desired to build that type of house one day in his lifetime. So every day he used to stop his bicycle in front of that big house and saw it for about ten minutes. As it was his ambition to build a big house like that, every day he looked at it with ambitious eyes.
    The owner of that house noticed that. Every day a poor young man stood in front of the house and it seemed a different thought within the owner. He complained to the local police station about this young man. One day while this young chap was standing in front of that house, the police inspector came and took this young man to the police station.
    From morning to evening he made him stand in the police station. He could not open his shop on that day. In the evening the police inspector asked the reason for him to stand daily in front of that big house. This auspicious young man told about his ambition of life. “Sir, I want to build a house as big as that one. So I am looking at it every day.” The police inspector laughed. “You are selling worn-out clothes. You should not even think about that house,” and let the boy go.
    All through the day, this boy was hungry. He was ashamed in front of all who were at the police station. But he never disheartened. He continually runs his shop. Gradually his business grows leap and bounds. He then became the owner of a readymade firm and built a very big house.
    This is a life story of a businessman shared by him on a social media channel. 


    A person with a successful mindset could not be held back by a shameful situation. It will fuel his/her journey towards ambition.

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