When Was The Last Time You Have Taken Shower In Your Bathroom? – Mindfulness !!!

A successful life can be defined as How many Mindful moments you have lived in your life? - It's very simple, is not it? But, Can we implement this? Pl Refer article

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Can you answer these questions quickly? When was the last time you have taken shower in your bathroom? When was the last time you have had a very joyful lunch with family on a weekday (Work from Home these days)? 🙂

You will be surprised by these questions and wondering we do these things frequently, almost on daily basis. But the question is when you were taking shower, did you notice the colors around, did you hear the sound of water? While having lunch on weekdays; did you notice the colors of food items on your plate? did you get the smell of the same? – with most of us, most of the time, we are indifferent thoughts, thinking something different while automatically doing the tasks which are very habitual to us. We are taking shower for ages now, so brain pathways are so set that we do these tasks on autopilot mode.

That is where we have to take a pause, take a break from our thoughts, and come into that present moment- This is Mindfulness.

Mindfulness is a process of awareness.

So, Mindfulness is the mental state achieved by one’s awareness of the present moment, while calmly accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations at that moment. It is a process of purposely bringing one’s attention to experiences occurring in the present moment without judgment. We all have the capacity to reap the foundational & transformative powers of Mindfulness. It is our true power; it is the true path to live the lives we are meant for. This can be learned and developed through the practice of meditation and some other simple techniques.

So, what is stopping us? If there is this perfect and meaningful way of living life which can profoundly change our lives, bring more happiness then why do not we live that way? The answer is – the monkey inside us. 🙂 – our Conscious mind which is always living either in the past or future. It’s always running here and there, jumping from one thought to another. This is causing a lot of stress, anxiety, and emotional chaos often so as to consume our existence that we are not in the present, not at all in the state of Mindfulness.

We do hear many views, perceptions about a successful life. Most of the time we measure it in the terms of materialistic achievements, however, if you have not lived life in those moments while achieving the same then as per me it is not a successful life.

According to me, A successful life can be defined as How many Mindful moments you have lived in your life? – It’s very simple, is not it? One survey was done with the people aged more than 80 who are in the hospital on the death bed. This was about the most memorable moments of their life; it’s surprising but most of them could not even share more than 7 to 8 moments. In my opinion, this is only because of not practicing mindfulness.

Now, let’s talk about simple steps to be more Mindful in life-

  1. Establish an intentional, calm, and natural breathing pattern. In between, you can give count 1 for inhaling and count 2 for exhale – Do this for 3 to 4 minutes and just be aware of the breathing.
  2. While having food; notice the colors of the food items – Notice at least 3 colors – It will bring you at that moment.
  3. When you are walking or climbing a staircase- Focus on the leg which you are stepping ahead. Right, left, etc. Do it at least for 10 min.
  4. When you are cleaning dishes; notice the size of the dishes.
  5. Wherever you are, watch the colors around.
  6. Sit at one place, close your eyes, and hear sounds around you.

There are many simple, effective techniques that can be implemented.

Mindfulness will help you take away that heaviness from your mind. Regular practice of mindfulness meditation reduces stress, overthinking from your mind.

It also increases self-awareness, fulfillment, and happiness. Among other benefits, studies have demonstrated decidedly that people who practice mindfulness have:

  • Improved their health and overall quality of life,
  • Reduced their depression and anxiety,
  • Increased their concentration, and
  • Achieved a stronger ability to cope more effectively with day-to-day stresses.

Kindly implement the same and please share your feedback. If you are following any techniques, then please share it here for the benefit of all.

Thank you.

Himanshu Deshmukh

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  1. Nice article, a reminder to enjoy life every moment. “Count your blessings and name them on by one ” and ‘”This is the day that Lord hath made, we will rejoice ” are the two songs that came my mind as I read this.

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