Utilise Your Left And Right Brain By Music

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Human Brain is a very complicated circuit and no one utilizes it completely. But that is the main reason for all your feelings like Happy, Sad, Excitement and others. Friends you know one thing, all these feelings are controllable and also shows the right path for your wonderful personality. Yes, If you learn music then you are in another world.

Music is pure knowledge, once you start learning and getting more interested in it. Then you will not set back for any of your right decisions. Do you know why? Because it teaches you multi tasking, mathematics, science, history and also the feature.

How many of them believe Musical notes have breathing air. I believe in that. Once you hear the music you can heal your pain, show your joy, can’t hide your sadness, and be happy on your face. Even humans will not give the entire thing as one. But Music will give you that to your Mind.

I know that everyone has one question, here you only talk about the music then why your title is about the left and right brain. Let me explain that in detail, If you are a musician then you won’t ask this question anymore. Because, the musician can play the instrument, by seeing the notes, by following the beats, supporting the singer, and playing with the exact tempo. This can’t be done by nature, it only comes through only by practice. It helps to improve the way of thinking of both the left and right brain which is scientifically proven.

  1. 1 Benefits of Learning Music

    Do you know which instrument is the best in the World? I asked this question many of the people I met so far. But only a few people gave the correct answer to this question. Can you guess the answer? Yes, it's Human Voice. It's a wonderful creature by God. It can make others happy and it also hurts others. If you learn music, then it only gives happiness to others.

    Once you learn music, you can find your inner peace and easily make you calm yourself. You will be honest forever and your paths always point in the right direction. Your mind will not deviate to another wrong path. Your Goal always is a target for you. 

    Here I am going to explain about the Guitar and How much I'm interested in playing it. But I don't want to force you to learn only the Guitar. You can learn any instrument, but at least one with full involvement and ready to dedicate yourself.

  2. 2 Why do I need to choose Guitar as my First Instrument?

    I tell you with an open note. I am basically Guitarist and my passion is teaching guitar to others. Actually, I am doing now, this is one of the reason and another reason is a challenging instrument. Initially, it won't come that much easier, I struggled a lot to play a single note in it. Once you love this instrument, then it could be your third hand to your body. You never leave ever in your life.

    Guitar Sounding will be pleased to hear and grab the audience's mind easily. Of course, your mind will be the first person to get into love. The first three months are crucial because there is a chance left to learn the guitar. But mark my word, If you play for 6 months then that instrument will not leave you. I am sure of that. Definitely, It will be one of your family.

    In the Image, you find the part of the Guitar. Yes, It is a String Instrument Family. We have many types in it. This is Acoustic Guitar and it will help you to become a lead guitarist or supporting guitar for singers. 

  3. 3 Frets, Notes and Scales

    Everyone will have their own thought, why we have this many parallel lines in guitar. What should we do with that? Here I will explain to you clearly about that formation for acoustic guitar. Each parallel line is called a Fret and each fret in between gaps is called a note. Press the gap and plug that string, it will give you a note.

    Scales are mandatory to learn about the music. Especially you have to learn western notes to understand the musical language. Yes, it is a universal language and is followed all over the world in a different form of scales like western notes, Carnatic notes, etc.,

    Acoustic Guitar has 12 frets and each one gives individual sound by pressing on the gap and plugging the corresponding string on it. Let's talk about the basic scales 'C Major', we can also call it a Root.

    C Major
    C    D    E   F   G   A   B   C

    C Major Scale starts from C and ends with C. In guitar, we have three different pitches in it. Low, Higher, and Medium. If you see the image, you will be able to identify many C on it. From Top to Bottom,
    Open E  - 1st String
    Open B - 2nd String
    Open G - 3rd String
    Open D - 4th String
    Open A - 5th String
    Open E - 6th String

    1st String C is presented in 7th Fret that C note is called Higher Pitching Note. Usually female can sing that level comfortably

    3rd String C is presented in 5th Fret that we called Middle C and it comfortable for both male and female voice

    5th String C is presented in 3rd Fret that we can call it as Lower Note C which is more comfortable for male voices.

    Like that we have many positions and many scales in a single instrument. Here I explained some basics about the Guitar and Musical Notes. 

  4. 4 Conclusion

    I hope this article gives you a slight spark in your mind. Find your better mentor and start learning any musical instrument. Give relaxation to your mind and give work on your left and right Brain. Contact me if you need any free guidance for your learning or choosing any musical instrument.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Raja E

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