Top 6 Influencer Marketing Statistics You Need To Know In 2021

Influencer Marketing is going to be an 18 billion in 2022. know the statistics if you want to be an influencer in 2021.

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Table of content 

  • What is Influencer Marketing?

  • Different types of Influencers

  • Influencer Marketing Statistics You Need To Know In 2021

  • Bonus Tips 

  • Example Of Influencer Marketing

  • Key Take Ways From The Example

  • Conclusion 

What is influence marketing?

Influencer marketing is the company or a brand that will approach the person who had the minimum number of followers with a good engagement rate and trust towards the audience of that person. 

Then the company or a brand will have a call or meeting with that person to collaborate to prompt their company products or brand awareness to that Influencer audiences with that person’s style or the company instructions of promotions to his followers.

They are different type of Influencer


2.Blog Influencer

3.Social Media Influencer

4.Celebrity Influencer

5.key Opinion Leader


The micro means small or some right. Those people who have some or good followers to them are called micro-influencer. The micro-influencer is the one who became more popular and grows their influencer fast in the market. 

The small Brand or company will approach the micro-influencer because they know that we partner with micro-influencer the company or brand will get more brand awareness the reason is the company or brand have a low budget to invest. (The companies are getting starting their journey. If a company or brand got there expected ROI then brands exponentially increase in marketing budget)


This pic will show that Micro-Influencer and their following, trust towards the people

2.Blog Influencer

Blog Influencer! What is a blog Influencer? When you hearing about this first thing this type of question will arrive right. The blog Influencer means those who maintain a blog website.

Those websites like to be 

  • Niche Blog

  • Personal Branding Blog

  • Brand Blog

3.Social Media Influencer

Most of the Influencers are build their social presence and common people also trying to build their social media presence because the Company or Brand has places to find the Influencer to make a deal to promote their brand or company.

The different places of Social medias

  • Instagram

  • Youtube

  • Facebook

  • Linkedin

  • Twitter, etc

Most of the influencer is found on Instagram. This platform is becoming more and more engaged and used platform in the world by the users.

Instagram User Data By Age:-

4.Celebrity Influencer

Celebrity Influencer is those who are doing acting, films, Social awareness programs, Company CEO, Millionaires. 

Those people will directly collaborate with the brand and promote through their social appearances and their social media platforms 

For Example:-

This pic, show that Celebrity, Film actor, etc have more followers and they call as Celebrity Influencer 

Celebrity Marketing Example:-

In the above pic, you can saw that Film actor is promoting the Ariel Company Product 

There so many celebrities are doing this Influencer marketing

5.key Opinion Leader

The Key opinion leader means those who are already experienced person or top in their work and impacted a lot of people to became the what they today. For Example Gary vee, Neilpatl, Russell Brunson, and much more members 

The key opinion leader is the most popular influencer in the market. They became a successful example for upcoming people to build the dream life as they dreamed

The Key opinion leader’s promotion is some sort of different from other influencers. They prompt the brands or companies If they are using those brand only (this happens very low I mean their promotion Strategy is different from others)

6 Influencer Marketing Statistics You Need To Know

The statistics you going to read will change your thinking about social media and you will realize how effectively we can use social media 

Ok, Let me ask you one question Which social media has more Engagement rate?

Here we go:-

Instagram:- 89%

YouTube:- 70%

Facebook:- 45%

Blogs:- 44%

1. 90% of Advertisers Agree that Influencer Marketing is Efficient

In a survey among the marketers, almost 90% of marketers are agreed that influencer marketing is more efficient 

36% of marketers are said that it is a very successful Strategy. Only 5% of the marketers said that this strategy is inefficient 

2.9 out Of 10 Marketers Believe That Influencer Marketing Is An Effective Marketing

Nearly all Marketers(90% Marketers) are belives in Influencer Marketing to be an effective form of marketing

The influencer marketing industry is on track to be worth up to $15 billion by 2022. 

Every social platform had some sort of Influencers you have to do some sort of Research on each social media platform to find the perfect Influencer for your brand.

According to a survey Influencer promoting brand awareness has more reach and trust towards the brand is more compared to brand marketing.

The average engagement rate with influencers is at 5.7 percent, approximately two times more than compared to the engagement rate for branded content on Instagram.

3.40% of Customers Use Ad-Blocking Technology

Nowadays a lot of users are using AD-Blockers and paid subscriptions to not view the ads. So, in this situation, influencer marketing is very useful for getting brand awareness and generating leads.

Note:- Even the ad blockers are also promoting by the influencers by their social presence. Most of the ad blockers are prompt in their youtube channels.

4.Companies Spend Over Half Their Marketing Budget On Influencers

Most the Company or Brands was willing to spend half or more of their marketing budget on influencers.

The reason is ROI is more when comparing to normal marketing. A lot of companies or Brands are earning 6.5$ from spending for 1$ on influencers. The Brands or companies are paying the influencer by giving them money or giving them free products to get the brand awareness they want to get. 

5.50.7% Of Brands Working With Influencers To Run Their E-Commerce Stores.

You can see there is a lot of E-commerce brand on social media and they are promoting by the people who we use to follow our favorite contact creators and many members but a lot of promotion are happening on meme pages on the social media.

This is becoming more common on most of the meme pages on Instagram. The people who use Instagram a lot can identify this promotion more on the meme pages.

6.69.4% Of Most Active People On Internet Are Chose Be A Influencer So They Earn Revenu

We can see how a lot of people are trying to build their following on social media by following someone and unfollowing. This trick was the most commonly used by meme papes to gain followers to their page and personal profile too.

69.4% is not a small number of people who are trying to gain followers. The best thing I can tell you is if are willing to become the influencer take action right now are else your dream growth will become more difficult to achieve.

If you are the one who had no clue very to start are what to do then you must follow me on Instagram @InfluencerLevel don’t forget to follow and dm me to get start your journey on a proven pathway to the success 

Bonus Tips:- Top five determining factors when choosing an influencer

These factors must be noted before making a deal with an influencer

Quality of content: 81%

Target audience: 78%

Engagement rate: 73%

On-brand messaging or aesthetic: 56%

Budget: 50%

Top five most effective content formats for influencer marketing

Instagram Post: 78%

Instagram Story: 73%

YouTube Video: 56%

Instagram Video: 54%

Blog Post: 36%

Best Example Of Influence Marketing

Not specifically Influencer marketing but I’ll share an example of some intelligent marketing. In the past one company called Nyubi Cosmetics, they created an Instagram page in 2018, and they uploaded a post on Instagram looking for Brand Ambassadors with certain Criteria.

Most product-based companies use Influencer Marketing to promote their products. Especially cosmetics and women Apparel based companies use Influencer Marketing most in the Market.

Influencer Marketing, as I said to you at the stating of the blog Influencer Marketing is just we as a brand or company approach the person who had more engagement, reach, Following, and trust of people towards that person 

Tip:- How to Find a Quality Influencer 

  • Quality of content

  • Target audience

  • Engagement rate

  • On-brand messaging or aesthetic

When you find your right influencer contact him and try to make a good deal as per your intelligence. That’s it your influencer marketing campaign is ready to go to the market (Don’t forget to make a special link to track that campaign of your influencer marketing).

Now come back to the Example that we are discussing the Nyubi Cosmetics, Right. They posted a contest on Instagram looking for Brand Ambassadors with certain rules which are to be followed:- 

  • Must be 15 & up

  • Must  have a minimum of 300 followers

  • Must follow Nyubic Cosmetics

  • Repost and tag us in the story

I think you guys don’t need an explication of the above points. As they posted that post lot of girls and Influencers are placed a story on their profile with that Nyubi Cosmetics got 11,200 likes to that post 

I need to tell you one thing the pic your saw was their 3rd post on the Instagram account 

Not Only a chance of becoming a Brand Ambassador but they also gave a chance to receive free products and being on their PR list

Now all those who shared that post and make a story of the brand Nyubi Cosmetics. They got free marketing from the people and it will viral on Instagram for zero budget.

In fact lot of influencers who charge a minimum of 70-100$ per post those members also shared that post on the profile for “free” Because of this they got a lot of people’s eyes on their Cosmetics brand for Free Free! 

I don’t know if they did this contest intentionally for this purpose but this is one of the best examples I have seen in my research on Influencer marketing.

I have a question for you. After all that How many followers did they get on that post you think? Here we go

You read about the Nyubi Cosmestics how they get into the market using social media but you need to know that how they present running their social media profile you are going to shock!

This there present social profile 

Key Take Ways From The Example

  1. Whether your goal is to increase brand awareness, sales, or reach new audiences, always set clear KPIs (and tracking) beforehand.

  2. To build the brand or company awareness fast using influencers is the best way.

  3. Finding the right influencer and start promoting your brand or company but one thing doesn’t rush on this take time and do some research until you find a good influencer to your brand or company.

  4. From the example, you get that Instagram is most popular for Influencers and Influencer Marketing to get your expected results.

  5. If you don’t educate your audiences about your brand or company you will lose the audiences on a large scale you can see that from the example.


My final words on Influencer Marketing. This method going to take a big part in the marketer’s life because a lot of people are using influencer marketing more. 

This method will help the people who started their journey in the digital space to grow fast in their careers. So, don’t waste your time and be a part of this marketing trend and make more money by building your digital business Fast.

If you have a low budget for marketing then check the Instagram page @InfluencerLevel for free Organic growth for your brand.

One word before we complete use the tips as I said to you and will saw the results fast in your digital journey to success. 

Thanks for reading my article if you anything to share please comment down below. I love to hear your comments. Chess….!

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