Things You Need To Know Before Losing Weight

How emotional intelligence is imporant in losing weight? This point is not highlighted much in our health journey.

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Warning: I’m not a health expert, use the recommendation that applies to you.

Nobody ever talks about emotional intelligence for weight loss. All our weight issues are not physical; emotions play a significant role in it. Yet, People keep working hard on themselves physically. Despite spending hours in the gym (Pre-Covid era), there are not many results.

I want to share my story about how I lost about 20 kgs of weight, in 2014. 

I went through a break-up in 2014. It was an eight-year-old relationship. It was hard to start life again. At 30, I had some plans for life, and everything went south from there.

I’m an emotional eater; food is very comforting to me. I would keep on eating without worrying about the consequences. I would have my dinner and would eat chips, chocolates, and cheese (3 big C’s of my life).

I would eat so much that; I would rarely have any space left in my body. Still, I would push and eat to the extent of puking. Then, promise myself at night that from the next morning I would eat healthy. The whole day I would stick to the plan, but post-dinner would break my promise. I would eat a lot more on weekends when I used to meet my friends.

And the cycle would continue, for months. I would function normally, but deep down, there was something wrong. I would purposely harm my body to feel ok. 

Within months, I weighed 80 kgs. For the first time in life, my bodyweight had crossed 80 kgs. If anybody looked at me, they would feel ok, but I was not ok. I was struggling. As a kid, I was always athletic & sporty. I played football for college and clubs. 

One day I was in front of a mirror. I didn’t feel good when I looked at myself. After months of damaging myself, the results were noticeable. I could not accept myself and decided I need to get my life in order. I wanted to feel good about my body again. My clothes did not fit me. 

In June 2014, I decided I will lose my weight and transform my body. I started taking massive action. I cleared all the junk food from my fridge and replaced it with healthy things. I got into nutrition research and was committed to transformation. 

I applied for a new gym membership, bought a new pair of shoes and all the necessary apparel. All set to start my journey.

Diet Changes (These are extremes):

– I started my day with coffee and workout in the morning.

– Protein shake post-workout.

– Eggs & bread during breakfast

– Oats & veggies for lunch

– Something very light in the evening viz. bhel or Marie biscuit.

– Chicken breast/boiled eggs for dinner

– Protein shake before sleep again.


– I used to do weight training for five-six days a week.

– Functional Training

– One day was dedicated to Yoga


– This is massive; you need to sleep for 6-8 hours a day.

P.S. These are extreme measures, you don’t have to go through it. Access your situation and create your action plan. Every body type is different. 

The results started showing; I reached my goal of hitting 65kgs. within one year. I started feeling great. I was dedicated & disciplined, to my new routine.

Useful Tips for Weight Loss:

1) The most important thing is how you feel about yourself. Just focus on long term happiness. There is no point in weight loss if you feel bad about yourself. 

2) Accept your current weight and situation.

3) Focus on the long term, we overestimate what we can do in one month and underestimate what we can do in one year. Play the long game, and you will win.

4) Have a vision; this is the most powerful thing that will drive you when you are down. Losing weight is not easy; you need a driving force to help. Imagine entering a party with the outfit that fits you well or running a marathon or entering an office conference room with confidence or having that beach body. Just lock into the feeling. How would you feel if you achieve it? Keep this image in front of you and remember it before going to sleep. You are sending a signal to your subconscious mind, and it will help you in achieving it.

5) Measure your progress, it will motivate you every day. “Whatever is measured improves”. Keep track of your sleep, water intake, calorie intake & nutrient intake. Don’t be too hard on yourself when things go wrong on a particular day.

6) Do your grocery shopping, don’t get anything that will harm your body. Throw away all the sweets from your fridge and replace it with healthy options. If there is no junk food available at home, you won’t eat it.

7) Surround yourself with the right people. If people pull you down, be away from them. It’s true, and there will be some people who will envy you, the moment you start getting the result. They know that you won’t be able to rise so they will pull you down. Their only role would be to distract you. Identify this and get away from them. It would help if you had a circle who are going the same direction. Spend more time with them & share your goals. Friends should motivate each other.

8) Invest in a mentor. You will achieve your goals faster. There are plenty of fake gurus out there. When choosing a mentor, see for the results of their mentees.

9) Read a lot about weight loss, watch videos on YouTube, watch documentaries on Netflix. Feed your mind with positive things all the time.

10) Learn cooking; the body is made in the kitchen. Learn about macro and micronutrients. Food intake is the most critical part of your weight loss journey.

11) Don’t lose your hard work over parties. Avoid going if required, if you can’t avoid then eat the minimum calorie. I would stick to Tandoori Chicken and soup. Ignore what people say about your eating choices; they have no idea how hard you work to reach your ideal weight.

12) Last but not least, take up activities that make you happy. Go for swimming, Zumba session, yoga session, run a marathon, learn functional training. The more content you are, the more comfortable it becomes to lose weight.

If you don’t feel good about yourself, you will not achieve your weight goals. Our emotions are connected to our eating habits. If we feel bad, then you switch to old patterns. Improve your emotional wellbeing, and you will reach your goals faster.

Post marriage, I have again struggled with weight management. As a couple, we have different weight goals, I want to lose weight, and my wife wants to gain. We have a different set of food for our purposes. 

Little secret: I end up eating her food as well. Lol. 😛

Thanks to COVID, I couldn’t go to the gym. Today, when I am writing this, I’m overweight, but I have kept a timeline of ‘Sep 2021’ to weigh 65 kgs. This article is a commitment, and I will post my picture next year. Please hold me accountable. 

I have started running, but slowly I will raise my intensity, and this time I will also work with a personal coach. 

I wish you luck, on your journey. You can do it as well.


– Managing your emotions is very important to achieve your weight goals.

– Focus on the long term. Remember, you are running a marathon and not a sprint.

– Your body is structured in the kitchen.

– Take up activities that make you happy.

– Celebrate even the smallest win. (Don’t go overboard on eating)

– Create a mastermind group that is on the same journey. Keep pushing each other.

– The closer you are close to your ideal weight, the harder it gets to lose weight. Don’t give up.

– Lastly, start loving yourself. You have come a long way in achieving your goals. You can get more out of life with a healthy body.

“Health is Wealth”.

This is Shekar signing off. I see you in the next one. Ciao.

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  1. This is supet fabulous.. absoulutely to think about.. Being Intelligent.. i have tried losing weight atleast 100 times.. n i do see results..some how fail everytime to continue.. consistency seems an issue..

  2. Shekar, your situation and your objectives resonate with hundreds of others out there who are struggling with weight management. They find it easy to blame emotions or other factors for their failure to stay committed. your article will serve as an inspiration to all such people. Do keep writing & motivating

    1. Shekar, your situation and your objectives resonate with hundreds of others out there who are struggling with weight management. They find it easy to blame emotions or other factors for their failure to stay committed. your article will serve as an inspiration to all such people. Do keep writing & motivating

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