The Broken Saddle & The Carrier

Be Fixed on the Goals and Flexible to the ways to reach it...... The broken saddle and the carrier is a small episode which depicts a journey, with a message.

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The Broken Saddle and the carrier

In any journey we embark upon, we decide a destination and prepare for the same. The journey begins in the mind with an idea a thought and we make the necessary preparations and take actions to ultimately reach the destination. The broken saddle and the carrier is a small episode that depicts a journey, with a message. 

The journey of buying farmland began with a desire when I was in school. I wanted a farm of my own. A farm where I can be one with nature, have a horse, an Elephant, a Cozy Farm House. As a child I always dreamt, so the Idea was there right from my childhood. As I grew up I never lost sight of my idea. 

It took me 30 years to ultimately reach my destination. These 30 years I was focused on my goal but I had to be flexible with my actions. And when you achieve something close to heart after 3 decades, it’s a great sense of achievement, the sense of Gratitude, the sense of satisfaction and peace I was so much thankful….. 

I was on top of the world, as I was successful in attaining One of my Goals, long time Goals…..it meant a lot to me as I could make the dream of My Baba and Aai (my Father and Mother) who too always dreamt of owning a Farm come true.

Then Came the Broken saddle and the carrier……..

To celebrate the success of my dream of 30 years more memorable, I decided to go cycling to this new destination with my wife and on my 27 year Young cycle, My Ranger. So one beautiful and cold November morning together we woke up at 4.30 am and got on our saddles at 5.15 and started to the most precious milestones I had just achieved, which was at a distance of 36 Kms.

Exactly after cycling for 7 km the saddle of my cycle loosened, and I could barely sit on it. At early morning hours, barely there were any people on the road. So my wife said let’s go back home and come again some other day.

But for me it was not just another day of cycling, it was a day I wanted to show my wife, the surprise. I was so excited I was head strong to reach the farm that particular day itself and on my School days cycle. 

Riding on a loose Saddle was like riding a seesaw. After another 2 km, I came across a puncture repair shop. I went inside and saw the person was deep asleep. So I just asked him, “Dada Can I borrow the spanner” to which he just replied, hmmm……

Excited as I was, I took the wrench spanner and started tightening the bolts of the saddle. In excitement, I forgot I was using a Socket wrench, and I went on applying more torque, and booooom I broke the saddle bolts….

I made the situation worst. The saddle which was just loose, I ended braking it completely…….and my Wife again said at least now we cannot continue as we have yet to cover 29 km.

At this point, I recalled my Mentor Sidharth Rajsekar’s words which he always recites, “Be fixed on the Goal but be flexible on the way you reach it”. I made a decision to reach my destination of the day, come what may.

I had two options. Option number 1. I turn back and go Home, Option second, I continue, but I would have to ride remaining 29 kms standing without the saddle and that would require huge efforts and do something I had never done. 

I just knew that I had been training for a long time on cycle and that although tough the task wasn’t impossible. So I chose option second with the broken saddle in one hand and pedaling all the way standing. 

At this point I realized a mistake I did when I had recently restored my 27 year young cycle and with the new look, I chose not to fix the simple looking carrier as it diminished the looks of my cycle according to my Kids. I realized that looks are important but more important is the utility point of anything in life. 

That point in time taught me a lesson that utility is more important than looks. Had the carrier been there, I could have utilized it for sitting and ridding at least on a plain terrain. 

We did the remaining journey of 29 km and I could cycle all the way for 29 km as I was prepared. My simple cycle in today’s world of the imported geared cycle had made me tough and I was prepared and trained. I was trained to cycle on a relatively simple machine which makes climbing hills and elevation a real matter of skills and strength, which we often never stand and peddle on a geared cycle.

That day The events that happened and the way I responded, not only made the surprise to my wife much more beautiful but also added an outcome which I can foretell to my geological stand as a story of inspiration, never to give up, never to change the goal, even if you have to alter the way you reach there…

The broken saddle and the absence of the carrier, made my farm look much prettier and an event my Wife will never forget nor my kids as I proudly narrated them the story…………

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