Ten Things Wish I Could Knew Before Joining YouTube !!

How to Grow on YouTube With this Simple Tips !!

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I really mean it, I want to help you all if you are planning to enter the world of YouTube, and you should know these things. I wish I could go back and tell myself all the things I know now. Anyway here is the list.

You have only 3-7 seconds to hold your audience, Cos world is moving very fast and people don’t have time. Hooking your audience in 3-7 seconds is a skill. Always start with a question on your topic, or some interesting stats, or something which is very catchy.  This will surely hold your audience and they will love to see you more. Please have a look at the start of this video. Concentrate on the Hook part.


Every beginner starts recording through Mobile and does the same mistake of looking at themselves on a mobile screen. That’s the biggest mistake. You should look at the tiny dot in the lens of your mobile. This will create direct eye contact with your audience and they will absolutely love to watch your complete video. Remember connect and engage is the Mantra.


This is the most disrespectful thing you will do. No one will subscribe to your channel if you beg for it. Instead, try to say hi hello to other creators of your niche and try to add value to their post. They will surely notice, if all gels well then go for a collab, this is how people will like and subscribe to your channel.


We are in so hurry to post the video on Youtube that we forgot the main point of titles. Never ever do this silly mistake. Sit with notepad open and write in detail and think about a catchy title for your video. The trick is to search similar kinds of videos on Youtube and checks out the title. Keep yourself in the viewer’s shoes to understand what and how will you search that topic on Youtube and give the same. Check out the titles in this video.


In beginning we are full of enthusiasm and we do 10-15 videos in one shot and we upload it in bulk and then we vanish. Then suddenly we arrive and put one and again vanished. Never do this. Always set one pattern. Fix 1 day in a week and time as well. So that your audience should wait for you at that time. Just like a movie release. Even the YouTube algorithm will be habitual of your feed and will promote this.


When you have a cluttered background, it’s not pleasant to eyes and that can be the reason people will ignore your video. If you don’t have a good background, create it. It hardly needs anything,  just a plain background or good furniture at the back will work. You can also use a green screen for the chroma key effect. You can search more on google about it. You can check the background in this video.


You can adjust with bad video but Audio is most important. For better video, you need good lightings. Natural light is the best. Stand in front of the window and it can do wonders.  If you don’t have natural sunlight then go for this simple and in budget umbrella lights, they work absolutely fine. Put more concentration on Audio; go for an external mic that will give you the best audio. I have done rigorous research on it have found links for the products. Please find below.


The most important point is you must sound energetic, Do some skipping before the shoot but please bring this energy in the video, cos its one-time shoot but millions of people are going to watch it. Imagine how much energy you have to put in. People will just love to see you moving, giving modulations in your voice. Never sound dull on camera and always give your best.


Monetizing your channel too early can distract your audience by frequent ads running on your video and that can lose interest in your audience. So first try to build a tribe, trust, and then think of money. Remember money should be a by-product of your process. Your process should be people oriented. Helping and providing solutions to people should be the first priority.


Remember this, Note down this point. Video influencing is Marathon and not a Sprint. You need patience. When you work to learn, removes, and earning stars. Be solution-oriented, people will love you. This process will take time for sure. Always keep a routine of creating videos, make a schedule, and go as per plan. Don’t lose hope. Once you are viral, people will search for you. These videos are digital assets that will work for you even if you are sleeping, on vacation. Create these assets and be a reason to smile for others.

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  1. Very valuable insight, I was making this mistake in my earlier days, Thank You so much for posting & educating us.

    More Power to You Sanjay Bhai!

  2. Very useful article Sanjay, especially in today’s times when video has become such an integral part of our learning. Thanks for sharing this in such a simple manner. Excellent article.

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