Tapping Into Your Inner Divinity to Bring Niche Clarity

If you want to become an Entrepreneur then selecting a Niche is the FIRST step in getting success.. And with the variety of information going around the internet...

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If you want to become an Entrepreneur then selecting a Niche is the FIRST step in getting success.. And with the variety of information going around the internet about successful businesses, there’s a HUGE Confusion to select a Niche

And a Bitter Truth about Niche Clarity is, unless you have come down to a Niche idea that resonates with your Inner Calling, you will be swinging from one Idea to another and from one Niche to another; getting a lot of confusion and dissatisfaction at the end of the day! And after making several changes to niche still you’ll be at ground 0 level.

Your Inner Divinity comes from your Soul. Your Soul is considered as a fragment from God. And you have been given a Purpose at birth which you are ought to fulfil. If you work and earn money which is in alignment with your Purpose then your career will be steady and money will come in easily. But when its not aligned with your purpose, your life can be full chaos and full of lack & crisis.

Your Inner Divinity, and how to Tap into it?

Inner divinity is the true material you are made of, Though Soul is similar to all other Souls. Still there’s ONE UNIQUE JOB that you are assigned to do in this lifetime. Which will be in accordance with your Talent, Skills and your Lessons & Learnings. Lessons and Learnings are given to each and every person based on their Purpose and Past karmas. 

Your Soul is a pure blob from God's Soul, but as you take births you accumulate Karmas, which can diminish your Divinity. If you choose a brighter path, it clears off the muck in you. 

And inorder to make that Soul material pure, and non-corrosive there are several tests that Soul material(individual) has to go through. The same way how Gold gets purified when heated at higher temperatures… same is with your Soul!

A Weaker soul just gives up and accepts failure when life doesn’t work for them. But a truly Pure and Divine soul will try and keep going on till it hits sucess in life, through the most AUTHENTIC Path!

Tapping into Inner Divinity…

Your Divinity is measured by the Positivity, Forgiveness, kindness, Love and Compassion you can have for others and yourself, after something bad has happened to you or around you. How much positivity can you still uphold thereafter, will reflect a lot from your inner divinity…

Not to say that you can’t increase it, you can definitely increase your inner divinity by responding with negative circumstances with positivity

  1. Note down 3 experiences that has shook your life, totally painful and awful experiences. That you won’t even wish should fall upon your enemies… 
  2. One Positive Emotion that you live for! This is the emotion that adds Prana to your life! If its taken away from you, you turn into a corpse.. 
  3. ____ This is kept hidden, you’ll know at the end of this post. 

How you have suffered, and how you have been troubled actually reaches down to your core and shakes up your foundation. Which brings to surface your inner purpose and mission for your birth on this planet.

Now to getting into your Purpose - 1. Health Suffering -

Health and your Body is something that brings you into existance and it allows you to BE on this planet and experience it. Body is meant to bring the experience of this planet through the five Physical Senses plus the experiences that you have through them. The Experiences through 5 Subtle senses and the Sixth sense thats given to you to experience Greater Realities.
Try to figure out what lessons and learnings your body has given you, and what does it make you yearn? 

Bodily Experience designing the Life Purpose, I had heard a story about a girl who was brought up under very poor circumstances. Her family could barely survive on day to day level. At and one such night this girl’s father was going through a Cardiac Arrest, when this girl and her family realised that there was no doctor or hospital nearby in their village. Her father had to be driven 50kms or more to take him to nearby good hospital. They also lacked means of commute due to their poverty. They took 20mins to arrange for a Vehicle after which they could manage to commute her father towards the hospital. But as they had taken a lot of time to in the process. Her father could not make it, he passed away on the way to the hospital!

This experience shook the girl and she at once decided that she will become a doctor and will make a Huge hospital in her village itself where patients wouldn’t have to Travel long distances for heart problems.  

This experience got etched on her soul, and made her realise he purpose right away. 


2. Wealth Problems -

Money is a HUGE Learning mode, especially when you are kept devoid of it. It does teach you a lot of lessons. At times it teaches the value of it, and at times it teaches you to get off the greediness to have more of it. 

Money is a mode of exchange in life and can help you to have a smooth flow in life for getting materialistic resources. But when there’s not stable amount of money in your life, it will make you suffer in some or the other way. (When there’s not enough money, its but obvious that you might also not have done enough karma to bring in that money.) 

And moresoever you might not even know what kind of Karmas will bring in more of it. 

Let’s see what lessons can Money bring into your life, by example of Tony Robinns’ life. Tony Robbins is a very successful Life Coach and Trainer, and he trains Celebrities and Football players now. But when he was 11year old little boy, he was aware that he and his family wasn’t well off with money. 

One particular event carved his path, and made him decide his purpose for life. There was one Thanksgiving day when his family didn’t have enough food to celebrate it, this was the most painful day of his life for him and his family. When he being a kid saw that there were other kids who were having gifts and food of their choice, when he didn’t have enough food to even fill his tummy. That day a charitable organisation donated food to their door, which had a huge impact on Tony. And from the age of 18yrs Tony started donating food to the needy. 

That day Tony promised himself, that he will never let this day come onto his family, and what more?! He today has a company called “Tony Robbins Foundation” that feeds thousands of poor and needy people on every Thanksgiving day, till now! 

3. Love/Relationship Problems -

Love is one of the emotions that hits people the hardest in life, people can bear everything but not Love! Love is the bestest and most deepest emotions that you can experience. And its deepest because God also is made of pure love. And till you don't experience Love your life is but normal. But once you experience it, you know its never going to be the same again!

Like how a Lion gets taste of Human blood and then he doesn’t want anything else… same way you too will start desperately searching for Love once you are hit by it.

It is believed that Love comes only to a few people and to other’s whom it has touched will leave a thirst unquenched; that will awaken the quest for the Inner Truth. This quest itself has made so many people dive into great creative levels that they could ever do. Same thing can happen to you too… 

Like Rumi he was somebody who has given such deep and profound quotes on Love that anyone ever has, nobody can give such in-depth wisdom unless somebody has actually experienced it themselves. 

So you too can similarly see, if Love is something that has impacted your life the most. Then see in what way you can use that experience positively. 

4. Spirituality

One more area of your life you delve into the most, is the area of Spirituality. Have you ever seen a Man/Woman with a very stable and happy life, get into Spirituality and Meditation? NEVER!

You can be hit with the hardest of problems after which to survive and to find a reason to live might be totally difficult. Where you might think of getting into spirituality and Meditation. 

I have known a client to came to me for consultation, she said that she was a totally normal person before this painful incident. And she totally lived a materialistic life, where she never cared about learning about higher truths in life. Then a life shattering incident happened to her, her only child passed away in a painful accident. Which shook her to the core, she admitted to me that since then she has fervently tried to read anything and everything that she possibly could put her hands onto. Visited every Spiritual program she could visit just to find answers to what happened to her life! 

Now I wish all the good stuff for you in life, but as you know life always gives its own set of lessons to everyone. So if you too received a very painful experience, similar to this one. Then see what is it that you would like to use this pain for!?

So what is it about you, that has shook your core and disturbed your course of life such that you couldn’t stop yourself from doing something? Let me know in comments of this post.. 

5. Career

Career also teaches you a lot, Career in a Deeper sense is your Karma that you do inorder to fulfil your purpose. But now a days the meaning of career has changed, and its only “what brings in money” . But you also might be aware of the fact that getting into a career with the intention just to earn money might not work for most of people. And there’s a Reason why it doesn’t work that way… 

The Earth is built in a way, where you consume things from the earth. And so you need to give back to the earth, and what you give out should be more then how much you consume. And the quality of work that you do, with pure intention of serving with your area of expertise… it all is directional proportional to how much money you are able to pull in. 

I know there are people in this world who also have a lot of money, which they have earned from unfair means. But this kind of money wont bring stability and peace of mind. 

For Example - There was man who used to be a dacoit named Ratnakar, he used to steal from people and feed his family. Once Narad Muni came across him when he was demanded to hand over all valuables he had. Than Narad Muni asked him whether his family also is sharing his Karma of stealing from people. He said “of course they are going to be willing to share the ill- effects of my karma too, as I am doing this for them”. Narad Muni asked him to first inquire with his family. To his shock none of the Family members wanted to be a part of the bad Karma he was doing. 

Then he surrendered to Narad muni and got the Ram mantra. Which he recited for years, where termites built their house all around his body. Termite house is called “Valmik” in Sanskrit. Which gave him the name Valmiki. After that great penance he became the famous writer of Ramayana. His quest for purity made his soul so pure, that made him realise his true purpose. Then he became the famous poet of the Ramayana.

Now the Point no. 3 that I had hidden earlier, this point is what troubles you have gone through. And which has made you decide that you will be doing ___ because you had to go through ____

And the burning desire to do it is so great that nobody can stop you from it… 

Combine all 3 now, 

3 Experiences + One Emotion that drives you + your pain in life! 

What does all of this make you long for, what does it make you feel "Oh I need to do this..." What is it that you are getting? Let me know that in comments below

To Clarify your Niche, the Why has to be CLEAR!

  • Like.. Dhirubhai Ambani, he struggled with money in a small house and big family; he decided to end his poverty, and ended up creating India’s biggest company “Reliance Industries” Because he had a Burning desire not just to end his poverty, but also to help people of his country to get employment.
  • Like.. Rosa Parks, who was not allowed to be seated because other whites were standing, which shook her and made her a revolution for equal rights for black lives too. After she opposed, since then the Black lives are given equal rights like other citizens.
  • Like.. Mahatma Gandhi, who was thrown of a train by the Britishers which made him make this into his life’s mission… He said "you threw me out of this train I will throw you out of my country"… After which he began to work hard for India’s Freedom.
  • Like.. The Girl Laxmi Agarwal after going through the painful experience of “acid Attack” took this movement, she started creating a revolution of stopping the sale of Acid in local shops. She also succeeded a lot of times, she could actually stop acid sales in a lot of places.

What has been the one thing that has outdone all above 5 areas… and has made you learn a lot of lessons… What has been a testing thing for you, which has made you do learn a lot about something in your life. What is one thing which you eagerly want to do in life that will give satisfaction to your soul!! 

What is that one thing… let me know in the comments. Once you know what your thing is, you will be easily able to work towards it. Well stay aware you won't find the entire path right away, but to be sure of "what to do" will clearly help you take baby steps.

I hope this post has helped you to figure out your Niche. I know this is post is very detailed and might have stirred up a lot within you, remember a purposeful life is life with meaning. Otherwise you know focusing on money or success isn’t going to show you the right niche or give you that inner satisfaction that your Soul is searching for.

All the best for finding your Niche, if reading this full post made you clear then let me know your Niche in comments below!

Bye 🙂 

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  1. Thats a beautiful and well written post. Clarity is what holds most people back, I know it has held me back for a long time.

  2. Hello Pritiji,
    The post is well documented. Very clear, Incisive analysis of Niche clarity.
    Our inner Divinity would help us to find our Niche.
    Thank you for making me aware of such an important angle of Niche clarity.
    You have poured your divinity in this post. Great Job. Best wishes for next post

  3. V. Nice explanation, it’s a whole new perspective for me for finding my Niche ,loved it thank you so much Priti .

  4. Wow Priti, it was amazing, this has really helped me to get clarity over my niche .Thanks for writing this.

  5. Fantastic. loved it. Satisfction of the soul is the ultimate. Money ill may come from anywhere but if it does not give satisfaction then life ill be orse.

  6. Practical spirituality is about self-knowledge, self-empowerment and searching for peace and contentment in a seemingly imperfect world. You have nicely compiled practical spirituality.

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