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Hey friend, do you find keeping your resolutions tough? Do you really keep your promises? Are you able to fulfill all your desires? If not.

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Hey friend, hope you are doing awesome. As 2022 is near, I felt the need of writing about this topic, often we humans fail in keeping up our resolutions and promises. We start strong, but sadly we don’t finish the game. So, the first exercise I would recommend you here – Start saying, “I am a FINISHER” and repeat this affirmation twice each day and you will start seeing the difference in your life. 

Do you know, why our resolutions fail? I have an answer to this question. We fail because we don’t commit 100%, we fail because we don’t take these promises too seriously. Do you agree with me? Apart from these, the two major reasons of the failure are defined by these two questions –

1. WHAT do you want?
2. WHY do you want?

Ask yourself these two questions and if the reason behind this doesn’t inspire you, it simply means you are treating everything like a job! Do you want to grab the solution?

Use a habit tracker or a scoresheet to track your growth, this will help you to be straightforward in your direction and thus it will help you to be focused towards the main goal. Remember if you are not tracking your growth every single day, then you are not acknowledging your own efforts. Make a special journal for this exercise and every single day, answer 3 most important questions --
# What do I need to start doing in order to move closer to my goals?
# What do I need to stop doing in order to move forward?
# What do I need to continue doing which will get me even closer to my goals and dreams?

If you have been quite alert while reading my blogs, then you may think that I have repeated the same questions one more time. But, in order to push you to start doing, I felt the need to write it again here.  This  is the best way to check your own growth!

Have Strong Intentions

If your intentions are strong enough, then you won't drive your car to the road of distractions. Remember in order to achieve anything in your life, you must keep reminding yourself again and again to do it. Have control over yourself, but this control should not become a kind of barrier or limitation in your own way. Follow the code of honor, well if you don't know, Code of honor is your code of ethics that you need to follow every single day which will keep you authentic and real. In this world of trauma and mess, it's better to come out as a different personality and empower others to do the same. Have a strong belief system, every single day, speak positive mantras to yourself - this will reprogram your subconscious brain thereby sending good and positive vibes to the Universe through your superconscious mind and thus you will be able to achieve the goals you want to accomplish.

Make Public Declarations

Make public declarations, inform your loved ones about the plans. Even if you will procrastinate in doing that particular work, the people around you will guide and remind you about what you said to them. That's the power of sharing goals : you gain clarity as well as accountability. Sharing goals with others is an important success principle because when you share, your chance of actually achieving those goals is greatly increased! "SPEAK YOUR TRUTH WITH COMPASSION"

Write down your goals each day

Every single day, write down "What is that you want to accomplish in your life?" Either you can write this down as your goal or you can simply speak it by making it a powerful affirmation. Remember your subconscious mind does not understand the language of texts and words, it understands everything in a visual form that is nothing but the pictures (accompanied with strong emotions). If you will say or write your goals with a zeal of energy and joy, it will get straight into the infinite intelligence and it will do each and everything to make your dream a reality.
The most powerful exercise I can teach you here is "CREATE YOUR OWN MIRACLE MORNING ROUTINE". Start to plan it now and implement this tomorrow. The concept of miracle morning I learnt from my own observations of seeing patterns and routines of the successful people, as Brain Tracy has correctly quoted "We become successful when we follow the habits and routines of successful people", Isn't it? Since then, every single day I wake up at 4:30 am and I start with the gratitude exercise, affirmations, mirror exercise, reading and sometimes meditation too. If your mornings are great and positive, you have much more strength to thrive the rest of the day, the first hour of the day is the golden one and it's your choice how to start it!

Act As If

Act as if, is another name of it is embodiment, which simply means act like your goal is already accomplished. Because when you act like this, your subconscious mind undergoes a structural tension within itself and it does each and everything to fill the gap between your reality and your ideal life. That's why they say, start your affirmations with the words "I AM". Remember you need to continue asking until and unless you get a final "YES",  God will give whatever is needed to those who have the faith to ask for it!
The exercise that I will recommend you here is "Vision Boards". 


Ask yourself these questions every day and there you go with a wonderful life -

1. What will you be doing in order to create daily positive habits?

2. What will be those habits?

3. Will you let distractions distract you?

4. How will you reward yourself when your specific goal is achieved?

Final Message

"Let the last month of 2021 open the golden nuggets of the upcoming year 2022"                                                                        
~ Gargi Arya

21 Day Challenge - Design your 2022

Hi friend, want to design your 2022? Want to reprogram your mind for success? Then, this is the right opportunity for you.

Don't let 2022 be the same as 2021.

My dream is to empower and inspire you to take action towards creating your dream life and never ever settle for mediocrity but if you don't want that, I simply cannot help you! Let's get on this transformation journey and see how we can recreate our lives before the new year knocks on our door!

All it needs is

  1. 5 MINUTES of your time each day
  2. Watch the video 
  3. Keep yourself engaged 
  4. If you have any questions, ask through the comment section 
  5. Do the exercises I guide you through I can guarantee, that you won't be the same person you are today.

 How do I know this? Because I have implemented all of these steps and it has reached me where I am today. Let the journey of personal transformation begin from today

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