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Nisha has always been an extremely pampered child, she always had everything she wished for at least that’s what people surrounding her used to think...

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Nisha has always been an extremely pampered child, she always had everything she wished for at least that’s what people surrounding her used to think. 

She belonged to the middle-class and busy family, where her parents were busy and they were allowing everything she asked for. 

This led people to think that how lucky she is though they were not knowing that Nisha was suffocating inside. It was hard to imagine for many people.

Nisha has been working in a multinational organisation as a software engineer though she doesn’t like her job. This only time her parents also do not allow her to leave the job as she has been coming from a middle-class family and family has seen ups and downs in their life. 

She herself is not convinced to leave the job and pursue her passion for writing.

Like Nisha, many of us are suffocating for some reason or the other. Nisha is lucky that she knows why she is suffocating, though there are a majority of people who don’t know why they are suffocating inside. 

Soon people see their grey hair at a young age, breathing problems, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, stress. This has become a norm as one-third of people who they interact with are also suffering from the above diseases and strangely these diseases are not called as ‘diseases’ by our society any longer.

We are locked with the prying of others and their judgements. 

Nisha was seeing the stress, breathing problems, all so-called lifestyle diseases. She has done higher studies, traveled the world, groom her appearance though if you ask her ‘Is she happy?’. She would deny and blame the environment. Is the environment really responsible as Nisha is not finding her happiness? 

I don’t think so.

My belief is that if someone cuts your hand also, It’s you who are responsible. 

You need to take control of your life instead of blaming the society, environment, people you are surrounding yourself with.

The good thing is Nisha knows that she is not happy. There are a majority of people who are utterly unhappy though they keep convincing themselves that they are happy. Everyone can see they are sad except them. It’s hard to accept. 

A person needs to introspect that, ‘Am I really ‘feeling good’? and Do I aspire to ‘feel good’ the whole day? Is there anything really bothering me? and making me unhappy?

We are living blessed in the eyes of the world, partying with friends, studying for exams, watching IPL at Hot star, Netflix series over series, completing office deadline work, attending kid’s school parent teacher’s meetings. We look satisfied from the outside though it’s required to give a PAUSE and do a reality check. Am I really HAPPY? 

We need to ask this question multiple times, till we get really the answer that is affecting my emotion. What brings me happiness, sadness, anger, disappointment, anxiousness. This is a journey, you need to keep working on yourself as life and existence is itself changing every day.

Nisha wasn’t happy as she wasn’t enjoying her job, she wanted to pursue her passion as a writer and this thought was affecting her emotions and affecting her job, life, and all other physical, emotional, spiritual, financial aspects.

Once you know the reason why you don’t feel so good, learn to say NO to the things that don’t match to things you value. You only need to do the things that add value. Value to YOU!

Nisha tried to understand that what she doesn’t like in her job and realised some tactical stuff and taking instructions of not just her boss though many other people led her day passed without the feeling of satisfaction. It brings frustration at the end of the day.

Many times, we don’t want to disappoint others, we think we need to sacrifice our choices that will make others happy. Well, this is not the case. It makes the matter worse and makes your life miserable. 

This is what happened to Nisha and stress started mounting till she realised that she needed to start saying NO.

You need to gather all the courage and tell the world what you like and what you do not like. You are living your life and you have all the right to make choices for yourself.

Nisha’s stress was mounting each day and she realised that she needed to break the pattern. Nisha took a three weeks vacation from the office, went to the hills, and agreed to enjoy nature and introspect.

Sometimes you have made so many sacrifices that people start thinking that this is what you enjoy and want in your life to be and you slowly lose your identity and become something what other people would like you to become. 

Remember, you need to Own your Life, Own your Time, Own Yourself. You are your own Sculptor, Others are busy sculpting themselves and will be least interested in you and more busy helping themselves. 

After coming back from vacation, Nisha opened her journal and built her life’s roadmap for the next 5 Years. She realised she needed to do a few things and a few things really well. Less is More!

The list of activities mounting on all aspects viz. Physical, Spiritual, Mental, Emotion, she invested her time, energy, focus, money into it. 

This time difference was that she was her own sculptor and was working on her own choices. Nisha started feeling satisfied at the end of the day.

Was it easy for Nisha! No, it wasn’t easy saying NO to your peers, to your seniors, to your family members though she understood it is good for her, for them, for organisation, for family.

People will give you a hard time when they find that you are not doing the way they want you to do things. They will judge you, will try to hurt you, hurt you though if you are living and proud of your choices, you don’t need to be afraid of those judgemental people. 

Do not be afraid of anyone, if you are proud of yourself, people will understand you and start accepting as you are.

Today, Nisha knows what she needs to do. She has a vision board for the next 5 years and these 5 years are cut into years, quarters, months, weeks, and days. She every time plans her next two weeks based on her 5 years vision board.

Few years ago, I read a quote ‘Leaders know what they need to do and they Do it’. 

I can say Nisha has transformed herself into a leader and what can I say, she is immensely happy and satisfied every day.

Life will go on and your time is running out. It’s time to Own your Life Journey!

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