Nothing In This World Has A Meaning Unless You Give It A Meaning.

Today, we all start giving meanings and we all start judging events based on our own viewpoints. Here we will work on changing that view points.

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Today, I was in a car and my chauffeur was driving the car. He noticed one car parked in double line and started murmuring about the car and its owner. I overheard him and said, “Why are you getting disturbed by that car parked in a double line. The driver might be in a very urgency and may have to reach somewhere and hence left his car in double line”.

My chauffeur got relaxed and his irritation just vanished by my statement. He nodded his head in seconding my thought and just relaxed and concentrated on our way to my destination.

The point that I want you to understand from this story is that nothing in this world is good or bad, right or wrong, correct or incorrect, awesome or awful, lovely or ugly, pleasant or unpleasant. It is all based on where you are coming.

Today, for many people this belief persists that RICH PEOPLE ARE BAD or RICH PEOPLE ARE CORRUPT. But the point that I want you to know is that they only refer to the sample of the Rich people who are bad or corrupt. And that sample cannot be generalized. 

Let me ask you one question: Today if people say that XYZ person took loans from banks and vanished, left the nation, or whatever. Why is that XYZ person in the mind of people or why is that XYZ Person in limelight? It is because the XYZ person vanished or is bad or is corrupt. It is because the media gave that limelight to that XYZ person or people started discussing that XYZ person for his bad deeds and all. Now, tell me one thing, do you think people will talk about one rich person who is well-mannered, legal, spiritual, or not corrupt? Or tell me one thing, will media will give limelight to such person who is rich and well mannered and legal and spiritual and not corrupt? No. Never…

But, when we will see that NEWS or you will learn about that XYZ person who is rich and took a loan and vanished from the nation or who is rich and is corrupt, we will tend to generalize it and we say that Rich people are corrupt.

So, who gave that meaning or tag to rich people that they are corrupt? We… Why.. because of we generalized one or few bad experiences with rich people to all the rich people whom we don’t even know.

And we gave that meaning to Rich people that they are Bad. 

Along similar lines, we also give these tags of Good, Bad, ugly, lovely, awesome, awful, and so on to different people, things, events, experiences, and so on.

Let’s take an example of an experience of life. One day, I was driving and overspeeding on the road. A traffic police personnel stopped me and charged me for overspeeding. I had to pay some Rs. 500 or so for the fine. Now, what tag will you give to this event of my life? I was stopped, I was charged, I had to pay 500 Rupees as the fine and I heard some comments from the Police Officer.

Most of us will usually say it was a sad experience that happened to me. But that day, that 15 minutes discussion with that Police Officer actually made the following good things in my life: 

  1. I got to know about the hazardous action of overspeeding that I was doing
  2. I drove carefully after that and hence I avoided any fatal accident on me
  3. I ensured the safety of my fellow passengers who were there with me in my car
  4. I reached home safely and spent quality time with my family
  5. I got interested in learning more about different rules of the nation and I started learning more and more
  6. I contributed Rs. 500 for the upliftment of my nation
  7. I ensured the safety of other people who were riding a car on that road
  8. I saved a decent amount which I might have to have to pay if my car had met an accident
  9. I started being more punctual and started leaving for the meetings early so that I don’t have to drive rashly to reach on time.
  10. My car is safe without any dent or damage to it

So, even though people view that incident of getting charged as negative, I have decided to see all the events around me as positive and find out more and more positive points in those events. And if you see, the event is the same, what is different is the meaning or the tag that you give to that event. And based on the meaning or the tag that you give, it actually brings that type of emotion when you think of that event. In this example, if I had that negative tag that getting charged was bad, whenever I will learn or think about that event, negative feelings and negative emotions would have come in my mind. But since, I had taken a conscious decision and managed to find positive points to that event and also gave a positive tag to that event of getting charged, whenever in future I learn or think about that event, positive feelings, positive emotions, and positive blessings will come in my mind.

Thus, Nothing in this world has meaning unless you give a meaning to it. So, start practicing to give positive meanings to all the events, instances, and experiences in your life and you will see the change in your life for your own betterment.

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  1. Yes you are the creator of your thoughts and its only you that drive your life as you drove your car. Every incident can change us to a better person the way we handle it.

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