No 1 Epic Formula To Create Content For Blogging / Videos / Podcast

Learn How I have build swipe file of 70 content for posting on Blog / video / Podcast in JUST 20 MINUTES

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Hey friends,

We all are part of Internet Lifestyle Hub and I am sure each one of us is struggling/striving for business growth in whatever endeavor you are.  I am a Swing Trading Specialist… but not a good marketer… and this is how I learned from Sidz one blog and built a 70 points content swipe file for marketing on different platforms.

Instead of telling you what I have done let me tell you how you can do it in less than 5 steps & 20 minutes.

Step No. 1  Click on this link on your mobile phone

181 Most Amazing Blog Headlines That Will Get You More Clicks

  as the page gets opened completely,  PUT YOUR PHONE ON FLIGHT MODE

Step No 2.   Open a Spreadsheet on your laptop

Step No 3.   Scroll down the blog till you see this TITLE

Here’s the list of 181 blog headlines that work:

Step No 4.  Start with 1st Item (WITHOUT THINKING MUCH) Type in your spreadsheet for eg.  as I have done it with my Niche…

How to Seriously Be a Stock Trader That Drives Monthly Passive Income to your account

Step No 5.  Without wasting even 5 seconds type the title of your next post with the help of 2nd blog headline on the Sidz Blog.

I think you will feel this is the simplest way to do ahead with the blog but Remember you need to have super clarity of your Niche in order to go ahead…

If you have already created your clarity sheet this one hack will give you an impetus to move ahead in Content Creation + Domination

By now you must know the heading for this blog also comes from the same list…

If I could catch your eyeballs, then THIS WORKS… THANKS, SIDZ.

Do mind with the Timer available on the Blog which will tell you how you have done on the assignment.  

However, the timer on the Sidz Blog is for Participating in the webinar  YOU CAN RECOMMEND IT TO OTHERS 🙂

Hope you all like it…


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