My Experiments with Webinar Tools – Demio, Webinar Jam and Zoom Webinar !!

This article contains my experience with leading webinar tools, Demio, Webinarjam and Zoom.

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While I started conducting my webinars, primarily I experimented with the above mentioned 3 tools., Demio, WebinarJam, and Zoom Webinar!

This article is my own experience with these tools.  It will be interesting for you to know about my journey with these tools. So let’s get started !!!

The first tool which I experimented is, Demio.


It is the tool which is recommended by Sidz during our July-Aug hackathon.  I found it quite easy to use.  I got impressed with the below features in Demio,

i. You can build attractive landing pages in Demio.  So that way I do not have to purchase a separate landing page tool Like ClickFunnels.

ii. Not only Live, but we can also launch Automated Webinars with Demio.

iii. Features like private, public chat with participants, recording facility, playback sharing, polls, etc looked like Normal Features to me which are offered by every tool.

iv. One fascinating feature that attracted me to Demio is during the webinar you can launch the promotion of your paid product and see the engagement of participants with your post.  I felt this feature can have a high impact on your number of sales during the webinar.

After I started using the trial version of Demio, I found the below problems 

i.  Demio has a monthly starter plan for 49 USD per month (411 USD annually), which comes to INR 3600 approx per month.  But what I was getting for this?  Only 50 participants can be there, which is OK, but not really cool because everybody aspires to cross these 50 numbers.  Many times, we invite people for free to attend our initial webinars which utilized seats from this 50.  Frankly, 50 is a very less number I felt at this price point πŸ™

ii. I was fascinated with Automated Webinars, but it was disappointing to look that this feature is only available in USD 99 plan and not USD 49 plan πŸ™

iii.  Another setback I got when I tested Demio on my 25 MBPS broadband line.  It was not even passing the basic audio and video tests on my line.  I believe 25 Mbps is not that bad speed.   πŸ™

iv.  In spite of not passing audio and video tests, I went ahead and started testing Demio for webinars.  I used to join as a presenter and Sarvesh(my 13 years old Son) used to join as a participant from other laptops.  

We found a significant lag in the video, video quality was not that good for the participant.  It was breaking badly.  I tested it many times, but this is the same.

v. After completion of the webinar, I downloaded a recording of it, it was really very bad and not usable really.

Landing Pages and Marketing features are really awesome and attractive in Demio.  However, it proved very bad whenever it comes to user experience.

Let me clarify one thing here, it may be due to my 25 Mbps line(Pune City).  I checked with other folks(in Pune only) who had 100 Mbps or more speed.  For them, Demio works absolutely fine.

Finally, I came to the conclusion that, might be Demio is a great tool, but not suiting to my bandwidth and need.  For me, my user experience matters more than marketing features.

Then I decided to experiment with the next tool i.e. Webinar Jam.  I have seen many influencers including Sid are using it successfully and in a mind-blowing way. 


I tested Webinar Jam with the same setup which I used for Demio.  It was better whenever it comes to video and audio quality during the webinar.

I found almost all the features of Demio in Webinar Jam and price-wise it is USD 499 annually, which comes close to whatever we invest in Demio.  However, the differentiator for Webinar Jam is in this price it allows 500 participants which are very impressive.

So I started experimenting with Webinar Jam.  You have to commit and pay upfront for the whole year. They don’t have a monthly plan.  But this was not the problem for me as they were offering 14 days of trial in $1 … and I observed I can very renew it for the next 14 days in another $1 …This was a great hack for me πŸ˜‰

So I could experiment with the product for a long time in just 2$ for a month πŸ˜‰ .. I don’t know whether this is a loophole in their process or purposely they put it like that πŸ™‚

So pricing was not the issue when I compared it with Demio.  The performance was also better as compared to Demio.

While I started testing for actual webinars, I observed that there is 20 seconds delay in audio, video, and chats.  So it’s really frustrating to see that audience is always 20 seconds behind than you. It was a heartbreaking moment πŸ™

After the webinar, I downloaded the recording and found that the recording quality was not also that good.  The Video Cam quality in the recording was really poor.

Another thing I revealed is I have to go for another subscription of USD 499 per year of their other product EverWebinar if I want to have an Automated Webinar feature.   Which sounded like similar to Demio.  Money got increased if you wanted to have an Automated Webinar πŸ™

So in both cases, Demio and WebinarJam I had to compromise on User Experience.  Frankly, it was not the right thing to do for me.  So decided to check it out Zoom Webinar!


I was using Zoom Pro Meetings for my Live training and my internal meetings. So did not have any doubt about its stability and performance.  The beauty of Zoom is you can save recordings on your local machine, so recording quality is always awesome!

Pricewise Zoom Webinar is USD 40 per month(USD 400 annually), which is close to Demio and Webinar Jam.

I tested Zoom Webinar and found the user experience excellent as compared to Demio and Webinar Jam.

But hold on, there are some compromises also.

Marketing featurewise its nowhere close to Demio or WebinarJam.  Rather forget about the attractive landing page and Promotions during the webinar.

But you can very well have a simple landing page in the Zoom webinar.  For promotion, you can send your product link very well during the webinar.  It’s fine to share it manually.

Another compromise I felt was integration.  Demio and Webinar Jam did have direct integration with Ger Response(E-mail marketing tool).  However, for Zoom, I needed to use Zapier (approx 20 USD per month).  But this was not the problem for me because I was anyway using Zapier for my Teachable + payment gateway integration(In some other article I will definitely talk about it :-))

Some people use the Zoom Pro meeting(12.5 USD per month) for Webinars.  But personally, I don’t like this idea.  The main reason is participants come to know that, how many actually attendees are there in the webinar.  This is not good for us as some of them pre-judge you based on the number of people in the webinar.

So my final take is, I will keep using Zoom Pro Meeting for my internal community calls and LIVE training.  Zoom Webinar to conduct sales webinars by integrating it with GetResponse.  

For an automated webinar, I am yet to decide while writing this article, but I feel EverWebinar will be a feasible option for the same.

Disclaimer:  This article is based on my own experience and experiments with all these tools.  Hope it will help you to make the right decision!

Let me know what kind of experience you have with these tools or you found some better tools for your webinars.

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