My Candid Conversation with Multi Millionaire in a Plane

It was 23rd May’ 2019 When I sat along with a multimillionaire in a plane. I broke the ice by asking ‘What do you do’ and then he revealed that he is in business...

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It was 23rd May 2019 When I sat along with a multimillionaire in a plane.

I broke the ice by asking ‘What do you do’ and then he revealed that he is in business for close to 30+ years and has the ‘real estate houses and land’ in the multiple countries and do not even have a count of how many multiple sources of income especially the affiliates he own.

I got the goosebumps and for a few minutes; I was speechless as I couldn’t believe that I was sitting with the big business tycoon.

Then he asked me ‘what I do’. I told him I am an author coach who teaches people how to write a book and in this process, I empower them to come out of any blockages they have in their mind and Live a Balanced Life as Writing is a Therapy, you know.

He asked me to speak more about the work I do, then I mentioned how important it is to live a balanced life w.r.t. physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental aspects.

Now, he was speechless and didn’t speak a word for a few seconds.

I asked him what happened.

He said that it’s not a coincidence that he is sitting with me as he needed balance in his life, the most.

This surprised me and I asked really, you are so rich, successful and I am sure you must have all the time to spend with your family, health, and other life aspects.

With the husky voice, he said–Not really; I spent most of my time building my businesses. I may be financially successful, but I failed miserably in other aspects of life.

I do not have a healthy relationship with my son and daughter. My wife doesn’t have any expectations of me. I do not have any best friend who I can call at 2 PM-midnight, in the need.

“Per me, we overrate financial success!”

Everywhere you would find people are teaching the courses on ‘How to Influence People?’, “How to run a business?”, ‘Selling and Marketing Techniques’ though tell me when was the last time you attended a course on ‘how to be a good father’, ‘how to be a loving husband’, ‘how to be a good friend’.

Considering everyone sees the person who is rich as so special that everyone likes to become rich. I am not saying it’s not good to be rich. Blessed are the rich though with the financial success, you need to have success in your Emotional, Spiritual, Social, Physical aspects as well and then I would call you a rich person.

Well, I smiled. For a moment I forgot that I am the mindfulness empowering coach as I was at the receiving end of all the mindfulness lessons from this multi-millionaire.

I understood that something is deep inside him and he would like to reveal this with the stranger so he can be light-hearted.

So I asked, I don’t understand. Could you explain to me any story or episode that happened with you or your friend that is letting you think you are unsuccessful?

Yes, I couldn’t manage the mess my son was going through in college as I was busy building the green bucks. He needed me and I wasn’t there.

I couldn’t figure out that my wife needed my support, she was just looking for my nod and the words of encouragement which I never uttered led her to stop expecting anything from me.

I don’t have any friends who can call me and just speak to me for a few minutes as they all know that I am so busy and my every minute means money for me.

We overrate money; I have all the money now but look at the situation today that I require a stranger to discuss all my life problems to be lighter-hearted.

But, don’t you think, sir, that once you have the money than you can spend more time with your family, can make good friends and relationships.

Yes, but you need to be mindful of this as you mentioned rightly that real success is balancing the Financial, Emotional, Spiritual, Physical Life aspects.

Don’t just run for the money, spend your time doing the courses on “How to be a good husband?” also and other aspects of life, then life will be balanced and beautiful.

Now that I have given you the wonderful life lessons and pour my heart out, I expect you to be an Author who will put up a blog soon and will tag me for sure. Am I Correct?

Absolutely Sir ????

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