Mindset Of Different Classes In Our Society

Decoding why only very few people succeed in life. Read and find out which class you belong to

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Most of the people in the world are not meant to be successful. And this is true since the dawn of civilization. Very few people become super successful, World has almost always acted in a hierarchical structure. Today let me decode this Hierarchy of the Society. As shown in the figure below, Society consists of 5 classes. 

  1. Genius Class
  2. Super Specialists/ Super Experts/ Super Jugaadu Class
  3. Specialists/ Experts/ Jugaadu Class
  4. Ants/ Skilled Class
  5. Rolling Stones Class

Let’s understand these classes one by one. We will begin from the bottom of the pyramid.

5. Rolling Stones

About 45% population of India are Rolling stones. Rolling stones are good for nothing. They roll from one place to another. They roll from one crisis to another. They roll from one job to another. According to Hindi idioms rolling stones are “kaam ke na kaaj ke Dushman aanaj ke”. They remain at the bottom of the pyramid. 

They don’t have any skills. They are just born, grow up, and die. Even when they die, they are counted as numbers only. You hear in News, – “Today in flood 324 people have been reported dead.” 

Their thinking ability is pretty poor. They don’t analyze the situation correctly, nor do they take sound decisions in life. For example, they would keep giving births to children in the hope that a few children would survive but they won’t use family planning measures. They are not even capable of having independent thinking.

They are highly dependent upon others for their survival. All the welfare schemes in India are launched for rolling stones. But most of the schemes are siphoned off by others as rolling stones are never able to know how to use these schemes for their own benefits. 

Rolling stones never take charge of their lives. They have a herd mentality. Rolling stones just follow instructions or social norms blindly. Or, they copy what others are doing, without using their heads. So, it becomes easy to lead them. The net result is that they are used by people above in the hierarchy. Politicians, Religious Leaders, and industrialists, all of them use Rolling stones to serve their own purpose. Rolling stones follow their leaders either willingly or just out of fear or for their need to survive. In the process, they make people at the top of the hierarchy more powerful and rich. But they themselves remain at the bottom of the pyramid. 

4. Ants/ Skilled

The next group of people above rolling stones are Ants. 30% population of India are Ants. Ants are skilled in at least one skill or have some capability which helps them to survive. Plumbers, Electricians, Cook, Welders, Tailors, Kiryana store owner, Foot Soldier, Primary school teacher, Nurse, Air hostess, Beautician, stage actors, Call center executive and many other skilled people will fall in this category.  

Because they have some skills, they are able to garner a better standard of living. They are able to buy a small flat and a small car. Some of them became very successful but most of them never enjoy a luxurious life. They are able to just make-do in life. They always count their coins before spending. In social circles also they don’t have high standing. They have to adjust and compromise a lot in life. 

They are capable of doing the same task, again and again, and again. In due course of time, some of them become very skilled and hence rich and popular. But most of them are just proverbial hard workers of the world, hence the name Ants. Either they are forced to work hard to survive or they like to work hard. They think- Hard work is the only way to succeed in life. They never learn the real success formula of becoming successful in life. 

All the factories of the world are manned by Ants. Armies win wars because of Ants. All the religious places are thronged by Ants. All types of social organizations are manned by Ants. 

Ants are proverbial ‘Aam-Adami’. 

Their skills are paid for by people above in the hierarchy of the society who become super successful but Ants remain where they are. Ants are Socialist Revolution of 1917 in Russia was started to liberate Ants from the clutches of Super Experts/ Super Specialist/ Super Jugaadu Class. 

They are big-time dreamers. They dream of making it big. They follow their heroes on social media. Religious organizations gather popularity, political parties win elections, the movie hit the 200 crore mark only when a large chunk of Ants supports them. They make politicians, cricketers, and movie celebrities super successful but they themselves remain much lower in the hierarchy of the society. 

In social circles, they don’t have a high standing. In their thinking, Ants are similar to Rolling stones. They suffer from the herd mentality. They do what is socially acceptable. They never take risks and miss many opportunities in life

Normally they go through the cycle of Birth- Study- Get a degree or Skill- get a job or start a small business- Trudge along – Die. What they lack is ambition and higher skills or tactfulness to go up the ladder of society. 

Economically they are categorized as Indian Lower Middle Class.

3. Specialist/ Experts/ Jugaadu

Specialist, Experts, and Jugaadu class is an amalgamation of three subclasses. But in society, they have similar standings. Financially also they are much better off. 20% population of India falls in this category. Let’s decode each of them. 

Specialist – Professionally qualified persons like CA, MBA, Pilot, Biologist, Anthropologist, Seismologist, Physician, Engineer of top engineering college, etc. who by virtue of their professional skill start their career at a respectable place and salary. After a few years of experience, they get enough income to lead a reasonably luxurious life. 

Expert – Expert is not a professionally qualified person. Expert is actually an Ant, but as his skill is in high demand or his product or service in high demand, he is able to amass enough wealth to move up one class and lead a relatively well-off life. For example, Mithaliwala in your city who started 20 years ago and now has three branches in the city with more than 40 employees. Or, your friend who was very good in cricket and is now playing Ranjhi trophy and drives BMW. Or a singer who is now a regular on stage shows or sings on TV and leads a reasonably well off life. 

Jugaadu – He is neither an expert nor a Specialist. He is a tactful, and street-smart guy who somehow slips through the ranks to become reasonably successful in life. He is a Risk taker, Persistent, Mentally tough, Flexible, Socially intelligent, Action taker, and a Jugaadu. He gets things done and reaches his goal. 

For example, your good for nothing relative who started out as a small-time contractor, and today he drives a Toyota car and takes contracts of road construction worth crores. Or, a small-time leader who joined a political party and is now a two-time MLA. 

Specialist, Experts, and Jugaadu are capable of forgoing immediate gratification in the hope of getting a better reward later. It is the first category that uses its head to think and take decisions. This category has a mind of its own. They are not easily swayed by popularity, slogans, and advertisements. Most of them are focused, ambitious, disciplined, and socially suave. These attributes help them in gaining reasonable success in life. 

Specialists, Experts, and Jugaadu class have more than enough bank balance. They don’t have to think twice to buy what their family fancies. They have one or more flats. They can afford to go out of the country on holiday. They can buy fancy gadgets and higher end cars. 

They have respect in society. People outside their close social circle might have heard about them. Some of them gain a lot of popularity, influence, and power in society. 

They enjoy life or are capable of enjoying life. They are capable of resisting the efforts of people above them to coerce them. If they create one group and move in unison, they can remove governments, bring social changes, & even force new laws to be enacted. 

This class is responsible for bringing new social norms. They are influencers of society as all the classes below them follow them in clothes, behavior and to know what is acceptable. Interestingly the class above them also follows this class in deciding the social norms. 

Economically they are categorized as Middle Class. They consume most of the white goods, higher end cars, entertainment, private education, top line medical facilities, holidays, insurance, etc. This class is responsible for the growth, India is witnessing since the early 1990s.

Marketers try hard to influence them. TV Channels try to vow them. But politicians try to steer clear of them as it is not an easily influential category. Moreover, it is not a homogeneous category. 

2. Super Specialist/ Super Expert/ Super Jugaadu – This class is exactly similar to the class mentioned above but much more successful. Most of the people in this category rise from the Specialists, Experts, and Jugaadu class. They are hardly 4.5% of the Indian population. They are well known and respected people of society. 

For example, Sachin Tendulkar, an Ant who because of his super skill and immense popularity has reached the class of Super Expert. 

Dr. Trehan who because of his super skills around heart transplant is a known name and has a chain of hospitals like Vedanta. Or, Dr. G Satheesh Reddy, Chairman of DRDO. Both of them are Super Specialists.

PM Modi who using tact and popularity to became Chief Minister of Gujarat and later became Prime Minister of India. He is a Super Jugaadu. He knows how to tackle opposition, media, foreign affairs, and IAS officers. He is a super influencer who has swayed the Indian middle class as well as Specialist, Experts, and Jugaadu class in two general elections. 

They live a very luxurious life. They have name, fame, and money. Most of the classes below them aspire to reach this class. 

Super Specialist/ Super Expert/ Super Jugaadu class are the movers and shakers of the society. Whatever they do, whatever they wear, whatever they buy, and whatever they talk about, becomes the talk of the town. Most of the people in this category are extraordinarily smart, intelligent, and socially aware. Most of them know how to influence people below their class. They know the secret sauce of using mass hysteria to meet their end objective. They are able to unravel your psychological makeup better than you could. 

Remember the last super successful movie you watched and loved. The director, writer, and producer of the movie knew how to steer your emotions, create laughter or anger, or anxiety & fear. They made a cool 200 crores by giving 100 thousand Ants a joy for 3 hours. 

Remember the luxury soap worth Rs 60/- you bought last time. The creative agency head & marketing head knew exactly which scent, wrapper, and heroine you will love to see and created a cool Rs 3,000 crore brand of soap on an ad spent of Rs 450 crore. 

1. Genius Class – Genius class does not mean Genius. But they are super smart people who create new products, new services, or new ways of being which solve the existing problem of millions of people and in the process create immense wealth for themselves, & their followers in a very short span of time. They create wealth out of thin air, literally. Not even a 0.5% population of India might belong to this Super Class.

Some examples of this category are Mukesh Ambani and his company Jio Fiber; Vijay Shankar Sharma of PayTM, Baba Ramdev and his Patanjali brand, Sundar Pichai of Google Inc. and his Google Chrome linked to Android. 

All of them have created wealth out of thin air literally. 

Some of the persons of International repute having shown genius category are Elon Musk (SpaceX rocket, Tesla car, PayPal payment system, and many other products which he created have revolutionized the industry). Warren Buffet (Legendary Investor for the last 50 years and one of the richest people on Earth. Late Steve Jobs whose company Apple created products which made and kept people crazy for over two decades. 

Vick, Mentor of Siddarth also belong to this category. 


Stay tuned. The answer would be revealed soon. 

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  1. Well detailed Explanation. People have to read this article more than twice . After reading this article they could able to come out from their Poor mindset.

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