Introducing The Freedom Triangle And How You Can Achieve It

Did you always want to live a life of Freedom? This article will help you with the practical steps to follow to achieve your Freedom Triangle.

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Freedom Triangle is when you have Time, Financial & Location Freedom.

In this article, I will take you through the ways of achieving this golden triangle. When you start, you don’t know where to start; what pitfalls to look for?

I have covered all three different types of freedom in depth. So, you can shorten your learning curve and live your travel lifestyle.

1) Time Freedom

The most critical regards to time freedom are clarifying how you will live your 24 hours if you own your time. Vital elements for having more free time.

Focus on the below five areas. Your focus is the most valuable asset.

–       Delete Social Media apps from your phone: Facebook and Instagram consumed a lot of time for me. I spent hours doing mindless scrolling. Soon I rectified this behaviour by deleting the apps from my phone. I still use them through my laptop.

–       Remove Notifications: Make sure there are no notifications on your phone. These pop-up waste a lot of time. A friend sends a message, and when we check it, we spend 20-30 mins without realizing it. You can do your work on your laptop. If you want more time, you need to be aware of where your time is going. Watch the Netflix documentary Social Dilemma to understand how social media uses an addictive strategy for us to watch advertisements.

–       Clear the Clutter: Remove all the clutter from your life. Please get rid of things that you don’t use, so you don’t end up spending time on it. Give away your old clothes. Keep a bare minimum for your use. You can all delete data from your laptop, drive & hard disk that has not been used for a long time. All the folders that are unused for a long time should be deleted. Once this is completed, it will give you time to think as you will have space in your mind and not worry about all these unnecessary things.

–       Stop receiving phone calls: You don’t have to pick up all the calls. When was the last time you got a call from a random number, and it changed your life? Mostly, it will be from telemarketers, banks, etc. So, please don’t bother about them. Every time you get distracted, it takes around 20 mins to get back to the same focus level.

–       Work of chunk in 90-120 mins: Work for 90 mins and then take a break—rinse & repeat. You can get a lot done with concentrated effort. You can multiply your results by removing crap from your life.


–       Strangest Secretin the world: Listen daily for 30 mins to focus on critical things. This audio is compelling, and it will have a slow but long-term effect. Listen to it in the night-time before sleeping. The message will reach your subconscious.

–       Writing goals/Goal card: When your goal is clear, every step you take will be in the right direction. It is the most powerful thing in your journey. You will know exactly where you need to spend your time.

–       Stay away from Bottom Feeders: Some people are just negative minded period. They will never encourage you for your goals. You will find that your energy is drained when you meet them. The best you can do is stay away from them. If it is your own family, then you must find a way to explain the scenario. With others, maintain a distance but be respectful.

–       Mediation: It will calm you down and help you focus. It will help you see where you want to spend your time. A silent mind is more impactful than a disturbed mind. Spend at least 10 mins for meditation.


–       Plan your month, week & day: You will know where to channelize your energy. Sometimes your best work is done when you are not working. Plan to work four days a week. Don’t be available to everyone. It would be best if you had time to recover from the intense work. Remember, you are running a marathon and not a sprint. Spend time on things that will energize you. If you work out, you will understand that the muscle’s recovery time is as important as building it.

–       Plan to complete three primary tasks in a day: Don’t overload yourself with ten action items chances are you would not even finish 3 or 4 items. Focus on the crucial task, it will reduce your stress level, and you will feel happy. Don’t spend time on unimportant tasks.


–     Strategies: Write 20 new ideas to grow your business. When you are just executing ideas, it will change your life. People are stuck in social media, replying to messages, and taking calls.

–     Systems: Build systems, and it will help you in the long run. Systems win & people fail. Automate your work. You can outsource work (Virtual Assistant). You should spend time on the things that you love doing.

Content: Create content & don’t consume more content. The more content you produce, the more visibility will help build authority in the marketplace.

You can have time freedom by removing unnecessary things and working on important things. Own your 24 hours; spend your time doing what you love to do.

2) Financial Freedom: In simple words, how many days you will last if you stop working now. It is about managing your money.


–       Deeper point about money: We have been programmed since childhood that rich people are evil and poor people are good people. Money is the root cause of all evil. Even in Bollywood, movies are made with the same subject line. Subconsciously, we start to have blocks regarding money. Start reprogramming your money mindset. There is nothing good or bad about money. All of us have a thermostat regarding money. You can increase the thermostat by reprogramming your thought process. Associate yourself with high-frequency people. Start reading books about money (The Richest Man in Babylon, Money master the game). Watch the interviews, read autobiographies of rich people; your thinking will evolve.

–       Be Aware of your vocabulary: Whatever is in your head, you will start seeing that in your life. Change your thoughts, and your life will change. Do affirmations, start to reprogram your subconscious mind.

–       Abundance: You will never make money if you don’t fix your mindset around it. Think about abundance; you will attract money in your life. Money is all about energy.

–       Moral Right: If you spend money on upgrading yourself, you have the moral right to charge money from people.

–       Pay: Don’t fall into the trap of getting things for free. There should be a value exchange. Pay for things that make your life easier. Don’t download things from the internet; pay for them and let there be energy exchange. Don’t be cheap in your journey towards greatness.

Getting Money: 

–    Value:  People pay you money, for the value you provide in their life. Money is an appreciation certificate you get for helping others.

–    Upgrade yourselves: Invest in courses & invest in mentors. Invest in yourself to get better.

–    Sales: Get very good at selling. People don’t buy products. They buy ideas that can change their life. Be good at selling your ideas. Perfect the game of selling. Be comfortable with selling. Selling is a form of service.

Manage Money

– A more important part of the financial aspect is, how you manage money. If you cannot manage a smaller amount of money, you cannot manage a higher amount. Managing money is the most crucial aspect of this game.

– TWCGO Formula:  TWCGO stands for tax, wealth, charity, general, and operations. Divide your money into different buckets. The moment you have money coming into your account, it should be divided into different accounts. Keep 30% for tax, 20% for wealth, 10% for charity, 20% for General (Food, Bills & Rent) and 20% for operations (business expenses). You can change these numbers based on your life situations.

Multiply your money:

Reinvest the money in your business: Give an excellent visual experience to your customers. Put back money in your marketing campaign. Hire Freelancers to get things done.

Buy Real estates, Shares & Cryptocurrency.

The best way to financial freedom is to have multiple income sources and create your product.

You are the biggest asset in your business. Be a part of the community to grow. Spend time with like-minded people.

As you grow, your financial status will grow. So focus on upgrading yourself, and you will have an abundance of money in your life.

3) Location Independence 

I’m sure you must have heard about time & financial freedom. Curious about what is location independence. Well, this is important if you want to attain the Freedom Triangle.

Location independence means that you can live and work wherever and whenever you want in a financially sustainable manner. It means no more commuting to work to an office, no more 9-5 schedule for the rest of your life. It also means you don’t have to wait for weekends to live your life on your terms.

Due to technology, this lifestyle is possible; people are living it. It would help if you had a laptop and a good internet connection.


–   Building this lifestyle is demanding: You will face a lot of adversities. The reality is far different from the perception. It is not about working from a beach. Honestly, it must be very uncomfortable to work from a beach. 

–   Internet Connection: This is the essential thing that is an internet connection to make money on the road. You won’t be able to work if you face this challenge. Working from a co-working space will give you a good speed and give you access to a community.

–   Lonely: Travelling alone for an extended period can make you lonely. It is part of the game. You will miss your family & friends. Make sure you get comfortable with the idea of traveling alone. Spend time in hostels or co-working space around like-minded people; it will keep you safe on the road.

–   Homebase: Have a home base; it will give you stability. For example, if you want to travel to Europe, have a home base in a cheaper country like Bulgaria and travel around in the neighbouring countries. Travel slowly as you will not feel burnout in the process.

–  Productivity & Disciplined: As I have explained earlier on ways to be productive and disciplined. You will not have a boss to run behind you, so focus on having disciplined. Work on your essential things and use your time wisely.


There are three ways to earn money to make lifestyle sustainable

Remote Worker

You can use your existing skills and apply for a company that allows working from a remote location.


• You will have a steady income

• There will be a feeling of safety

• You will have employee benefits.

You can also ask your employer if they are ready to allow you to work from a remote location.


A freelancer is someone who offers their services to companies, and they can work with multiple companies

Typical freelancing gigs include:

• Video Editing

• Marketing

• Graphic Designing

• Web Development

• Accounting


If you have a skill or expertise, you can monetize your knowledge by going the entrepreneur route.

• Online Courses

• E-Commerce Stores

• e-Books

You need to own a website.


–       Travel Lifestyle:  The most important thing is building a travel lifestyle. That means not chasing money. You control how you spend your time, what project you work on. Don’t take up projects that will give you money but will make you miserable. It is essential to understand that you are building a lifestyle, and it takes a lot of effort to build it.


–       Expenses: You will need to spend money on stay, food, and rent. One hack to reduce your stay expense is housesitting. People will let you stay in their house in exchange for taking care of their gardens and pets. You will also need to spend money on mailing services, website hosting, marketing, etc. Please make a list of your monthly expense, create a budget, and stick to it. It is natural to lose track of money and regretting later. 

–       Making Money: You will also account for the money you make from the road. It will not be a regular source of income. It may vary from time to time. So you need to anticipate in advance the amount of money you will earn before you do any spending.

–       Savings:  Before starting your location independence journey, make sure you have one year of expense saved in your account (10k-20k dollars). It will give you peace of mind.

–       Spend on Experience: Some experiences are worth the spending. So, make a note of those experiences and budget accordingly. Don’t compromise here; we have one life, and we should spend on things that will give us high feeling.

All of us have a choice now, either live in every day (Traffic, Office hours) life or live a life of freedom. Life is full of travel, and you are living on your terms and spending the best moments with your family. Playing with your children. Working on passing projects and genuinely making a difference in someone’s life. The option is endless; it is now the time to build this lifestyle.

 As for me, I have not yet achieved my freedom triangle, but thanks to my mentors (Siddharth Rajsekar & Travis Sherry), I’m aware of this concept and I am consciously building this lifestyle. It is possible; many people are already doing it—time for some action.

This is Shekar; I see you in the next one. Ciao. I leave with a beautiful quote.

 “Better to die fighting for freedom than be a prisoner all the days of your life.” Bob Marley

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