How To Get Your Dream Job In 8 Steps?

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“Dreams are extremely important. You can’t do it unless you imagine it.” — George Lucas

Many of us have never imagined what a Dream Job is. As rightly said in the above quote by George Lucas, unless you visualize what your dream job would be, you will never achieve it. Don’t wait for someone to offer you your dream job; it’s not a jackpot. Rather, start dreaming & crafting one. 

Here are 8 easy steps that can help you get your DREAM JOB

1.      Identify your Dream Job

You might be aware already of this, but give it a thought. Find out answers to questions like – What do you love doing? What are you passionate about? What is that one job that you would love to do even if you are not paid for it for a few days? The answer to these questions will help you identify your dream job.  Your current job that you feel that you are terribly stuck with might be a dream job for someone else.  So, it is better to identify the job you are meant for rather than compromising with it

Let’s take an example.  Say, you want to work in the education industry. Now, that’s a very wide description. What exactly do you want to do in the education Industry? Do you want to be in Primary education or Higher Education? Do you want to Teach or be in the Administration? Make it as specific as possible. The more you go at the micro-level, the better you would be able to prepare yourself for the job.

2.     Gain Experience, don’t limit yourself

Gaining experience may seem complicated but it is not impossible. Experience doesn’t mean that you need to get a similar job. You may start working on small projects or voluntary assignments, which may give you a flavor. If you are a fresher, you may even take up an entry-level job of similar nature with any small company to get exposure, which will be useful in the future. This experience may not be your ultimate goal but take it as one step bringing you closer to your Dream Job.

 3.      Build your network because network = net worth

The larger your network, the greater is your Net worth. Building a network should be your top priority.  Nearly 80% of jobs get filled up with internal references and networks; this is a substantial percentage.  It means your Dream job might not be advertised even. Building a strong network will help you get access to the vacancies created.

 4.      Understand the job criteria

Create a list of criteria that you are looking for.

Are you looking for flexible working hours? Do you want a job within a specific Salary bracket? Does the work environment form some criteria? Do you prefer a Job with less traveling time?

All these questions will help you narrow down your search.

5.      Do your research

Once you have been able to identify your potential Dream Job, find out everything about the company. Study about the Industry, who is the Owner of the company? What are its products? Who are its competitors in the market? What is the number of employees?  What has been the experience of its current & past employees with the company? Remember, it’s the overall experience that will make it your Dream Job.

6.      Tailor your resume & cover letter

So many of us make this mistake for copy-pasting the same resumes for all job profiles. The resume should be tweaked as per the skill sets required for that particular job. Your resume should make it evident to the hiring manager that you have gone the extra mile to look into what experience the job requires. The skill should match the job profiles & the resume should seek attention. This would make sure that your resume is in the top few.

Covering letters are often considered a summary of the resume. The secret lies here!

Instead of making it a replica of the resume, approach your cover letter like a proposal to the Hiring Manager. It is your chance to win an interview here. Tell the Manager through your Covering letter, how you are the best candidate for this job. Share every detail on your experience, strengths matching with the job requirement.

A customized resume & cover letter might take some additional time but will maximize your chances of winning an opportunity to get an interview call. Keep different versions or templates handy for reference.

7.      Prepare well for the interview

Never go for an interview unprepared. Always do your homework well. Find out all that you can about your potential employer – What they do, how they do, their mission, vision, turnover, etc.  If possible, interact with the people who are already employed with the company. Make a list of all probable questions they may ask & get your friends, relatives, or Industry experts to help you frame the answers & get you practice.

Don’t forget to include your opinion or thoughts in the answers.

8.      Prepare Questions for the prospective employer too

An interview is a two-way process. Just like the company is looking to the best fit for the job, you are also looking for the right company you can fit in.  So you need to prepare a set of questions that you would ask during the interview. Ask them everything important for you to know such as compensation, career growth path, benefits, etc.

All the best as you march forward to Get your dream job!!

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  1. Good article , my learning from this is – a good preparation with focus on the target is the key to success.

  2. Hi Rachna,
    This article really helps job seekers to how to get a dream job. Very well explained. MPTY. 🙂

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