How To Create A Business That Sustains The Earth And Brings Ascension For Your Soul!

businesses that sold crappy items are slowly getting diminished and businesses that are authentic to its core, are getting more strong! do you know why? read along..

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Hey there welcome back, I hope you read my earlier post. If you haven’t read it, its fine do that later! But stick around here ????

Today Im going to talk to you about creating a business that LASTS LIFETIME’S! Yes thats plural, you read it right. For a business to be that amazing, first you need to know the CORRECT definition of a Business? Isnt it?!

So what’s the Correct Definition, well I know Im writing this blog on a Business Master’s website; so I don’t claim that I know the true Definition. But maybe from a Spiritual Perspective I feel this is right and even Sid and Vick will agree to this.

So let’s get into the Definition, let’s do it the Old School way, shall we - 

An authentic and everlasting business is defined by the Products & Services it gives to the planet(including plants, animals, humans, environment) while staying accountable for the effects that business has through its products/ services(on lives of people, animals, plants, environment). 

To understand what a business should NOT be like, we are going to refer to some BIG guys in business. Ofcourse not taking any names as I want my business to be SAFE. And also want Sidz business to be safe as this is going to be published on ILH site.  

You know though Im going to criticise some businesses without taking their names, I do feel they too did it because “earning money” was a difficult thing back in past. Which made them think of some out of the box idea, like the purple cow. Thinking that it will make their business idea appear unique and successful. As uniqueness bring curiousity in people. I feel I need to say all of this before coming to point, to actually show the Karmic Repercussions of creating unwanted and non-Environment supporting products.

So back in the 50’s and 60’s a Successful Business was considered having all of this, and to this day a lot of these rules are still followed 

  • A Unique product that nobody had.  It should appear unreal. You may use the help of a Celebrity to use it, which would make it highly wanted.  
  • Create something out of nothing, and sell it at a price. Thats going to be a win-win thing. And highly profitable thing. 
  • Assigning a Celebrity, to market the product. Even if something that’s dangerous for health of your customers. Like the Tobacco, alcohol and Cigarette companies still do. 
  • Showing it off during cricket matches, football tournaments etc. To get maximum exposure. 
  • Assign it a tagline, that makes the product irresistible. Like “Only this will quench your thirst. 
  • Volla, your product is highly in demand now!

So what were the products? Im going to be very critical/blunt/bitter here while explaining all of this… Ofcourse not taking any names of Big Babies.

  • Fizzy drinks that were made out of plain drinking water, with colour added, flavour added and sugar added. A Celebrity was paid a bunch of green paper to advertise it, as if - its the tastiest immortality drink and they say the tagline, “this is ONLY going to quench your thirst” (what audacity). While you know very well that its totally manmade, and isn’t eligible to be called healthy. And it's not the only thing that can quench thirst, you’re insulting the gift of nature “water” for this. And when you are the most thirsty, nothing is as delicious as Water!

  • Then the next business, alcohol. A handsome man and beautiful woman talk while sipping whisky. Makes each one of them realise they are unveiling a part of the other one, after every sip. Scintillating as it looks, triggers the emotion of having a partner in life and the good old buddy “alcohol” making that magic happen between the two people! Sings the praise of bringing alcohol into your life thinking you too might attract a man or woman like that! Sadly if you have a man or a woman in your life, and then suppose if you get hooked to alcohol; after you get onto alcohol that partner is also going to run away sooner or later. 

  • Then Toothpaste, I know how much we all are glued to toothpaste now. I don’t think the older way of chewing Babool sticks or Neem sticks is used anymore by anyone. But the time when toothpaste came into the market, it claimed it was better then babool stick(what lies). They also said rubbing teeth with salt wasn’t good, rubbing teeth with charcoal powder wasn’t good. That chewing stick or natural powders could not rid you of some stubborn germs. Which might cause you to lose teeth at a young age. Now, who wants that, so out of fear everybody started using toothpaste. And now they are selling toothpaste with salt, charcoal, and babool extract! As funny as it sounds, that's a business trying to totally misguide you and later on use the same ingredients as you used before. And the dental health has made it very much visible now, the effects of toothpaste. I know more then 75% of you reading this post, might have a root canal, or bridge over our teeth done. Or an artificial implant of tooth already done. Do comment if this is true 😜

  • Genetically modified organisms food is usually known as GMO’s, which are usually found in our vegetable and fruit market. Don’t you think fruits have become sweeter and sweeter in the past 15-20yrs? Fruit skin has got brighter, seeds have vanished, the taste is sweeter and the fruit size is larger. Such an unrealistic thing! And talking about Veggies I know our milkman said “they inject something into the gourd, and the very next day the gourd grows 6-7inches larger”, watermelons have unrealistically become red and seedless. They were very mean, pale, and rarely sweet; back when I was a kid 😉 All these changes in the fruits and veggies directly affect your body. Diseases that never even existed are taking shape now? Why you know the answer… 

The seedlessness makes your reproductive system go nuts, adding more volume to the fruit has made people build their body out of shape. Years back a tree was allowed to grow for years, after which it started giving fruits. Generally, the tree starts fruiting in 10-15yrs. But in today’s fast age who has that much patience of waiting for 15yrs to eat fruit from the garden. So people GMOed that too. And trees started giving fruits in just 2-3 yrs of growth. Now that explains why children are maturing at such a young age. And people have such a short life span! You don’t make your kids grow faster in the order they get mature quickly? Don’t you! Then why feed your children with such food, that’s scientifically a hotchpotch genetically.

Processed foods - while having freshly cooked food daily is really healthy. You can’t deny the fact that processed foods are a boon at times when there’s no time to cook. But these processed foods get added with preservatives, stabilizers to stabilise the colour texture, and taste of foods, colours, and flavours. No wonder why lifestyle has become so stagnant and lethargic! Gift of consuming Stabilized food! Because you consume food that has stayed on the shelf for some time, you become what your food is. So that ability to sit on a shelf crawls into you too, making you very lethargic and stagnant. And then we complain about where did Heart disease emerges from?

  • Technical Gadgets manufacturing companies + Technical Garbage is taking the world to its doom. Technological gadgets are the best business nowadays. Yes, I love technology and gadgets too. Technology has proven by far the best progress humans have made. Gadgets are making our life really better. BUT I'm talking about the BUSINESS of it. I don’t know whether it's just me or you too realised it, that gadgets are advancing really quick, and older ones are getting redundant really quick too. Aren’t the older gadgets that we already have supposed to be lasting a little longer? Because nothing’s wrong with them. I've heard that the software updates we get make the older one’s useless, such that we are forced to buy new ones. But these companies don’t take accountability for the radioactive waste they’re creating. 

Now coming back to the topic, of this post… 

What was our Definition of an Authentic Business? Do you remember?

An authentic business is the one that helps solve the world’s problem and earns money by doing that. And while doing that it has to try not to affect the planet in a counteractive way. 

An authentic business is the one that helps people through its products and services, and while doing so it doesn’t harm the planet or its environment.

Your Transformation & Planet’s Transformation is on the Brink - 

There were rounds that said the Earth is changing and we had started hearing it before 2012, and that things were about to end by 2012. Which was just the end of the Mayan Calendar, which meant it was an end of Age, the Piscean Age. And the birth of the Aquarius Age thereafter. You can research the “Aquarius Age” and read into detail about it. 

Now, this is not me, but a number of people(like 1000’s people) have been saying this about the “coming of the Golden Age” on our planet. Which will bring more of all good things in life. And in order to survive in the divine energy, of this Golden Era - it's important that everybody aligns themselves according to its wavelength. So if you want to survive in that Golden Age, you will have to adjust and adapt to the energy of the golden age. This also implies to your Karma too, your Karma also has to align with the energy of the Golden Age. 

So what's the energy like in the Golden Age -

  • More Value to Humanity, more value to life in general then inanimate objects. Value to Life rather than things and belongings. Value for Plant, Animal, and Human Life rather than valuing more for house, cars, and belongings. 
  • The Higher the Values and Ethics, the higher the quality of work the better life you’ll have. Highly divine Karma will be valued more and will have more splendid widespread fame, then lower Karma.
  • Businesses/ workplaces that respect people and their talent more, rather than building a stressful environment that leads to draining an individual working there. 
  • Life with Accountability and Responsibility of one’s life, where you are responsible for all Karma you do!

Earth Sustaining Business can be Built - 

From lower quality, sleazy marketing, and more selling; to higher quality products, transparency in marketing, and selling to people who actually need your product/ services.

Have you been tricked by sleazy marketing tactics where you ended up buying stuff that you didn’t need? And later on, felt cheated because you just got taken into the Jargon!

To be honest, I feel usually authentic businesses don’t want to cheat you like that, but at times your lack of knowledge and literacy about a particular topic might leave you puzzled and confused when you’re approached by these shiny pieces of marketing. So the Golden Age also means the Age of Knowledge. Where the value of Knowledge will be much higher than anything else. 

A Little bit of Criticising again 😜 I recalled a little story so again teasing this topic... 

Fizzy drinks that aren’t “food” - 

Food that’s man-made isn’t food at all. This applies to all things you get packed in a tin and processed foods. Not to criticise the fact that these can be really handy while traveling. But they are not good every day 24x7. 

How Fizzy drinks might have emerged? (according to me)

Earlier when earning money was a tad harder, people usually felt any business that has a unique product, was going to attract more customers to it. And so Fizzy drinks emerged its nothing more than carbonated water with flavours and sugars. 

So this is how the Fizzy drinks became popular. And they have been so popular by now that people have started accepting them as a part of a “normal” lifestyle. To be honest, even I have it when I don’t find water while traveling.

You know what… will share an experience with you. A few years back while I went out with my family for dinner at a posh restaurant, everyone ordered food and a Fizzy drink of their choice. I felt that was wrong, as fizzy drinks are man-made making them a non-food item. Which should definitely not be welcomed at the dinner table. So I decided to do something different from everyone, I ordered Fresh Orange Juice to go with my food(now I know some of you might say that's not a good combo with food) But it made sense to me than ordering a soda. 

To his shock the waiter couldn’t digest this, he said but madam “order something fizzy..na” why orange juice with food. I mean what’s Natural and God made, we question that now. Whereas something that's man-made and doesn’t have any nutritive value we consider as normal and welcome on Dinner Table! Pity.

And the countries where Obesity has become a problem is where people are used to drinking more sodas then plain water. I saw an interesting post on yahoo about it, a survey was made in all countries where obesity was prevalent. They found out that all major stops while traveling/ commuting were selling only sodas.(which is full of sugars)

While this same survey was conducted in Japan too… 

Japan’s health and non-obesity secrets 

Japan is considered to be a nation that isn’t prone to Obesity. And a Nation that has strong Ethics and Values for life and Business. And so several types of research are taking place as to what are the causes of less obese people in Japan. And the interesting study about the center’s selling sodas was held in Japan too.

They found that in Japan people did have sodas and carbonated drinks at traveling/ commuting centers too. But it also has other drinks, that weren’t carbonated. And these were healthier options. Like the non-sweetened Green tea beverage that was sold chilled. Also a couple of healthier fruit juices without the added sugars. 

This brought an interesting conclusion that people usually prefer better options when they have when they don’t have any other option; they choose to go with something that's lower in quality. 

Something is better than nothing. Right!

The same thing applies to business too, if people get a product that's high in quality they’ll buy it. But when people don’t have any other option, they tend to adjust to the low-quality stuff they’re getting.

So you think what you’d like to listen about your business, people gossipping, cursing and criticising it at your back. Or people being thankful that they have your product! 

And whether you choose to make your business better or not, Earth has its own Golden Age Sustaining Energy building up, which will lead to popularising the businesses that align with Golden Age’s energy, to diminishing and killing the businesses that no longer treat the Earth and its inhabitants well.

So it's now up to the people of the Planet to choose. All those who choose to go with the Energy will be welcomed, and others shall perish!

I actually went ahead and tried to express a lot within this one post, I hope it makes sense to you. 😁

So where do you want to be? What kind of business do you want to build? Let me know in the comments… Id like to know your views on this post too. 

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  1. Very nicely expressed – with a lot of earnestness and punch. It is a no-brainer to understand that thousands of businesses all over the world, across decades and centuries have made huge profits at the expense of customers and communities. And, in the process, they have left behind a trail of destruction – only a few of them are obvious to many, but most of the damage has not been apparent for long decades, and we are facing the music now. It is not difficult to understand that businesses should not be run purely for profits, or even predominantly for profits. It is the primary task of business to create surplus for itself so that it can continue its (good) work in future. It should be focusing on creating wealth for the community and extending livelihoods to many. Beyond that , businesses should be platforms for self-development of those who work for them – whether employees or suppliers. While doing all this, they should ensure that they don;t dig the ground on which their foundations are sending. Awareness itself was a problem initially, but it has been ruthless selfishness all the way..
    I found a lot of ‘punch’ in your post. Please keep expressing yourself so that others are also charged and motivated. It requires a huge collective effort, over the next several decades to reverse the trend of deterioration of this planet and of the lives of those who live on it.
    Great effort.

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