How To Build An Attractive Marketing Plan That Drives More Traffic

Sharing innovative ways to drive traffic to your landing page. How it is important to have control in your business. You cannot depend on platforms for traffic


Online Marketing refers to all the marketing efforts spread across various digital channels. Online Marketing also includes social media marketing, Email marketing, PPC, SEO, Content, Blogging, etc.

In today’s age, business is an entirely different game. You cannot imagine having a business that is not online. If you don’t have a robust online presence, you will lose many potential clients. For this reason, you need to deploy various marketing strategies on a different platforms to give you an advantage over your competitors.

Big companies like Amazon, Apple & Google, their entire business runs on data aggregation. The data collected can be a great source to build a personal relationship with your customers. Traffic and conversions are the bloodlines of any business. People must visit your offer and build a connection with you.

I will take you through the traffic strategies that you can deploy in your business. The formula to generate endless sales, traffic, and leads. Your marketing plan should include these marketing strategies. Remember, strategies are evergreen, whereas tactics keep on changing.

  1. 1 How To Plan And Build a Successful Online Marketing Strategy

    What is the major challenge for any business? Generating Leads and traffic is the biggest problem for most businesses. Other challenges include:

    • Managing your website.
    • Budgeting.
    • Having the right tool.
    • Targeting the right audience.

    The game has changed; you no longer can have organic reach on a platform like Facebook or Instagram. Due to this average cost to acquire a customer has increased massively over the last two years. Most of the strategies are platform-dependent. So many entrepreneurs are solely dependent on the platform model to generate leads and traffic.

    You might see the trend; initially, it was Facebook, then influencers started moving to Instagram, then it was Tik-Tok. Tomorrow it will be something else; most platform's organic reach will be available for early adopters. Then it will slowly go down. Many marketers are criticizing these platforms, but you must remember, all of them are free platforms. That is why owning something of your own makes sense. Having your email list is a game-changer. It is your business asset.

    You lose control if you are dependent on others. One change in the algorithm and your marketing plan won't work. For the same reason, you need to have a home on the internet. It would help if you built a brand, as companies like google like working with brands.

    Look at Amazon, and it has deployed a flywheel model with customer experience as the core parameter. The model is like more customer comes in the platform, more traffic will be generated, due to which there will be more sellers who will offer their product and eventually lead to more option to buy. As a fresh customer join, the customer experience keeps on getting better.

    The entire sales process includes Traffic – Email List – Communication – Conversions – Tribe.

    The current traffic generation model is entirely chaotic. The only goal is to get a sale, and the transaction is over. You need to establish a relationship with your client to make big money. Imagine planting a tree; you cannot force the fruits. You need to continually give it good nutrients, sunlight for the tree to grow. If you take care of the quality inputs, the result has to be good.

    Traffic Criteria :

    - It must be fast

    - It must be scalable

    - It must be consistent

    - You must not be dependent on any platform.

  2. 2 Seven traffic strategies

    • Influencer Media: You get in touch with influencers across the platform like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. You ask them to promote your landing page. These influencers have a huge following, so when they promote your offer, you can expect many visitors. Make sure that there is a message to market match for this to work.

    • Email traffic media: You can directly buy from influencers who have a vast email list. You pay them a fee to promote your product. Some directories have complied a huge list, and you can ask them to send a mail for your product for a fee. There are email directories; it is like a marketplace where buyers want to promote a landing page, and the seller has a massive email list.

    • Social Media Traffic: The organic reach of Facebook is almost dead. Yet, Facebook will favor you if people are sharing your content. You can come live and talk about your topic and create a contest; the lucky winner can get a prize. You can ask people to share your content on their page. When many people are sharing your content, you can go viral. At the end of the video, you can share your landing page link.

    • Display Media: Google has a vast network. You can buy banner ads on various high-traffic websites. You can reach a lot of potential buyers at a low cost.

    • Pay per click traffic: You can get in front of people searching for an offer like yours. It is also called intent-based marketing. You are just becoming a bridge for people searching for a solution to their problems. Google is intent-based marketing.

    • CPA Network strategies: These are advanced strategies. There are CPA networks that can send traffic to your landing page. You will pay if people opt into your page. The good idea is to have a double opt-in.

    • Collaborations: You can collaborate with other marketers in your space. They can promote your offer, and you can do it for their offer. It will be a win-win situation. You will get traffic for free. It would be best if you built a hub for this strategy to work.

    Never be platform-dependent. You must control the traffic. It is essential to retarget people for whom you have already paid. Suppose 100 people visit your landing page, only 20 people opt-in, so the difference of 80 will come in your retargeting pool, and you can show them your ads across the web. You need to install google and Facebook pixel. The golden rule of traffic is never to waste a visitor.

    If you are not retargeting, you are losing a lot of money.

    Your hub is your control center. It is your home on the internet. Your hub will give you multiple sales, a solid brand, and a community. You can be a hub-based tribe-centered model, which is the future of business. Your hub is your asset.

    Amazon has built an ecosystem. It is a customer-centric model. It has multiple products in the ecosystem. Funnel is not your business. Only one transaction is not your business. You should offer multiple products so one customer will end up buying multiple products from you.

    Establish your HUB.

    Sell products from your HUB.

    Collaborations/ Affiliates of other companies.

    You can create resource pages in your hub. It can be your affiliate link, and you can recommend those products. You will earn a small commission for the sales generated through you. There is no limit to your income potential. You can get as creative as you want.

    The process to get have a hub-centric approach:

    - You can create a lead magnet; it can be a free course or blueprint, or eBook. It will be the help in building your list. The most crucial factor is nurturing your list. You need to stand out from the competition; most of them bomb their list with mail that contains products to buy. Take a different approach, focus on providing value first and then sell them your offer. You should provide four value mail before sending any sales mail.

    - Once people are inside your world, you can give them insane value. When people see that you are different, they talk about you with others. Now, if you can offer them a mastermind call for referrals, they will share it with their friends. It is creating an unlimited stream of new prospects into your world. Without paying any ad money, you are generating fresh leads.

    Out of 100, only 20 will share about you, but you will have 100 new prospects to your world if they share with five people.

    - Your Hub should like an island, where people are having a fun time. There can be multiple roads to your island, but once people enter it, then they don't want to leave it. A vast list is not of much value, but an engaged list is precious.

  3. 3 There are various ways in which you can grow your business

    - Email Marketing: Some say email is outdated with mails not being delivered in your inbox, but that is not true. It would help if you focused on a long-term relationship with your potential buyers. The important thing is to nurture your customers.

    - Social Media Marketing: This is a beast. You can build an online presence across various social media channels. Many brands are building their latest strategy on social. You can promote your offer on these channels.

    - PPC Ads: You pay for the ads clicked by users. This strategy involves online ads.

    - Search Engine Optimisation: You can optimize your site based on the keyword typed in the system. Your site becomes search engine friendly, and you will get organic leads.

    - Content Marketing: They say content is the king. It is true in every sense, and great content leads people to your world. The purpose of your content should be to attract and educate your target audience.

    As we learn new things, we use various tools, and many things will get complex. That is why it is imperative to keep things simple. If you have a wardrobe that has a lot of clothes, what is bound to happen? There will be a lot of unused stuff in your wardrobe. It would help if you got rid of things that you will not use.

    Think viz., Apple; they have a limited set of products, with simple marketing, it is easier to scale. On the other hand, Nokia went with a lot of products without catering to customer needs and evolving with changing times, eventually leading to a decline in sales. Don't complicate things.

  4. 4 Conclusion

    Create a simple lead magnet. You need to create it once, and then you can scale it up if the response is excellent. Create content and product that can replicate without adding too much complexity to scale.

    Go deep in your niche. Try to understand what people want and cater to their needs. Create a strong lead magnet and upscale the people to your premium offering from there. There should be various sources of traffic coming to your landing pages. This way, it would be straightforward to scale. Build traffic, do deep marketing, and the sales will happen automatically as people will feel you understand them.

    Steve Jobs lived in a house with no furniture. He always kept things simple and minimalistic. Your mind will always pull you towards complex things, but you have to keep things simple. It requires discipline. It must be satisfying you create something complex in the short run, but it is not worth it in the long run.

    Clear your mind, clear your house and clean your business. You can grow faster if you keep things simple.

    The success of every company comes down to good planning from the initiation. As discussed earlier, it is crucial to know the difference between tactics and marketing strategies. Strategies are evergreen.  

    As we move forward in the recent decade, we must make sure that we build a brand. We should have our hub on the internet. Transactional-based marketing will die soon.

    Humans still care for belonging to something, so that community-based marketing will be the future of marketing. We need to focus on nurturing our tribe.

    The ideas shared in these articles can be used for years to come.

    So don't be dependent on various platforms; build your world that you can control. If you are platform-dependent, you might lose from a few platform changes. For Eg when Tiktok was banned in India, most of them lost all their followers as they were platform dependent.

    I hope you have got the idea here.

    This is Shekar signing off; I see you in the next one. Ciao.

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