How to Be Seriously Committed to Success?

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Success Means a lot to Everyone of us and, the definition of success differs from person to person, For Someone Success Can be the achievement of something in his / her life, or for someone, it would be the completion of specific tasks. We all are unique in this world, so does our interpretation towards success is, but one thing is common amongst all of us is the process of getting success through commitment. We have been told that if you want to be successful you have to be committed, but how to be committed to success that rarely someone has spoken about. In other words, What to do has always been told but how to do it very few people have spoken about, isn’t it?

Commitment to Success is one of the most important parts of the journey towards greatness and a sense of accomplishment. According to me following are the ways you can be committed to your success.

Define Your Success

  1. Define Your Success - Write it down on a piece of Paper, what SUCCESS means to you, and how you will feel if you achieve it. Let your purpose be so strong that it pulls you rather than you pull your purpose upwards.

Define Your Timeframe

  1. Define Your Timeframe - Define the duration in which you want to achieve this Success and track all your movement towards a purpose.

Know the Achievers

Know the Achievers - Follow those who have achieved a similar success you wish to achieve for, study the patterns, behaviors that they have been showing up. Implement those things in you and keep on evolving.

Jump Start

Jump Start - Don't Get Ready to be Ready, if you are still not ready for that thing that you have been planning for. Jump Off, from your comfort zones, things will work for you if you put yourself into the firing line and making sure you are ready to go through the grind.

Celebrate Small Wins

Celebrate Small Wins - Start Celebrating Small Wins in your journey towards greatness, and understand what made you achieve those Small Wins. Small Wins are the Foundations of the Great Wins. This is the Fuel for your Success.

Change Your Mindset

Change Your Mindset - If You are Casual about the Success, Change Your Mindset Right Now. Your Mindset is the biggest Roadblock between you and Your Success.

Follow a Mentor

Follow a Mentor - in Ancient days, Gurukul System was used to be there. People were used to surrender to the GURU unconditionally. Guru used to be a guiding path and follower was used to take decision based on the guidance shown. with the rising of the internet Gyan, don't forget to follow a genuine mentor for guidance.

Focus on Process

Focus on Process - it is always said results are important but if you focus on the process your journey towards results will be much fun and lighter than you thought off. Putting Process ahead of Results will ensure that you do not get demotivated after your initial setback if you get in an attempt of success.

Be Fixed, But Be Flexible

Be FIXED, But be FLEXIBLE - Be Fixed on Your Goal, where you want to reach but we very flexible, the way how you want to reach. Keep the customization tab always be open your mind, to suit to the best of your needs.


Focus - Focus is your Valuable Assets, don't ever compromise on any cost for your focus. Be Focus and Success will follow.

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