How To Be Creative In 3 Easy Ways?

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If you are in a profession that demands you to be creative, then this post is going to be immensely helpful for you because these three ways are easy to implement in daily life. So you don’t have to worry about forming a habit and getting into the grind of forcefully doing this to ignite creativity. In the day and age of instant, this blog post is a boon for those who wish to ignite creativity in their work.

If you are in a profession that does not demand creativity every day, then this blog post is definitely for you! Because performing the same activities day in and day out tends to put any person into a rut. This eventually gets you complacent and poor performing in the profession. You surely don’t want that to happen to you. Do you?

So read on…

Without much ado, here are three easy ways to spark creativity.

  1. 1 Best day panner

    Yes, you read it right. It is a panner. Day panner is when you pan out your day in a way that gets your mundane tasks, office work, and the two important ways to stir creativity done. In simple words, it means your day is panning out really well.

    So how do you plan your day well?

    The answer is by planning your day.

    Have a daily planner and jot down the important tasks to be accomplished. Mark it for each hour of the day. You don’t have to fill in details of the workday. The rest of your waking hours are to be planned in your daily planner. 

    Include mundane activities and find out chunks of one hour and a few minutes to allot to way two and way three below.

    If you are guessing why planning your day is mentioned as a way to spark creativity. Then, let me explain the reason. 

    The most common reason that people state for not having performed important tasks during the day is – I do not have enough time to get this done. To tackle this, we are planning our day. We are finding the portion of time where you are free to plan the activity you wish to. Even if you are the busiest person on the planet, you should be able to manage to take out 30 minutes of your day.

    Your day planner is like the work people do backstage for stage performers. Without backstage work, it is not possible for the event to function. Let alone having the event function smoothly. So do plan your day hourly and write down the time slots for the two ways detailed below for you to fit into your day.

  2. 2 Personal project

    Your hobby for which you don’t find time, that one thing you always wanted to do but couldn’t, those activities you can do only when you are with friends or on holidays. Any of these can be your personal project. Your personal project is something that gives you fulfillment, joy, peace and comfort. It does not have to be your profession or drive monetary value, it only needs to be something that you really want to do because you love it or it is close to your heart. 

    Those drawing classes you wanted to take, that poetry you wanted to write, you suck at painting but still want to splash colors on a canvas. Go ahead and do it. Choose your personal project. It could be something you want to learn, it could be your hobby, it could be a social cause, and you could work on it alone or with like-minded people. 

    The 30 minutes or one hour that you have allotted in your daily planner, use those 30 minutes for your personal project. Create what you like, document it, and put it up on your social media page. Create a page for your art or your personal project and show it to the world. If you want to collaborate with coders and work on something, go ahead and do it. 

    The personal project may sound silly at first, just because it is a hobby. But the more you do it, the more satisfaction it is going to give you. Creative satisfaction and happiness that your personal project brings to you every day will help you tackle the not-so-happy parts of your day. It keeps you calm, sane, and complete, which in turn lets you think fast, come up with ideas, be spontaneous and creative in your profession.

    No matter how much you think your office work and personal life is getting better just by practicing your personal project daily, do not stop working on it. Always include your personal project in your day planner. Also, you will surely work on your personal project daily because you have already allotted time for it. Unless there is an emergency, there is no excuse to turn down your personal project for the day. 

  3. 3 Human interaction

    Pandemic has changed the definition of work globally. With remote working becoming the norm wherever possible, it is important to interact with humans no matter where you work.

    To make it more clear, the third easy way to ignite creativity is to have healthy human interaction every day. Regardless of the nature of your work and the profession you are in, you need to interact with humans that do not involve dealing with work and mundane activities. 

    To elaborate, you need to have people to talk to. They can be your friends, family, extended family, neighbours, virtual friends, like-minded people you connected on forums online. A criterion is to not talk to them for a specific purpose, such as professional work to be done or a household/personal task to be accomplished.

    Human beings are created and wired to function by way of interacting with other fellow human beings. So when this activity goes missing, humans become programmed robots. Connect with friends and have real conversations. 

    If you feel you are in a place where this is not a possibility, here is something different.

    Learn about something completely out of your interest. This can be easily done by reading or watching about the topic on the internet. If you are blank and not sure where to start, go with the culture of each country. It’s going to be all about people and ancestral stories, which again is going to connect you to the lives of other human beings. So that’s a good place to be.

    Learning out of your interest broadens your horizons and lets you think differently. You will easily see through different perspectives and be able to understand people better. The ultimate goal of learning about different cultures is not to understand other people better, but to be connected to something that has to do with people. 

    If you have the means to talk to humans, I strongly suggest you do that. On days when you feel you need to connect to more people and have better conversations, you can study different subjects on those days.

    Now that you have read about the three easy ways to implement daily and ignite creativity, don’t you agree that they are easy? You don’t have to go through the grind of forming a new habit and keeping up with it. 

    You only have to create time in your day and execute these two activities in those time slots. All we are doing is, connecting back to our roots and doing the essential tasks. 

    Regardless of the profession, you are in these three ways to spark creativity are definitely going to make your life better. If you have tried these, do let me know how it has impacted you in the comments below. 

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  1. Good ways to be creative……….I was able to resonate with Day planner point……… your blog shows your experience in writing. Good to see you have 3 book published…… More Power To You…

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