How To Be A Positive Person In 5 Minutes

We have seen often folks getting disturbed due to a mental condition or a problem at home/ office and getting depressed. How can we change them from -ve to +ve?

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How do we change a person from a depressed state full of negativity to a positive person in        5 mins? Let us understand the problem first in this section.

1.  It is NOT EASY!

2. How do you really change the person in 5 mins?

People will think this is absurd! But not really so…

Let us first understand what is the root cause of the issue – why is this person depressed? 

Before that let’s understand whether at all the person is depressed?

Let us analyze the person first – does the person show the following symptoms in physiology?

1. Has he come with shoulders drooped down?

2. Is his breathing shallow?

3. Is he speaking to you without eye contact?

4. Is he speaking in a low tone or a very high pitch? 

If the answer to the above questions is  ” Yes “, then you can take him as a person showing signs of depression!  And depressed person often comes with a negative mindset as his brain is cluttered with negative thoughts due to any specific reason(s). 

Let us analyze in the next section how we can move the person to a better state!

Negativity to Positivity - the solution

I repeat - this is NOT an EASY Task .....but there are ways how we can try changing/ transforming his attitude from negativity to positivity.....here are a few ways : 

1.  Modelling the person 

2. Changing the physiology 

1. Modelling - whenever you see this person has come to you and discuss any topics and you have identified that he has depression and is speaking negatively, try to see if you can use your body language to speak the same way as the person is behaving, ie when he is raising his arms, you also raise it, this is kind of mimicking but without hurting the person's sentiment or not making him feel that you are copying him... once he feels comfortable, then he will start opening up why he is depressed and showing signs of negative behavior.

2. Changing the physiology - this is when you are sure the person is depressed and has acknowledged that he is depressed, you WOULD ask him to stand up and raise his both hands and do some shaking of the body and ask him to SMILE. Once he complies with all that you want to change his physiological behavior momentarily, half of your job is done!  You can now go into deep details on his issues, challenges, and start therapy as per the process. 

The above 2 processes won't take more than 5 mins as this is the starting point of therapy for negativity affected depressed person and convert to a Positive person who can then reveal all his secrets to get better and better!

Thanks for reading my blog ...this is Tatha signing off for now... 13 Nov 2020 2015hrs 🙂

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