Fear Of Success That Drags You Away From Your Own Success…..

Do you know that the Fear of Success is more damaging than the Fear of Failure on your path to achieving Success...

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Do you want to achieve Success in your life but still couldn’t achieve it?

Do you work hard, smart, and contribute a lot, but still there is something that is holding your success away from you…

Most of the time, people say that you do not achieve success because you do not take because of FEAR of failure…. But my friends, I have an opposite view on that…

When I have interacted with my clients, it came in our observation that it is the FEAR OF SUCCESS that is holding people back from achieving their desired Success… And the worst part is that the people are NOT EVEN AWARE of this Fear which they are holding in their Subconscious Mind…

Let’s understand it in more detail…..

When you have that FEAR OF SUCCESS in your Mind, you will observe in your life that No matter how hard you work, No matter how smart you work, No matter how consistent your efforts are… No matter how near your target goal seems to be… You will not be able to achieve that success in your life… It is because YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS Mind doesn’t want that success in your life…

In such cases, whenever you are almost near to achieving the success in your life, your Subconscious Mind will create events/circumstances that will just snatch away that destined success from you..

Now, you might be thinking when, how and why did that fear got developed in my mind. If you are thinking that then go ahead and continue reading this Blog and you will get the answer to that..

Find Out Your Limiting Events/ Thoughts/ Experiences Which Developed That Fear

The first point that I want you to understand is that our Subconscious Mind grasps many thoughts/events/experiences that come across in our lives. Once any thought is grasped by our subconscious mind, that thought will continue to rule our lives. Now, if that thought is supportive of your success, it is beneficial. But, if that thought is non-supportive (fearful/limiting) or is against your target success, that thought and your subconscious mind will act as your biggest enemies on the planet and will not allow you to achieve the desired success.

Now, you have to find those past events/thoughts/experiences that may have got grasped by your subconscious mind. Specially those non-supportive events/ thoughts/ experiences. Some of the examples of such events/ thoughts/experiences are as follows:


  • In your school days, your teacher commented on you saying YOU HAVE TO BE ALERT WHILE TAKING DECISIONS OTHERWISE YOU WILL FAIL IN YOUR LIFE.
  • In your early childhood days, you saw your Father/Relatives failing consistently in his life and you formed a belief that IF MY FATHER FAILED, I WILL ALSO FAIL.


  • You saw old Bollywood Movies where the Villain is Rich and Exploiter and you developed a FEAR OF BEING AN EXPLOITER IF YOU BECOME RICH.
  • You saw some of your relatives speaking about the wrongdoings of a Rich person and you developed a FEAR THAT YOU WILL ALSO HAVE TO DO WRONG WORK IF YOU WILL SUCCEED.

So, whatever events/ thoughts/experiences you have developed in your childhood, you have to find them by interrogating yourself. This can be done by asking questions to yourself and glancing through your past and so on. 

Then Understand Your Fear

Here, you have to understand that the Main Thought that is holding you back from succeeding is Your Fear. And do you know what is fear? Where does Fear lies? Is it in Past, Present, Future? Is it inside your Mind or outside in the Physical World?

You have to understand that Fear is an ANTICIPATION of Pain. It is something that lies inside your Mind. And it is something related to the Future which we will never know. We will never know what will happen if we take this step unless we take that step and see the results in our lives. We will never know whether this decision will bring success in our lives or failures unless we take that decision and work towards it. We will never know whether continuing with our job due to fear of inconsistent income, will help me in making more money or less.

We will come to know the outcome only when we take that decision and take action for that. And when fear comes into our mind, we will not be able to take the actions which we were supposed to take. 

The point that I want you to understand is that Fear is an Anticipation of Pain which may not occur in the future but it has the power to hold you back from your success. So, I want you to start taking actions despite Fear, Pain, Anger, and so on.

Finally, Disassociate Yourself With Those Events/ Thoughts/Experiences

Finally, Once you get to know those events/ thoughts/experiences that are non-supportive to you for your own success, you have to work towards Disassociating yourself from those events/ thoughts/ experiences.

Disassociating yourself means identifying those events/ thoughts/experiences and taking a stand that you will not act as per those past events/ thoughts/experiences. For this, there are many ways. First, you can make a Conscious Decision and stick with that decision while taking action. And second, you can take the help of different Subconscious Mind rewiring tools and techniques that can help you to remove those non-supporting beliefs and feelings that are developed in your mind. 

Once you follow the above 3 steps and succeed in rewiring your Subconscious Mind from the Fear of Success, trust me, you can achieve all the success that you want in your life.

So, if you liked the above Post, do Comment below your key learnings and I would be glad to go through the same…

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