Do Not Complain!!!

BREAKTHROUGH from 80% to 20% to 4%

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It was 24th March 2020, when the 1st Lockdown called by Govt of India. While India got shut for the next 21 days, Lots of pros & anti debate started against the govt decision. Like many pros, I was also in support of the govt’s stand. 

Then 2nd Lockdown was announced, now the situation was getting worst because of social media algorithm & news channel debates, but what shocked me is that during 2nd lockdown one night my 5yrs old son got up from his sleep @ 12 am-midnight & started convincing me that PM has just announced hereafter no more lockdown & so we shall be free to go out from now. That statement of FREEDOM from my son hit my brain & I have gone deep into my thought like what is this happening? is my son going under some depression or is just a dream of his & he made me think about the other people & children’s depression who are not in comfort as me & my family. With this mindset now I started complaining against govt policies & its decision on social media platforms.

Now One day on the same social media I came across one man telling “DO NOT COMPLAIN”!!! because of 2 below reasons

  • Something that You cannot change
  • Something that Your not willing to change

And then He told 3 more things

  1. 80% majority of the population sitting at home & just complaining, unknowing what actually they should do in life
  2. 20% of the population is doing what they have decided to do in life
  3. And only 4% of the population is dominating in what they are doing & focused on what they want to achieve in life

Now you might be wondering who are those 20% & 4% population.


Now here is the twist! You might be owning a business but let me tell you, all businessmen are not Entrepreneurs but Self-Employed. (Will share the difference between those in the coming days).

In personal, I strongly believe only 4% of Entrepreneurs with the right intention can bring change because they not only can change but also they are willing to change with their positive mindset & productive actions.

So let me know what is your learning from this story & write in the comment box which % you fall in (80% / 20% / 4%) & last but the least write that one change you want to bring.

Act now to BREAKTHROUGH from 80% to 20% to 4% & DO NOT COMPLAIN!!!!!

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  1. A good reminder for me , not to complain but learn to adopt new ways and means to achieve the goals. All the mighty rivers do that.

  2. Change(s) can only be possible when we step-out of our comfort zone, Otherwise it’s very easy to find fault in others and comment..

  3. the title its is very catchy. i like breakthrough i had a lot of breakthroughs during the lockdown and this article talks about the mindset of many people.

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