Didn’t Cleared NEET? Don’t Worry Check These Medical Courses And Alternative Ways Without NEET. 

Here are the top alternative career options for medical aspirants who did not clear NEET.


Reasons for Not Clearing NEET?

Alternative Course Options Who Didn’t Clear NEET?

Why Reattempt Exam For Next Academic Year?

  1. 1 Reason for Not Clearing NEET

    After the results are announced students are depressed and blaming themselves for not clearing the exams, Don't worry if you have not cleared NEET. It's time for you to identify the reasons why you wear unable to clear it. Maybe because

    1. Missed by chance?- Maybe. As 13 lakh odd candidates appeared for NEET this year, it's challenging to complete and get ranking among, You may have done really well in exams but seats available are very less for MBBS/BDS, as compared to the candidates who appeared for exams.

    2. Where did you fall behind?- Identify it. However, there are many reasons for not scoring well. Lack of proper planning and guidelines, Lack of Passion, Lack of Conceptual Understating with Subjects, Lack of Revision, or maybe you have not taken more Mock Tests or test series, etc. 

    3. Not Clear about your Interest?- Ask yourself What you want to be in the future. Sometimes, students appearing for exams either take it because of parents' dreams or because the neighbor has taken medical and successfully passed. If this is the reason then please quit and now change your field, follow your dreams. If you're not sure about your interest, get an assessment done to know what is your strength, personality, and interest. Not being clear about your career will affect your future, an assessment will help you.

  2. 2 Alternative Course Options Who Don't Clear NEET

    Alternative career options other than MBBS/BDS. 

    In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity- Albert Einstein. 

    1. Different fields other than MBBS/BDS- If your NEET score is less you may consider these fields, BHMS (Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine & Surgery), BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine & Surgery), BUMS (Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery), B.V.Sc & AH (Bachelor of Veterinary Sciences and Animal Husbandry), etc. 

    2. Courses for PCB students- Can explore the courses like Bachelor of Science in Biology and Life Science, Health Management, etc. With your chosen specialisation You can also make your career in R&D by pursuing a master's and Ph.D.

    3. A PCMB student- Can look at inter-Disciplinary fields in Biology such as Biotechnology, Biomedical Engineering, Genetic Engineering, Tissue Engineering, Food Technology, Environmental Engineering, Pharmaceutical Engineering, Surgical Instruments, and Medical Devices Engineering, etc. 

    4. Other Rewarding Careers in Medicine- Students can also opt for less known but rewarding careers in Pharmacy, Nursing, Clinical Psychology, Optometry, Radio Technology, Physiotherapy, Forensic Science, Medical Lab Technologist, etc.

    5. Career as Nutritionists-As more people are aware of the need for good nutrition there is a boom in the health and nutrition industry, a student can also consider a career as a Nutritionist as Individual Nutritionists, Clinical Nutritionists, and Sports Nutritionists, etc.

    6. Career as Psychologist- A Psychologist is a professional specialising in treating and diagnosing diseases of the brain, mentally or emotionally disturbed, and behavior problems. Sometimes peoples think that the Psychologist and Psychiatrist are the same professions, but they both are completely different. A psychiatrist or other medical doctor uses medication for treatment while Psychologists can only use talk therapy as a treatment.

    Not clearing NEET is not the end of the world. Nowadays, there are numerous career options and plenty of opportunities for students. It's all about understanding their interests and what they are truly passionate about.

  3. 3 Why Reattempt Exam For Next Academic Year 

    The greatest test of courage on earth is to bear defeat without losing heart.

    "Thank You, Doctor"- The field which gives more gratitude for unconditional service for humanity. During this pandemic, we can see how doctors, health-care workers, and medical staff members are leading the battle against COVID-19 from the front. Putting their own lives at risk with selfless determination for the sake of saving lives, they truly are our Heroes.

    If a student is honestly passionate about pursuing medicine as a career, he/she should not hesitate from repeating a year. Sacrificing a year to achieve one's dream is definitely worth a kick shot. Repeating a year allows a student to prepare a dedicatedly by a thorough understanding of the concepts

    This improves his/her rank, thereby increases chances of selection in the best medical colleges and also boosts overall confidence. Moreover, going the same road twice gives an added advantage as students are more experienced and capable of handling pressure and stress. 

    One year of self-studies is not easy as it requires complete dedication and focus, be conscious of building upon concepts, solidifying and concreting them with the surplus time. If you are really determined then definitely you will reach the goal of becoming a successful Doctor. Will You?

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