Conscious Thinking Is Key To Successes

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                                                  Conscious Thinking is key to Successes

Personally, it took a lot of time for me to understand how do I behave in a few scenarios which cause an impact on my life. 

95% of all our activities or reactions happen subconsciously like regular activities, basic life functions which we do not have to think about it. Sometimes we blame the situation however, I feel it’s all about our subconscious and conscious thinking that drives us to react.

It is very important to raise one’s consciousness and understand the nature of life and I believe consciousness is not acting and it is very important to be aware and alive.

Enlightening within ourselves is possible by experiencing and observing ourselves and work on our behaviour and thought process. To navigate our life effortlessly It is very important to see life the way it is instead of processing people and their behaviour or what’s going around. 

Our own system plays a very important role in power ourselves to raise our potential and intensity of our life to become more effective consciously.

20% of energy is consumed by the brain it is very important to develop good quality of life so observing day-to-day life, the way we communicate with people by right action and words will help you develop power in yourself. 

My observation is life is all about drama and one needs to realize the importance of living by the end of life which is too late hence it is very important to “Be in the moment” living effortlessly is important for a joyful life. 

Fixing ourself is important which bring great change however people try to fix the thoughts, action, and attitude. Change in attitude and action will definitely bring change which will benefit us however I would say this is not very transformative.

Quality of life is defined as HOW much you concentrate on and WHAT you concentrate on hence it very important to develop few practices.

My personal observation towards conscious behaviour or thinking is our DNA genetics play a very vital role however in this process if one would like to work and build on being conscious one can make different even our genes dominating. 

So to build power within us and to become effective and empowered 

  • YOGO / Meditation
  • Writing
  • Communicate wisely
  • Chanting
  • Spiritual process 
  • Repeating positive affirmations
  • Time Management 

Conscious acts play a very important role to move forward in life and teach you how to conduct oneself. It’s just like empty gardening land with fertile soil where you can grow by sowing any seeds. This reminds me of a saying what we sow and I believe in what we sow is what reaps.

I am sure by now you would agree with me that our brain is extremely complicated. Most people destroy life and it is very important consciousness should not overpower well being of human beings. 

The best book I have read these days is Think and Grow Rich and Power of Subconscious Mind. 

It is very important to control feelings, Emotions, Long term memory, habit, addiction, and relationship patterns.

Everyone is gifted with a brain, one can master by taking control of the subconscious brain. I have applied and also shared this practice with my PMP Aspirants and recommended practicing the art of mastering the subconscious mind. This practice is a game changer in my life. 

Most of the time people never think about this nor they even try to decode why one is behaving the way that they are fighting with their own thoughts which cause their life insane. 

The person who put this practice to master the art of controlling consciousness thoughts will altogether is the new person who turns out the best version of him/herself. 

Having said that is it continuous practice and need a lot of dedication and hard work to master this art this is shown in day-to-day life and it is a consistent process where one evolves over a period of time.

The consciousness of the meta-mental which involves self-awareness and it is also to ensure others also have such kind of practice. 

We have always seen people in their life one has mastered the art of many qualities and skill however, very few people have worked on consciousness. 

The evolution of consciousness is a process that goes beyond one life and includes the complexity of past life experiences and past life relationships. Self-knowledge, questioning, reasoning, and personal experiences with other dimensions are key elements in this process. 

It is always best to think before we respond then act. In most of the scenarios in life, we regret to post the action we take however it is a continuous practice to master the art of consciousness. It does not need any medical attention as it is not a disease. As we say being healthy is important I would want everyone to think about and also discuss how one feels and work on mental thinking and being conscious. 

The education system should have a subject for students on Mindfulness which help them to master the art of conscious also parent should encourage and help the young generation to build the art of living life with a new mindset that benefits them in future growth.


We only have one life and it is very important one realise the art of living “Living Quality Life” as there is no second chance so do best before we exit from this life which is a gift. I also believe It is very important to immerse yourself in positive, uplifting, joyful thoughts. What you think about, talk about, believe strongly about, and feel intensely about, you will BRING ABOUT in your life. Master the art of the subconscious brain. It should be and habit. Always instruct and send positive thoughts to our brain for the best positive life and great results. Change is investable hence we should always cous to be a better version of ourselves. 

Thanks for reading and please comment on this and share your views. 

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