Are You Confused What To Post On Social Media?

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Nowadays building a strong personal brand is the most important step in any business. Social media offers lucrative ways to connect with your customers, build your own brand, advertise, and promote your business in a mind-blowing way. 

Every day one question comes into your mind – What should I actually post on Social Media?

Here is the solution. Below are the industry specific social media post ideas. 

  1. 1 Social Media Post Ideas for Teaching Industry

    1. Shorty study tips
    2. Useful study materials
    3. Trivia Questions
    4. How to remember things
    5. Interesting and little known facts
    6. How to do.....
    7. Mini Lessons
    8. Word of the week posts
    9. Short videos
    10. Testimonials
    11. History of your subject
    12. Student success stories
    13. New courses
    14. Business updates
    15. Personal stories
  2. 2 Social Media Post Ideas for Real Estate Industry

    1. Tips for buying/selling a home
    2. Interesting infographics
    3. Real estate investment tips
    4. Helpful industry news
    5. Housing market information
    6. Client testimonials
    7. Buying anniversaries
    8. Community events
    9. New sale closing
    10. Most expensive / cheapest listings
    11. Goals
    12. New listings
    13. Open house
    14. Business partners
    15. Personal posts
    16. Your values
    17. Fun facts
    18. Free resources
    19. Historical photos from the local area
    20. Company news
  3. 3 Social Media Post Ideas for Hospitality (Restaurant / Hotel) Industry

    1. Business history
    2. Origins of your meals
    3. Menus
    4. Customer reviews
    5. Specialties
    6. Best features
    7. What are you unique at?
    8. Upcoming events
    9. Promotions
    10. Staff profiles
    11. Charity support
    12. Photos and videos
    13. Behind the scenes
    14. Signature dishes
    15. Share a recipe
    16. Cooking tips
    17. Tips for weekend family activities
    18. Guest book posts
    19. Recommendations
    20. What to see/do
    21. Interesting local places
    22. Local history
    23. Little known facts
    24. Show off your awards
    25. Feature local businesses
    26. Post lifestyle articles
    27. Healthy eating tips
    28. Simple exercise tips
    29. Relaxation tips
  4. 4 Social Media Post Ideas for Fitness Industry

    1. Motivating videos and photos
    2. Workout videos
    3. Playlist with music for workouts/running
    4. Recipes of healthy dishes
    5. Articles about sport/food
    6. Pictures of healthy food
    7. Infographics (how to exercise in the gym for example)
    8. Video of common mistakes during the workout or in a diet
    9. Tip of easy and quick healthy breakfast/dinner/lunch 
    10. Motivating quotes
    11. Jokes  or memes are always good (about the fitness of course)
    12. Videos how to use fitness equipment
    13. Unboxing package with sport equipment
    14. Tips how to workout at home and how to replace fitness equipment
    15. Benefit and harm of sports food (protein bars and cocktails)
    16. Advertising some stuff or place
    17. How to get in shape after childbirth 
  5. 5 Social Media Post Ideas for Lifestyle coach Industry

    1. Healthy eating advice
    2. Unboxing video
    3. Fitness advice
    4. Useful checklists (pieces of advice, food to try, movies, to-do lists, and so on)
    5. Newsjacking (Talking about news in your account)
    6. Experiments (for example "I tried to live like..." "I tried.....did for x days")
    7. Books (reviews, lists)
    8. Relationships (Stories or advice)
    9. Traveling - places you have visited
    10. Traveling - recommended places to visit
    11. Introspection (Content with your thoughts, or food for thought for your followers)
    12. Summary of month/year
    13. Small essays on different topics
    14. Outfits
    15. Memes and jokes
    16. Storytelling (being yourself and sharing what is happening in your life)
    17. Recommendations (how to get a new habit for example)
    18. Trends of the season/year
    19. Q & A
  6. 6 Social Media Post Ideas for Technology Industry

    1. Mind-blowing news in the industry
    2. Your favorite tools and resources
    3. Apps you use every day
    4. Benefits of your product
    5. FAQ
    6. Product and service review
    7. Did you know...?
    8. Common mistakes
    9. Your predictions for the future
    10. About chatbots
    11. Artificial intelligence
    12. Virtual reality
    13. Interesting articles (about everything connected to technology)
    14. A guide on buying electronics
    15. Courses for improving tech skills
    16. Useful technology tools
    17. Current technology trends
  7. 7 Social Media Post Ideas for Mental Health Industry

    1. Burnout (what is it and how to prevent)
    2. Psychologist recommendations
    3. Your favorite websites or apps
    4. Mental disorders (Symptoms)
    5. Top psychological tricks to make your life easier
    6. Interesting articles
    7. Difference between psychologist and psychotherapist
    8. Abusive relationship (what is ti and how to deal with it)
    9. WHO statistics
    10. Brain digest
    11. Mindfulness
    12. Infographics
    13. Tests
    14. Programs (for example stress prevention in a workplace or child development)
    15. Neurosis
    16. Laziness and procrastination (how to defeat)
    17. Productivity tools
    18. Phobia
    19. Lifehacks
    20. Stories to inspire and entertain 
    21. Feature a follower
    22. Positive quotes
  8. 8 Social Media Post Ideas for Travel Industry

    1. News about a destination
    2. A legend of a place (castle for example)
    3. A story/accident that has happened to you in some city
    4. The traditional cuisine
    5. FAQ
    6. Language aspects and interesting facts
    7. Local customs
    8. Review a restaurant, hotel, or airline
    9. Talk about the history of the country/city
    10. Top....popular places
    11. Interview with a traveler
    12. Guide (What to do and not)
    13. Rules & restrictions in the country
    14. What you can put in to carry on luggage
    15. The cheapest way to get somewhere
    16. Climate features
    17. Where to find free wi-fi zones in remote places
    18. How to behave when traveling
    19. The process of getting to a place (for first-time flyers)
    20. Visa checklist
    21. Which insurance to buy
    22. Car rental services in different countries
    23. Senior citizen travel tips
    24. Traveling with children tips
    25. Solo travel tips
    26. Public transport and its features 
    27. List of popular shopping malls
    28. Reasons to visit this place
    29. The religion of different countries
    30. Why did you like this trip?

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