9 Ways To Upgrade Your Skill


Nowadays all people are equipped with skills of various types. Some of them do not even know that they do have some skills. The first and foremost is to identify the skills in you. For every skill, there is a set of skills. Without this set of skills, it is difficult for the main skill to come out. Now for a technical person to be good at his work, he has to learn how to first hit a nail straight in the wall or wood. 

There are ways how a technical person should hold a screwdriver. So by seeing the way the technical person is working one can tell how good he is with his hand. The same way a non-technical person has skills which by the way he speaks and holds himself you can tell, how good he actually is. Now for skills and making an outstanding personality in that skill, has about nine such ways to come up in the skill which is low or requires a scaling.

  1. 1 Recognize The Skills Within

    Now to recognize here means to understand what skill you are good in. You might be a good speaker or communicator, but here the important thing is that you will know your worth from the people around you. When a person gets taken up by your speech, you know you are good. So once you know that you are good then it is now your first and foremost duty is to improve on whatever you do. 

    The way forward is that to remove whatever you feel, lets you down.  While speaking there are various negative energies that you are aware of after a speech. These energies have to be first recognized. The only way to remove them is to not pay attention to the topics that you are not very sure of. For every topic spoken there are connecting topics, and these topics sometimes take you for a ride. Here is where the topic becomes boring and you go off track. Even if you are teaching a topic, it should not be boring. Make the most boring topic interesting. 

  2. 2 The Back Fall of Skills

    The back fall here means the negativity effect on the listeners. The reason for this can be various things, such as old stories, speak the same old things, too long and common speech, etc. Now one thing is good that you can talk for a long time but the topic has to be given a lot of importance. 

    If a person talks on one fixed topic, he has to find ways of making it more interesting. Because the people listening have already heard a lot of talks and you are one of them. You have to put in a lot of small examples, small stories, some case studies, and the thing is that they have to be different and outstanding among the rest of the speakers here you have to be aware of all the speakers listen to them, and you can upgrade yourself accordingly. 

    The best way is to also join a skill development session, read more, etc. All these do keep you up to date with all whatever is going on around you. It need not be your favorite topic, you must be clear with also other topics. 

    It is good to be aware of the news of the world all different things. YOU may never know where it would come in handy for you. So the back fall is an important point to be aware off. 

  3. 3 The Barriers of Skill

    Whatever skill you have there are always a lot of barriers to the skill you are having. Nobody’s perfect, and the important thing is that these barriers if not corrected initially, would become a habit. A habit is like when you sit in your car or bike, unknowingly you put the keys in the vehicle, Or sometimes after going to sleep you do not remember if you have closed the door or not these things do happen unknowingly. So getting into the wrong habit has to be checked. 

    Some speakers have the habit of giving too many gaps or explanatory marks while talking, this makes the important topic boring. Every skill has minimum of three barriers, in their speech. They have to be checked immediately so these barriers do not grow and welcome some more barriers.  

  4. 4 Remain Focused

    To remove the barriers one good and plus point is to remain focus on what you have to talk about and do not change your focus on what you are about to talk and it should remain to the finish. 

    To remain focused is not to get distracted by anything in you and around you. Go from point to point in your discussion without adding or subtracting what you have prepared. This can happen if you have prepared well for the event. A well-prepared activity for any event is a must. It reduces the concentration while talking. 

    This is in general for all types of skills. Thus the more focused you are the better is your event for you. Remember however great you may be but do not forget to prepare well. It gives a full-throttle on your focus. This throttle keeps on going in the upper direction. It builds your confidence and takes you to the top.

  5. 5 Grasp Visual and Written Opportunities

    Grasping is an intellectual behavior in humans. Its help full in the skill you are good at. Visual and written opportunities are in plenty around you. Learning is from a child playing in front of you to a professional. 

    There is nothing to be ashamed of when you pick up some knowledge from a child. Our childhood days are over but it’s a rare case wherein one remembers in detail what all he was up to. The environment around us has plenty to teach us. Going for a cup of tea across the street, taking a walk out of the office, etc. 

    Where ever you may go what you see has something in store for you. The world we live in is full of knowledge wherein it is for you to recognize it. Reading is another hot habit, wherein other than the newspaper there are lots of books around us each one has a different tale for you. 

    These are all bundles of knowledge for you.  But people have the tendency to read-only when they have the mood. This when you keep reading it again a good habit that you are putting yourself into.

  6. 6 Be Practical While Practicing The Improvement

    Now you have already classified what your weakness is all about, so it’s time to practice being perfect with little steps. You cannot be perfect all at once. One step at a time, saves nine. And the saying is very true. Perfect your skills taking patience. See the results and then take the next step. 

    While going through your improvement the most important thing is to eradicate the negative habits one at a time. Then get used to your doings without the bad habit. You will yourself realize the change in you. 

  7. 7 Have Your Own Trademark

    What is a trademark is very important for you to know. When you see an ad or a signature anywhere, that’s nothing but a trademark which only you or the person can use. It denotes the user. 

    In a document it’s from a certain person, in songs it is rites, and so on. What you have to do is to be outstanding in whatever skill you are into. Make it a little different and interesting. You will have thousands of people doing the same thing or maybe more. What you got to do is be something different. 

    Create an identity. It is the identity that catches the eye, someone unique. You come up, either you are unique or if you have someone big to give the credit. It’s just simply your choice. People who have someone big, who gives them support have a bit of a less struggle. 

    It may be because their relatives are already in the limelight, and they just have to follow the family tree. But for persons who do not have any such support, have to depend more on freebies, in the beginning, and later once you have got your recognition it’s easy to climb up. But once on top, to remain on top is another difficult point. To remain on top, you got to keep upgrading yourself and coming up with new things. 

  8. 8 Detail Your Performance

    To detail your performance is to audit your performance over a period of time. It is a self-evaluation over a set of events or a set of major events. Here you are to take in consideration the events when you have been doing bad as well as the events where you have been doing well or good. 

    It gives you a clear picture as to how good you are or is there any improvement. While doing so make sure you use the negative wordless like, no can’t, do not, etc. In fact, in life, these words have to be removed. Try to say no with a yes. The best example is from an English tele series ‘yes Prime Minister’. It is simply about the use of positive language. 

    This comes in handy in any way, it changes your personality, which you cannot see but others do. In short, the loss of negativity can be seen in all types of personalities. Very rarely it is that a person is seen without a negative look. This can be seen in most people who refuse to anything. The way the refusing is done is the part to be observed. It can also be told if the person is a diplomatic person, who passes the buck etc. 

  9. 9 Feedback From The Environment Around You

    The feedback you want you to get through your friends and more authentic from people you do not know. Especially some unpleasant acquaintance. It’s from a person who hasn’t ever met you and due to some unpleasant disturbances, you come across him or her. 

    The remark you get at that moment is the truest. Remember never go on a back that you should be given a priority, that’s because it hinders your personality. You must believe you are No one and should remain in that position. 

    Remember a person who gives in is bigger than the person who doesn’t. Once the attitude of positives comes inside and there is no place for negativity then you will yourself realize that you are at the top and do not let this feeling drive you away. 

    As I had said in my article it’s easy to reach the top and difficult to maintain it. It has to be a habit to remain at the top and do not let anything come in the way. By doing so if you think that someone is getting greater than you, it's just your gut feeling has to be avoided. Every person is different and unique in his own way. 

    The other feedback you receive would be from the net the people in favor of you, the newspapers when you do show the number of people attending, etc. This might seem a bit absurd, but attention has to be given to it as it makes you know where you stand and for how long you will be there. 

    Talking of singing, the best of singers have had their time and are still remembered. But however old they may be, they are remembered in different ways. E.g. Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangasker, Pankaj, Udas, etc. All are great at their skill and have earned a great name and the name still lives on. Like that there are many big-name in all different types of skills and all have earned a great name to date. 

    So going to the top is always a tough job but to be focused and take step by step, crossing every obstacle is important. TO earn a name is to be good at your skill, many people even today like you, not because of what you look like, but because of the things you do and for what you are. If anyone praises, you on your looks surely he/she wants something from you has a selfish motive.  So you will know exactly what to say and do. 

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