9 Daily Rituals To Live An Awesome Healthy And Happy Life

Have you ever wondered that Heartbeats tirelessly, the Sun rises every day without fail? Bring these 9 rituals in your daily life to live an awesome and healthy life


The Sun rises every morning. Did you saw anyone instructing the Sun to rise and set every day? It just happens, it’s so natural. The daily routine is so naturally happening.

Similarly, the Heartbeat is beating regularly, can you really control it or can you really instruct it to beat in a particular manner. The answer is NO. It just happens so naturally and regularly.

The formula to staying healthy is easy and known to everyone but still many people could not manage it for various reasons.

To really live a happy & prosperous life, certain daily habits need to be created.

I have summarised the 9 most effective daily rituals which adopted in the daily routine, will surely keep you healthy, fit and you will lead an awesome life.

Here go the top 9 rituals, pick your golden nuggets:

1. Daily Physical Workout For One Hour

2. Daily Meditation

3. Drink Lots Of Warm Water

4. Breakfast Is The Most Important Meal Of The Day

5. Other Major Meals During The Day

6. Adequate Gap Between Last Meal And Sleep

7. Enough Sleep

8. Reflect And Review Of The Day

9. Proper Plan For The Next Day

Enjoy reading these daily rituals and adopt them in your daily practice without any extra strains. Slowly these will become your habits.

  1. 1 Daily Physical Workout For One Hour

    Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

    One Hour Of Daily Physical Activities

    As a matter of daily practice, one must spend at least one hour for physical exercise to stay fit and keep the body and other critical parts in good shape. Out of 24 hours a day, this one hour will keep the person to stay energetic thru out the day.

    This secret is known to everyone that physical exercise will ensure fitness but for some reason, it is being ignored by a lot of people. It really does not matter, what form of physical exercise you maintain, but the important matter is, that one must invest this one hour out of the day for physical exercise.

    There are various forms of physical exercise, from solo to group, from simple to extensive, and a person can pick one or vary them over the period to stay energetic and interested.

    Such activities may look burdensome for some in the beginning but once you start doing it on regular basis, they become your habit and you will be doing these on an automatic basis.

    Some of the most common and popular activities may include and is not an exhaustive list:

    - Brisk walking 

    - Jogging/Running

    - Swimming

    - Cycling

    - Any sports like badminton, tennis, etc

    - Yoga including different forms of yoga

    - Gym & various activities in Gym

    - Any other which suits 

    One can pick and choose any form of activity but to stay fit one must ensure that every day one hour is invested in your physical fitness. The benefits will be lifelong and at a later day when you will look back, you will appreciate this daily ritual in your life.

    Time spent: One hour daily

  2. 2 Daily Meditation

    Photo by Prasanth Inturi from Pexels

    15 Minutes Daily Meditation

    As physical exercises take care of the body, Meditation takes care of the mind. This is one of our ancient techniques, but some people consider it as orthodox, but the world is slowly and gradually accepting this as a very powerful tool.

    In this fast-paced competitive world full of stress and anxiety, meditation is a powerful tool to make your brain strong and tough.

    One must spend at least 5-10 minutes for meditation and if possible twice a day, after waking up and before sleep. It will do wonders for you.

    The key advantages of doing meditations are:

    - prepares you to better deal with anxiety

    - keep you calm in any situation

    - better introspection

    - consolidate your thoughts in mind

    - helps in better and sound sleep

    There is plenty of resources online where one can do & practice meditation of different forms & duration. You can improve by practice over the period.

    Time spent: 5 minutes to 15 minutes daily

  3. 3 Drink Lots Of Warm Water

    Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels

    Measure Your Daily Water Intake:

    Almost 60% of our body weight is water and water has a very critical role in the body's functioning.

    You must start your day with 2-3 glasses of warm water. The morning warm water keeps your stomach clean and free from overnight toxins.

    Also, one hour after each major meal like breakfast/lunch/dinner, must drink a lot of water. Post-meal, drinking water helps with better digestion and keeps the body properly hydrated. Warm water will be more effective.

    Ideally, one must during 2-3 liters of water per day depending on multiple factors including age & weight.

    The key advantages of drinking adequate water on a daily basis are:

    - keep your body hydrated and functioning

    -  keeps your skin glowing

    - improves metabolism and digestion of food

    - prevents constipation and improves digestion

    - clears the body from toxins on a regular basis

  4. 4 Breakfast Is The Most Important Meal Of The Day

    Photo by Emrah Tolu from Pexels

    Breakfast-The Must-Have Meal Of The Day

    There is a very popular saying that one should "eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper".

    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and as part of your daily routine, you must always take a good breakfast without any miss.

    But in today's fast-paced work lifestyle, most people either miss the breakfast or they have a quick bite sort of thing and later munch cheat items during the day.

    The advantages of morning proper breakfast cannot be ignored and includes below:

    - it helps in weight management as has a full day to digest

    - keeps you energetic & healthy

    - being the first meal, it kickstarts your metabolism

    - a proper breakfast promotes good heart health

    - a proper breakfast in the morning reduces our appetite for other meals during the day

    There are various varieties of breakfast which can be adopted and can vary during the week but the important matter is that you must have a proper breakfast on a daily basis and should not think of any short-cut for this.

  5. 5 Other Major Meals During The Day

    5 Meals During The Day:

    There is a popular saying that " Eat your breakfast, share your lunch with a friend and give your dinner to an enemy"

    Ideally one should have 5 meals during the day including 3 major meals and 2 minor meals. The minor meals may include only fruits or anything light. The 3 major meals are breakfast, lunch & dinner taken at reasonable intervals.

    There are people who ask if they can have a cheat meal. The answer to such a question is that occasionally it is acceptable to have a cheat meal but how much and how many times you want to cheat is very important. 

    Please remember that if you cheat your body regularly, soon your body will start cheating you with bad health-related issues. It's quite natural law that what goes around, comes around.

    The correct principle is that you must have a heavy and proper breakfast, a mild lunch, and a very light dinner. The primary logic is that you have a full active day to digest your breakfast and you need hardly any energy out of your dinner as mostly sleeping in the night. 

    Proper meals will surely keep you fit and healthy. One must ensure uniform timings of the meal to the extent possible to make it an effective ritual.

  6. 6 Adequate Gap Between Last Meal And Sleep

    Photo by C Technical from Pexels

    Adequate Gap In Last Meal And Bed Time:

    Have you ever wondered why most Indians have bigger tummy? One of the primary reasons is that most have a practice of late and heavy dinner and immediately go for sleep after a heavy delicious dinner. Such practice of having later dinner and going to sleep immediately after dinner is really bad for long term health and fitness.

    It is highly recommended that one should keep a gap of approx 3 hours from the last meal which dinner before bedtime. The body's metabolism slows down in the night and the food if not digested properly will result in weight gain. So, it means that if you have a heavy dinner and/or you go to bed immediately after dinner, such food is only stored without proper digestions as the body does not needs that much.

    If one really wants good health and fitness, in the long run, one must adopt a practice of light dinner and a full 3 hours gap between dinner and bedtime to help proper digestion of food.

    To ensure this, some people have the practice of early dinner. But early dinner causes some people to feel hungry before bedtime again, so you must make your own practices and timings to ensure a full 3 hours gap between last meal and sleep.

    These rituals will ensure long term health and fitness and will save you from many health-related issues.

  7. 7 Enough Sleep

    Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

    Enough Sleep:

    I must quote a very popular saying that " a good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything."

    In today's fast-paced competitive work environment, people are compromising on their sleep.

    And such continuous deficiency of sleep is a major cause for increased risk of heart disease, kidney disease, blood pressure, diabetes, and strokes. Lack of sleep is seriously dangerous.

    Hence it is very important to have adequate sleep every day. A sound sleep every day will ensure and allows your body and mind to recharge, leaving you fresh and alert when you wake up. It also boosts your immune system and enhances productivity.

    Though the sleep cycle and requirements differ for each person one must have a routine for daily sleep and wake-up time plus should ensure 6-8 hours of sleep depending on their sleeping pattern. The child has longer sleep requirements. Also, some people recommend a 15 minutes power nap post-lunch also but this may not be possible in all work environments.

    Besides the above, the modern-day technological world provides many electronic gadgets that can actually monitor the quality of your sleep and various other parameters. You can make use of such technologies. 

    So, make your own sleeping patterns and do not negate the importance of a sound sleep.

  8. 8 Reflect And Review Of The Day

    Photo by Shotkit from Pexels

    Reflect And Review Of The Day:

    It's always a good practice to have some fixed daily rituals for the start of the day and close of the day. 

    The below should be your night-time daily rituals. These before-bed rituals will keep you always motivated productive and energetic. It will give you a solid reason to start your next day with full conviction.

    Before you go to the bed, you must reflect on the day with the intention to understand 

    - what are the learnings from the day

    - reflect on things to be grateful for during the day

    - reflect on your performance during the day

    You can read a book of your interest also before retiring for the day.

    Some of the most successful personalities have some daily rituals to start the day and to close the day before they go to the bed, so you must make your own rituals to make your day very effective and productive.

    Surprisingly these daily rituals do not take a very long time but are very effective practices and useful for each individual.

  9. 9 Proper Plan For The Next Day


    Proper Plan For The Next Day:

    The world's most successful personalities make sure to plan their next day before sleep.

    There is a popular saying that "if you don't plan your day with high priorities tasks and activities, it will automatically be filled with low priorities items and activities", hence it is very important and necessary to plan your next day before sleep to make it more productive and effective.

    As a matter of daily rituals, your next day action plan and to-do list ensure a very effective and productive day with a clear focus. In spite of any emergency and firefighting tasks, you can be focused and priorities your work productively as you have an elaborate plan of action in place.

    Some people excuse with a shortage of time for such activities but believe me these are just excuses and if they commit these as priority activities, they can actually find time from various unproductive activities and invest that time into such daily rituals. This will ensure awesome life.

    To handle and prepare such daily to-do lists and other related activities, there are various kinds of goal planners, tasks managers, etc available in the market which can be used for the purpose of planning. Such organizers will help in regularly monitoring your own performance and help in journaling which is a very good practice.


    In conclusion, one must have these daily rituals to ensure a very awesome and healthy life. These rituals are time tested and have been very effective and enhance productivity.

    If these are done on a regular basis, these will become habits and will not felt like an additional task.

    I know that secrets of good health are known to everyone but when it comes to implementation, most people fail or they just ignore it until one fine day the warning comes.

    So the purpose of this blog is that people have focussed concrete actionable easy steps that they can adopt to lead a very healthy and awesome life with the least efforts.

    As you reach this point of reading, I am sure you are already a health-conscious person and you may have your own point of view and your own rituals. 

    Please do share your views on this blog and your own rituals which have been very effective for you and will surely be beneficial to other readers. Also, let these golden nuggets be shared with other fellows for their benefits thru your social circles.

    All the best and have a very healthy and fit life ahead.

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  1. It’s a nice article.
    Daily rituals are like the air you breathe, the daily task you do to earn your bread, the natural calls you take,
    All these activities are done subconsciously.
    You know that these are the basics.
    Do u stop breathing anytime when the air is polluted?
    You still breathe the polluted air or put a filter and breathe but never stop it.
    Do you stop going working even when there are no job opportunities for you?
    You try to find alternate ways to earn your bread.

    Similarly, when we realise that these basic things are equally important and start practicing it subconsciously, fixing it as part of our daily routine, definitely all of us can lead a very healthy happy life as mentioned in the article.

    It just takes few minutes of your day to follow these rituals rightly which can add years and quality of living to your life

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