8 Ways To Shift Your Negative Money Mindset to Positive Money Mindset

Do you want more money in your life? To build a healthy relationship with money by shifting your negative money mindset to a positive money mindset.

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Are you struggling in your financial part of life? Do you feel nervous while dealing with money related matters of your life?

If the answer to these questions is yes, then you are also struggling with the negative money mindset of yours. 

Our mindset leaves a big impact on our life. Our way of dealing with different situations, our relationship with people, the environment, and all the things we have, is governed by our mindset. 

Someone explained it very well:

“Everything in life starts with your mindset first and your actions second. Your actions follow your thoughts, beliefs, and ideas. To make a shift, to free your energy: start with getting your mind right, and then, take action.”

Our success in career and life, and also our financial situations depend on our mindset.

Anything will stay with you if you have a good relationship with that one. The same is true for money also. 

To have a good relationship with money your attitude towards money must be positive.

Your attitude is the true reflection of your mindset. 

You can categorize mindset in different categories like :

  • Positive Mindset
  • Negative Mindset
  • Growth Mindset
  • Spiritual Mindset
  • Money Mindset

Before working on a mindset shift you first need to understand what money mindset is? and How it develops?

What Is Money Mindset:

A Money Mindset is your pre-established assumptions towards the money. And the way you deal with your finance related matters will depend on your those assumptions.

You may have a positive money mindset or a negative money mindset.

If you are always open to thinking creatively and you feel comfortable, while finding and trying different possible solutions to your financial problems, then you are having a positive money mindset.

But if you take your money related matters as a burden and always try to ignore dealing with them then you are having a negative money mindset.

Why A Person Have A Particular Mindset:

How your mindset has developed in a particular way, depends on certain factors—

  • Past experiences of life.
  • The environment in which you live.
  • And your education 

Past experiences of life:

Certain events in life leave a deep impact on your mind and on your belief system and it seems impossible to come out from that. Something bad happened to you or your parents or some other close person may affect your mindset badly. The impact of that particular event becomes too deep rooted that you feel very hard to come out from that. A silent fear persists with you and you feel difficult to deal with similar situations in life.

The environment in which you live:

Energy flows all the time in the environment and every object absorbs this energy from the environment. This environmental energy impacts you very much. This energy may be positive or negative depending on the type of its components.

Human beings also absorb energy from their environment. So when you are living in a poor and negative surrounding, where money related negative statements are floating all around, your attitude towards money will naturally develop in a negative way.

And if you are surrounded by the people who are very positive towards their money matters and are very creative in dealing with their finances, then your attitude towards money will be positive.

Your education:

Here, education means not your formal school. Instead your learnings outside the school system. Most of the practical leanings which are a must lead a successful life, you learn outside the school, from your family, friends, and by simply observing all around. 

If people around you are struggling with money, feeling hard to manage their financial needs than your unconscious mind will absorb all those vibrations from them, and your mind will frame similar assumptions about money in your life.

Most common negative myths about money:

  • Money is not something that grows on trees.
  • Money is the root cause of all sins.
  • I am not good at when it comes to money matters.
  • The Rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer & many more like these.

Can the mindset be changed:

YES! You can change your mindset. Although it is hard to change a particular mindset it is not impossible. The only thing you need is your strong desire to change and your 100% determination to act for that. 

“A journey of thousand miles must begin with a single step.”

8 Ways To Shift Your Negative Money Mindset To Positive Money Mindset:

Here are some ways to work for shifting your negative money mindset towards a positive money mindset:

  1. 1 Stop Cursing Yourself And Eliminate Self doubt

    Self doubt is what leads to inactivity and you will always try to find out an escape route. 

    So the very first step is to stop underestimating your capabilities. Stop saying that you are not good at money. Instead, repeat that you are the best money master. You can handle any kind of money related to situations in life effectively.

    “Your mind is a powerful thing when you fill it with positive thoughts, your life will start to change.”

    The sooner you will master the positive self-talk in your life, the better you will become on the money.

  2. 2 Start Using Creative Positive Language

    Your results are the reflection of your words. So If you will keep using negative words you will never succeed. And the moment you will start using creative positive words, your mind will practice to find out solutions to all the problems of your life.

    So while deciding on your financial matters never say, “ I can’t afford it.” Instead, ask “How can I afford it?”

    Never say “It’s impossible to achieve a particular financial target.” Instead, ask yourself “How can I meet the target goal?”

    These small changes will work like a magic. Your mind will now start looking at the problems creatively, to find out all possible solutions to deal with the situation.

  3. 3 Change Your Environment

    Many things in life you learn from your surroundings. Your unconscious mind keeps on observing and absorbing stuff from the environment. And your mindset develops naturally depending on that stuff. On the onset of similar situations in your life, your mind will start working on the basis of those assumptions and you will react without your control over the situation. 

    Better you surround yourself with the positive things, successful people, whether physically or virtually. Be the part of the community of successful people whose mindset is of the type of your desired mindset. Eliminate all the negative stuff from your life. 

  4. 4 Develop Good Financial Habits

    Yes! Your habits and mindset are linked to each other. You perform certain habits as a result of a particular type of mindset. Like you pay yourself first because you have a positive attitude towards yourself and you care about yourself. 

    So, work to include healthy financial habits as a must part of your life to develop a positive money mindset.

    Start savings as early as possible. Always keep a track of your spendings. Better pre-plan your expenses and always keep a plan ready for any kind of financial situation in life.

  5. 5 Learn, Learn, Learn

    Learning is the best way to develop anything. Therefore, keep learning something new each day. Research on the skills which are essential for your desired goal and learn them.

    Learning is the best mental exercise.

    Find out your role model and study all the available material about them. This way you can learn many things to lead your life in your desired direction.

    To develop a positive money mindset you need to have a basic understanding of mathematics, little-bit knowledge of accounting, and taxation. So that you can absorb the right stuff from others. 

  6. 6 Eliminate Your Past Experiences

    Never carry your bitter past experiences of life. Everyone commits mistakes in life but the person who doesn’t carry the negative impact of that wins in the future.

    Try to learn from your past money related mistakes. Never repeat them in the future. Your wrong investment decisions, unnecessary debt, loss in debt, are some finance related bad experiences of life, which will always create destruction in future financial decisions. So never carry them in the future as a burden instead learn from them to improve yourself.

  7. 7 Set Financial Goals

    “Your journey without any destination will lead you nowhere.”

    The same is true for the financial journey of your life.

    Before starting on the financial path in life ask yourself:

    ”How much money you want, to lead a self-sufficient life?”

    “For what purpose you want that much money?”

    Set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Real, and Time bound) Financial Goals of your life. It will keep you motivated to shift your negative money mindset to a positive money mindset.

  8. 8 Make An Effective Money Mantra

    The money mantra is a positive affirmation related to your desired financial goal. Create a positive money mantra for yourself. You can create that by linking a thought of your mind with that of your financial goal. Place that money mantra at the places where it is easily visible to you. It will keep you determined and focused on your goal.

    One nice piece of money mantra is:

    “I am a magnet for money. Money flows freely into my life. And my income is constantly increasing.”


    “We are what we think. All that we are, arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world.”—Buddha

    True! Your thoughts impact your life a lot. You can make your life successful on any front whether personal, professional, or financial by simply shifting your thought process. For that, you just need a strong desire to change your attitude from negative to positive. 

    So if you want to accumulate wealth in your life and want to enjoy freedom from the depths of your heart, just make a determination to shift your negative money mindset towards the positive money mindset.

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  1. Rightly quoted that “A journey of thousand miles must begin with a single step.”. Its very important to have a Positive Mindset and to focus your energy to synergies on developing the skill and learning method to shift your negative to positive.

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