8 Valuable Lessons The World Learnt From Covid-19

As the world still reels from the horrific pandemic, there is many a lesson it has taught us. Here is a list of them.

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It is said “never waste a crisis”. The pandemic has happened for a reason. 

The worldwide lockdown took everyone by surprise and was an extremely bitter pill to swallow. Gradually, as we came to terms with it, there was a lot we all learnt from it.

Let us internalise and never forget the lessons this crisis taught us. Let’s check if these resonate with you.

  1. 1 Immunity Is King

    Suddenly, everyone is aware of the word “immunity”. Apparently, those with high immunity suffer less if afflicted by Coronavirus and are able to bounce back sooner. That is why the very young and the old, whose immunity is not yet built up or has been reduced respectively, were considered to be high risk groups. 

    I am glad finally it is out in the open, that we need to have a strong immunity to overcome this dreaded disease. Everyone should scramble to increase their immunity. It will not only hold them in good stead in this situation, but it will also come in handy to face life’s many challenges. 

    We live in a stressful, polluted world and every bit towards fighting diseases counts. Therefore, I hope immunity remains a buzzword long after the virus makes a much-awaited exit.

  2. 2 We Can Work And Study From Anywhere

    Studying in an educational institute and working from office was sacrosanct, till March 2020. Especially in India, where homeschooling and working remotely were considered only for “losers” and hippies. 

    But now in this forced condition, we are slowly getting used to the reality that in fact most studies and work can be done from home. All we need is a laptop/mobile and internet connection. 

    In the beginning, it seemed like a punishment and a huge mountain to climb, especially for the ill-equipped and unprepared Indian. However, with the passage of time, it grew on us. 

    The harried wife and mother, who also needs to work from home, might have a different story to tell though.

  3. 3 We Cannot Depend On Others To Save Us

    The pandemic has taught us a very vital lesson - that we have to be resourceful and find our own way out from difficult times. 

    Who better than the migrant population to testify to this? They were left to their own devices, abandoned by their employers and the authorities. Hungry and tired, they walked hundreds of miles to reach back home to familiar ground.

    The ordinary citizens too had to device their own methods to stay afloat with the confusing instructions which changed by the day, the shortage of life-saving hand sanitizers, and the sudden non-availability of rations and essentials. 

    Woe and behold, if anyone did get the virus, then only the Almighty and sometimes some influence in high places could get them a bed in a hospital. Therefore, we quickly learned that the best way to stay alive was to device our own strategies and ways to fend for ourselves.

  4. 4 It Is Okay To Have An Unkempt House

    We Indians who could not survive without the daily “top” maid or even live in help, had to suddenly, without warning, start cleaning our own dishes, sweep and mop the floors, and wash our own clothes. Woe to us! 

    We did it diligently for a few days because what if someone came over and saw the mess. Then we quickly realized that no one was coming over and if the house was not spick and span, the world would not end. 

    A home is meant to be lived in and it is okay if it is not picture perfect all the time.

  5. 5 Relations With Family Members Should Be Pleasant

    Suddenly we found ourselves cooped up within four walls 24X7 with “strangers”. They may have been our very spouses, children, parents, or siblings, yet they seemed anything but family. 

    We realized that there was so much we did not know about each other because we had not seen them at such close quarters for such extended periods of time at a stretch! Did we really give birth to this kid? Did I really marry this person? What was I thinking? Have they changed so much over the years? 

    It did not take long for us to realize that the other had not changed, it is we who had not bothered to know them closely, all under the guise of our “busyness”.

    Hopefully, by the time lockdown is lifted, everyone will learn to get along with everyone else in their family, idiosyncrasies included

  6. 6 There Is Very Little (+ Good Internet) We Need, To Survive

    It did not take us too long to learn that having a fancy car/bike, or a big house (in fact I am sure the bigger the house, the bigger the regrets at this time) or the latest gadgets or the trendiest wardrobe were not essential to survive. 

    All we needed was basic food, clean air/water, and of course an unending supply of sanitizers. Not to mention a good internet connection.

    People have learned to introspect and understood that all that they ran after, all the wealth they were trying to build, all the possessions they coveted came to naught overnight. 

  7. 7 Never Underestimate The Power Of Technology

    However, the biggest lesson we learned was that we would not have been able to get through this catastrophe without technology. All the naysayers were silenced. 

    Imagine being socially distanced without technology at hand. How would we get anything done without the internet, Zoom, or WhatsApp? 

    We learned to thank God that technology was spared by the virus this time around. 

  8. 8 We Have Stretched Our Luck With Nature

    Mother Nature seems to have said, “enough is enough”. Every year we crib about environmental changes and how the temperature seems to rise. 

    We forget that only we humans are responsible for the sad state of affairs. We have violated our environment with our unchecked consumerism, pollution, plastic, and deforestation, to name a few. 

    We needed this wake-up call to make us think of changing our selfish behaviors. Sadly, this lesson seems to have reached very few people or they have forgotten it very quickly. 

    Even then, Mother Nature has got a break from us for at least a few months. 

    This was my list of top lessons learned from the pandemic. Have I left out any? Please add them to the comments.

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  1. Observations well made .Yes , this crisis taught each one of to stand with our foot grounded. It taught us the difference between necessities and luxuries , the value of family and friends , …………………….

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