8 Reasons To Get Lean Six Sigma Certification For Career Growth

If you are looking for successful career growth in your professional life and confused about how to start, then this is an article for you.

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Today’s world is very competitive. If we are depending on learning only from the education system or day-to-day life, then we will be out of this competition

The intent of the above sentence is not to create a threat or make disturb you, but to make you aware of the real face of professional life. If you want to achieve successful career growth, then you want to ensure continuous learning. This will help you to be one step ahead of the competition. 

This continuous learning must be 3 dimensional:

  1.  Skillsets
  2.  Mindsets
  3.  System

If you are lagging in any of these dimensions, then it will be going to impact your career growth.

I have been working as a Lean Six Sigma coach for more than 12 years and I had seen many talented people in their skillset or mindsets were not able to reach their potential career growth. The only problem they had is the lack of integration of these 3 elements.

I am a believer in Lean Six Sigma and I have experienced the value of this certification in both my personal as well as professional life. Please don’t look towards it as a certification only. Instead, if you learn Lean Six Sigma with all of its intent, I will guarantee that it will help you to achieve your successful career growth and will help you in your personal life as well.

And that’s why I have designed my program so that it will help every working professional to achieve his or her career growth by 3-dimensional development.

In this article, I am going to explain the 8 Reasons for which every working professionals must go for this Lean Six Sigma Certification to achieve their successful career growth.

Before going into details of these 8 reasons, please remember that any training or certification will give its full benefits to any individuals or organizations if there is a cycle of LEARN-APPLY-TEACH-CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT.

A one-time application of knowledge gives you a one-time benefit. But if you want to get long-term benefits which are vital compared to one-time benefits, you need to be there in the process of continuous application of knowledge as well as continuous improvement in it.

I had seen many of the people are complaining about the particular approach or methodology, and stuck in the debate to explain why one is better over the other and like that. Please don’t go into it.

According to me, all existing program more or less are having a potential to give the results you are looking for. But the main problem is with an understanding of the approach and correct application of methodology.

Coming back to Lean Six Sigma training and certification, this alone training and certification program is more than sufficient to achieve your successful career growth.

So, let’s begin.

  1. 1 Get An Excellent Salary

    There are a lot of studies which is indicating the difference in salaries of the working professionals with and without Lean Six Sigma or Six Sigma Certifications.

    Of course, this is the first and the most important point in the discussion of career growth. 

    Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma Certified professionals, with less or more experience, earn 35% to 69% more than professionals without certifications.

    For your reference, I have given survey data for salaries conducted by the NIQC group. The salaries mentioned in this report are in Indian Rupees (INR).

    If you are having salaries more than that displayed in the diagram without Lean Six Sigma or Six Sigma certification, then please remember that you could have 35% to 69% more salary (compared to your current salary) if you could have this certification.

    I had seen the professional who is repeating the mistake of using this Lean Six Sigma Training and Certification as a single step for one-time promotion or one job change. Once they got it (either promotion or a new job), they simply overlook the power of this methodology and become busy in firefighting.

    Therefore, if you are going for the Lean Six Sigma Training and Certification, please make the first commitment with yourself that you are going to use this approach for your entire life. Only after that, you will get the long-term benefits of it. 

    In one sentence, you will get more than what you expected. Just surrender to this effective systematic approach and follow it continuously.

  2. 2 Become Valuable in Every Kind Of Industry Or Organization

    Lean Six Sigma is a focused approach and we can use that everywhere

    And therefore the tools and techniques used in Lean Six Sigma can be applied to Manufacturing, Electronics, Healthcare, Aerospace, Banking, and Financial Services, Information technology, Telecom, Human resources, BPO, Marketing, and almost all kind of industries with few variations in application.

    With Lean Six Sigma Training and certification, you will be able to use the tools and techniques that can be used in all kinds of industries for the definition of the problem as well as to find out the root cause of these problems in a most systematic way. Thereby, as a team, you can initiate the implementation of a solution, that not only removes the problem from the system but also avoid the reoccurrence of it. 

    This is what any kind of industry expects from its employees.

    This means, with a Lean Six Sigma Certification, you will be having a skill set that is applicable to any kind of industry and you will be valuable to each of these organizations.

    With this Lean Six Sigma Certification, you will be able to focus on yourself as a change agent in the organization, and thereby you will also get opportunities to lead quality improvement throughout an organization.

    If you are able to grab these opportunities with the help of Mindset and System-based solutions, career growth is certain to you.

  3. 3 Enhance Your Self-Confidence

    With Lean Six Sigma Training and Certification, you will be learning various tools and techniques which will help you in 2 ways:

    1. Understand the existing products, systems, and business processes much faster
    2. Identify opportunities for improvements in these products, systems, and business processes

    In these ways, you will be able to demonstrate your knowledge in the organization. In other words, you will be Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control business processes in the organization.

    This not only improves your value in the organization but also improves your self-confidence.

    In one sentence, you will become the source of solution for the people in the organization.

  4. 4 Ensure Continuous Growth in Your Career

    This is a reason from the exterior point of view. If you are having an active Lean Six Sigma Certification, then it will be a trigger to employers that you are having an explicit skillset and that is true as well.

    Irrespective of your areas of expertise, the competition for employment will be always severe. But with this active certification, you will be highlighted in the crowd with the awareness of Lean Six Sigma and the ability to use these tools and techniques practically.

    Please remember, continuous application of approach, tools, and techniques in Lean Six Sigma is a must for continuous growth in career. It's not an activity, it's a journey.

    Once you will start the regular application of it, it won't be a work for you. It will become a passion for you because of its nature.

  5. 5 Improves Your Thinking Capability

    The formal training of Lean Six Sigma and Certification provides you a better understanding of things, people, situations, and processes. 

    It teaches you to how to apply the Lean Six Sigma methodology and thereby improves your thinking capability.

    People who are not trained with Lean Six Sigma may not focus on fixing the right issues. In other words, we can say there is a significant improvement in the same set of people after Lean Six Sigma Certification to fix the right issues when compared to before certification.

    With the regular application of this methodology, you as well as your team will become habitual to convert every problem or thing in the organization in terms of numbers. This not only gives you and your team a different sight of the organization but also surfaces out many unseen opportunities for improvement. Some out of them, you and your team might have taken for granted in earlier situations.

    This is a really great experience you will have. I had experienced these things in my practical experience as a Lean Six Sigma coach in the last 12 years.

  6. 6 Improve Your Intrinsic Value

    The intrinsic value talks about your emotional and ethical value system. 

    The systematic approach of Lean Six Sigma will also help you to improve your understanding of people, teams, situations, and various conditions. This will result in an improvement of your mental health.

    Here, the meaning of mental health is you will be stress-free and will have more clarity in mind about things.

    With various concepts like Time Management, Team Management, and Leadership lessons in it, you will also become aware of good ethics and value systems. And these are the foundations of a stress-free mind.

    The one more benefit that we cannot measure in terms of numbers, but is important. That is an improvement in the relationship with your colleagues.

  7. 7 Rise In Managerial Positions By Nurturing Your Leadership Abilities

    With the detailed Lean Six Sigma Training and Certification, you will be having a thorough understanding of measuring as well as quantifying financial benefits. You will also learn various leadership concepts which make you ready to take leadership roles.

    In this training and certification program, as you are going to take the project and complete that project with your team members in a defined timeline, it enhances your multiple characteristics like time management, resources management, team management, conflict resolution, value evaluation, planning and prioritization of things, understanding and calculation of various financial measures, cross-functional working of departments and many more.

    With these techniques and know-how to cut costs, reduce losses, increase revenue, support people in problem-solving as well as in achieving their goals, you will become a good leader.

    These qualities will not only help you to rise in managerial positions but also provides a great feeling of self-satisfaction. 

  8. 8 Get Hands-on Experience in Quality Systems

    The Lean Six Sigma training and certification process comprises hands-on experience in business processes and various projects. It gives an experience with the implementation of quality system principles in real-life situations. 

    With the Lean Six Sigma training and certification program, you will be an expert in understanding what is the voice of the customer, what are the quality characteristics, CTQ, competitor analysis, what are customer complaints, and how to resolve them, costs associated with all elements of quality, various tools, and techniques associated with data collection for the customer, and analysis of it, and many more.

    This is the important thing, that as a Lean Six Sigma professional you will get valuable experience even before you enter into an industry.


    The Lean Six Sigma Training and Certification is one of the best options if you want to achieve successful career growth as a working professional. This training and certification are designed in a such way that it will help to develop your 3-dimensional growth.

    1. Skillsets
    2. Mindsets
    3. System

    If we write down reasons for why one should get a Lean Six Sigma training and certification, then here are the top 8 reasons for it:

    1. Get an excellent salary
    2. Become valuable in every industry
    3. Improve self-confidence
    4. Ensure continuous growth in your career
    5. Improve your thinking capability
    6. Improve your intrinsic value
    7. Rise in managerial positions by nurturing your leadership abilities, and
    8. Get hands-on experience in quality systems

    Please remember that you won't get all these benefits if you just go into the process of Lean Six Sigma training and certification, but you need to ensure understanding of it, continuous application of it, and living it in your professional life.



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