8 Powerful SMarketing Tips For Massive Sales Growth

SMarketing – a fully aligned sales and marketing function - is a long term strategy to help take your brand to new heights of growth and success...

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The evolution of sales and marketing has been faster in the last 10 years than in the past 100 years.

The traditional sales techniques of using cold calls to find new prospects or closing the sales have become a thing of the past. They don’t really work anymore. Nor are the traditional marketing techniques effective anymore.

Owing to the significantly changed marketplace as well as the significantly changed buyer in recent years, there’s enough data already, to show that aligning marketing and sales is critical to a shortened sales cycle and sales effectiveness, irrespective of the product or service.

When marketing and sales are not aligned, both suffer significantly. It has been established that the number one reason for the stagnation or decline in annual revenue is the misalignment in sales and marketing. 

SMarketing – the new word for sales & marketing alignment – means that companies can have one single department, which works together seamlessly to close more business.

Businesses who have not aligned their sales and marketing depts., have been failing businesses across the globe, in recent years.

With sales and marketing combined, rather than in silos, it becomes much easier to track results and make significant changes to help increase the customer base.

Recent studies have shown that by successfully aligning sales and marketing, you could

  • Generate significantly higher revenue
  • Retain far more customers
  • Achieve higher win rates

The higher the alignment in sales & marketing is, the higher the brand awareness and much higher the average sale value.

The reason for this change is because consumer habits have evolved significantly and the old sales techniques no longer work. 

With much of the purchase process happening online, the “funnel”, which represents the sales and marketing processes within a business, has also significantly changed.

In addition, all the technology and tools available today be it the sales automation tools or the marketing software, it’s easy to collect a wide range of data on prospects – making the whole process more data-driven.

And therefore, the SMarketing department plays a crucial role in the future of all business success.

Following are the 8 Steps To SMarketing success in your business:

  1. 1 Clarity On Customer Persona

    This is a single critical step. Knowing who you want to sell your product or service to. Creating an ideal customer persona document together on a living, breathing document that is shared and talked about by all the concerned team members is crucial.

  2. 2 Create The Right Customer Journey

    The best place to start is to be aware and map the entire customer journey from awareness and discovery at the top of the funnel to the brand loyalty stage, to make it seamless and consistent all along the customer journey. This helps in tracking a prospect across the entire funnel.

  3. 3 Create A “Marketing First” Approach

    By taking the “marketing first” approach, you could focus on finding (or targeting) potential customers who have a specific problem and show them how it can be solved.

    That way,  you could warm up and nurture new leads by sharing all the relevant information on the product and when the lead is fully informed and ready to make a decision, the sales team can step in to reinforce the value proposition and close the deal.

  4. 4 Consistency In Marketing Messages

    Standardizing the marketing messages with great content and brilliant copywriting is crucial to not only catching the attention of the potential customer but creating the interest and desire that’s much required for effective sales conversion.

    It's important to make sure that you have a consistent and matched message across your entire customer journey, for a positive impact on the sales results.

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  1. Creating your ideal customer Persona is such an integral part of hitting the marketing goal and yet such an overlooked aspect of building an effective marketing plan. Love the play of words.. SMarketing !!! Keep going KDKini. Cheers

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