7 Top Hacks To Self Mastery In 2021


It was the other day that I was thinking about whether I wanted to be a generalist or a specialist as a trainer.

Finally realized that being a specialist would put me in a separate league altogether.

On doing, research came upon the word ‘Self Mastery’. 

Self-Mastery is about being self-aware of the hindrances and obstacles, identify them, and work towards removing them. 

Self-Mastery enables you to master your capabilities in order to reach a level of peak performance. It is one’s commitment to long-lasting improvement. Commitment comes from a strong mindset.

Being committed to the path of self-mastery is to find ways to transcend one’s fear and break through the resistance.

  1. 1 Clarity

    Imagine a mountaineer set out to climb the mountain peak. He has clarity about the direction, route to take, and what gears to carry for climbing to the mountain top. Clarity leads to focus and confidence.

    For achieving self-mastery, have clarity of the capabilities to master the skills to reach peak performance. Focus on what actions to take for taking your skills to the next level. It’s not the outcome but the focus that helps to achieve the goals.

  2. 2 Set Goals

    Goals give direction or the path to focus on and the resources to put together in achieving them. Actions taken to achieve the goals will be specific and will help to be better prepared.

    Goals work as an instrument giving direction, just as a compass helps a ship to move in a particular direction.

  3. 3 Letting Go Baggage

    We often carry the baggage of past experiences, emotions, relationships, etc. in our heads most of the time and continue to hold them all throughout our lives. Past experiences affect our present life which cannot be undone in the present.

    Things of the past, though out of our control continue to haunt our lives. We must learn to let go of the baggage of the past to enjoy the present.

    Enjoy the moment of NOW.

  4. 4 Open to Learning

    Be a lifelong learner. Be open to learning new things every day. Learning is best effective when we put it to action. Once you have implemented the learning, share the same with others to enrich them as well.

    Henry Ford once said, “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young”.

  5. 5 Practice, Practice, Practice

    The more we implement and practice our learning, we not only become better and perfect at it but also make progress & grow. Learn, Practice, Improve. 

    Learning, Unlearning, and Relearning takes the person to a whole new level of progress and perfection.

    Never stop learning and be an action taker. Spend more time to sharpen your saw, cutting the tree will be easy and faster.

  6. 6 Power of Rituals

    As we keep learning and doing things regularly, it becomes a ritual or a habit. This ritual becomes a part of our life and system.

    Just as washing our hands before eating food or brushing our teeth before going to bed every day becomes a ritual or habit, in the same way, implementing the new things learned becomes a ritual or habit for life and we perfect it for life.

  7. 7 Adaptability

    Adaptability enables you to be flexible and change according to situations. Being more adaptable to situations helps to build resilience and strength, to face change & challenges.

    Change is rather difficult though it is the only constant.

    Adaptability leads to acceptance and acceptance makes things easier to bring about change in mindset. Change in mindset removes obstacles to enable growth and success.

  8. 8 Conclusion

    To conclude, a craftsman can achieve mastery by putting in hard work with a mindset of never giving up to analyze the obstacles, take action to remove them by acquiring skills and building his master piece.

    A person can achieve self mastery by having to do the following:

    • a mindset to change
    • set goals
    • be adaptable
    • bring clarity in thoughts and action
    • be a lifelong learner
    • practice more & more
    • leave behind past baggage

    Move on with a mindset change to learn, act, do, and share to succeed & help others grow & succeed as well.

    Happy Reading.

    Thank you.

    Naresh Shivani

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