7 Things You Need To Know Before Writing a Perfect Blog Post

Writing a perfect blog is a skill. With a small practice you can also write a perfect blog which drive quality traffic and passes to value to the audience.

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Here are my top 7 things which I always make sure to follow while writing my blogs.

  1. 1 Keywords Research

    Keyword research is one of the most important steps in writing a blog. 

    If you want to write a blog then you need to make sure people are searching for those topics. 

    When you do keyword research, you will come to know the perfect topic which people actually want to read. 

    While doing keyword research you need to focus on the topic which helps people to solve their problem.

    For better understanding, we can divide Keywords into 3 types. 

    1. Short tail keywords — 

    — It consists of one or two words

    — It is very broad topics usually like Hospital, Nike Shoes 

    — It has a lot of traffic, but very less conversion.

    2. Middle tail Keywords- 

    — It consists of three or four words. 

    — these are also broad topics but more clear like Best cardiac hospitals, Nike Shoes for men

    — It has medium traffic, and medium conversion 

     Note — For blogging We prefer to use these kinds of keywords so that we are able to generate good traffic also the same time able to convert them into leads or sales. 

    3.  Long Tail Keywords — 

    — It's consist of more than 5 words+ 

    — It is very targeted, we almost get clear what the audience looking for like the best cardiac hospitals near me or location name

    — It has very less traffic, but the chances of conversion are very high.

    Note — these keywords are mostly focused on service pages, location pages, or product pages where you want more conversion and generate more sales. 

    Here are some tools you can use to find keywords and it's traffic before writing a blog

    Google Keywords Planner 



  2. 2 Write Compelling Headline

    8 out of 10 people read headlines, and then decide to read it or not.

    Writing a compelling headline is very important for your blogging future. 

    Here are some tips you can use to optimize your headline. 

    1- Your headline needs to grab readers' attention you need to use power words in your headline here is the list of power words you can use for your headline. 

    2. Keep your headline short preferably 70 characters and attention grabbing

    3. Try to use odd numbers, strong adjectives, and verbs in your headline. 

    4. Address your readers in the second person in the headline. 

    5. Use your keywords, which you want to rank for in your headline.

    6.  Always try A/B Testing before finalizing the headline. 

    These are some cools tips you can use to optimize your headline for more clicks and conversion. 

  3. 3 Include Internal Links

    Internal links are the best way to keep your reader engaged in your blog.

    Internal links are the hyperlinks we create within the content. 

    It helps to pass the link juice across the website and boost your ranking. 

    You need to think from the reader's perspective and help them to understand more about the content by linking to your old resources.

    Here are some tips you need to follow while creating internal links.

    1.  Keep your hyperlinks keywords focused, Use the right Anchor text in your hyperlinks. This will help you to rank for those keywords. 

    2. Internal links help us to link to those content which is not ranking due to fresh content and help them to gain better ranking. 

    Here is how you can find the best page to connect in your article with internal links:

    Search for site:yoursitename.com “keywords” 

    let's take an example of my site avivdigital.in,  if I am writing an article about on page SEO and I want to link to other blogs on my website on the same topic I can find that by these Google operators

    you can see that I have found 10 results that I can use for internal links to my article.

  4. 4 Use Basic SEO

    Your article only going to get more eyeballs when it is going to get more ranking on google search results. 

    Here are some small tips you can use to increase the chance of ranking in google. 

    1. Use your main keywords in your headline, URL, and your meta titles 

    2. Try to include your main keywords in your 1st 100 words 

    3. Try to use proper internal links with targeted anchor text based on your targeted keywords.

    4.  Include images, graphics, maps with descriptive alt tags using your target keywords, also include keywords in your file name. 

    5.  Use proper external links, so that resource credibility pass through your content.

    6.  Try to include subheading, bullet points, and lists in your article.

    7.  Try to write long content including your main keywords several times. 

  5. 5 Optimize Your Images:

    When it comes to user experience, these images, graphs, and tables increase the user experience which leads your audience to stay more time on your page, and that leads to your site ranking. 

    Here are some basic tips to optimize your image

    1- Reduce the size of the image, which helps to increase in your site loading speed

    2.  Include keywords in the file name before uploading it to the article. 

    3. Use Alt Text with descriptive keywords in your image to optimize for search engine and for visually-impaired people who take the help of screen readers to understand the content. 

    4.  Use relevant images in your blog, so people will relate to your article with images. 

  6. 6 Create Evergreen URL :

    Using an evergreen URL while publishing your blog will help you to update this article in the future also as time goes. 

    Here are some tips to keep your URL evergreen. 

    1. Try to avoid any numbers, year in your URL, 

    2.  Avoid using an underscore, a symbol in the URL.

    3. Try to use a hyphen (-) for separation of the keywords. 

    4. Include your main keywords in your URL

    5. Keep your URL Short.

    6. Avoid using Stop words like a, an, or, put in your URL, as the search engine doesn't give value to these words.

  7. 7 Use CTA in your article:

    Having CTA (Call to Action) in your blog is very important, as it helps your audience to take action after going through your content. 

    Here are different types of CTAs you can use in your article

    1. You can use your CTA to drive traffic to your landing page and leads to conversion.

    2. You can use CTA to build your email list by offering some free e-books on your site. 

    3. You can use your social account CTA to connect with you over social networks

    4. You can use tweet CTA at the end of your article to generate more shares.

    5. You can use Comment CTA to increase more engagement after reading your blog. 

    6. You can also use CTA to take your reader to the other article you have written. 

    These are some CTAs you can use to optimize your article for more sales. 

    Last but not least you need to Build your Customer Persona, you need to for who you are writing then content. 

    You need to keep his pain points in your mind and create engaging content to help them to solve the issue he is having. 

    Hope these tips help you to rank your article in google search engine and provide a better result for your audience at the same time. 

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