7 Easy Tricks To Unlock The Golden Cage Of Your Mind

Hello, my friend! I assure you that after reading this article, you will find immense value and you will feel motivated to change your life for the better!

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Don’t you think that our mind is the most complicated structure in our whole body? If your answer is yes, you are some way half there to understand this incredible magnificent island. Island? Why am I calling it an island? Because an island is a group of land where people go in search of finding golden nuggets and jewelry but only a few can find so. In the same way, our mind is also a kind of island or a continent which seems complicated but if understood in the right way, someone can use it as a magnet to attract miracles in his or her life. 

Now, the question that I have here for you is how can we understand it? How can we use it for our highest good and contribute back to this world to make it a better place to live in? What are those rituals which you can put into your daily life to rewire your brain and unlock the golden cage? What can you do in order to become successful or what kind of mindset do you need to adopt or develop?

Hmm, well if you want to grab all of the solutions to these problems, you have to stay 100% committed and be honest. I can’t see you, but I trust you that by the end of this blog, you will find many of the practical steps in order to train your brain so it doesn’t trick you anymore. Are you ready? Are you committed? 

Let’s answer this question and reframe our definitions of mind. So, what do you think is exactly mind? My view upon this is mind is a mental process that is designed in such a way that it has the power to recreate the lives we want to live if we understand its magic or the mental activity comprising of beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and feelings. 

Do you know that we have two kinds of mind? Conscious and subconscious mind? I am sure you have heard these two words, but most people don’t talk about this topic? Right? What do you think which among the two is the most powerful? Well, if your answer is the subconscious mind, then you are absolutely correct. For those of you, who don’t know, let me introduce both of these terms to you–

Here are two types of mind – and how I define them using adjectives. Someone has rightly said that “If you want to alter your lives, you must alter the attitudes of your mind”! The subconscious mind is the most powerful because when you keep visualizing your goals and dreams each day, your subconscious goes through a structural tension, and thus it does each and everything to fill the gap between your goals and dreams. So, our main goal is to work on our subconscious mind because it accepts commands that your conscious mind gives to it or in specific terms, to work on our belief system!

Rewiring our belief system
Yes, so we have come to the main topic of recalibrating our mindset for success. Your little voice must be saying – “Hey Gargi, why didn’t you write these directly, why are you telling me about the mind and its types.”

Hold on a second. In order to learn these concepts and put them into the implementation journey, I felt the need to introduce these topics briefly to you so you will be able to understand this concept in a much better way. Are you ready to learn more?

1. Practice Gratitude 

2. Repeating positive words to yourself (Affirmations)

3. Mirror exercise/Self Note 

4. Reading something uplifting or positive

5. Creating your own morning and evening rituals to perform

6. Being a lifelong learner

7. Surrounding yourself with inspiring people

Hmm, so let’s get our hands dirty on each and every trick, and let’s see how we can make these points into our daily habits. But, here’s a question – Do you want to become a successful person? Yes, I am sure you want to that’s why you are here. But how can you do so? There’s a famous quote by one of the biggest personalities in the world- Mr. Brian Tracy, he says “Successful people are those who follow and implement the successful habits”.  Are you ready?

1. Practice Gratitude 

Do you start your mornings with a lazy yawn or with energetic eyes? Are you thankful for whatever you have at the moment? Do you turn off your alarm or do you get up in an exciting mood? Well, most of us turn off our alarms and go back to sleep. But, that should not happen! Do you know why? Because when we approach life in this way, our mind gets trained in a similar way and it forms a belief “You can’t do this” and that’s why most of us instead of forming our own path end up following the herd, and due to this, our voice never gets heard. Don’t you agree with me? 

But, I can assure you, I am not like you and the purpose of writing this blog is to make you aware and realize that it’s never too late to be different and it’s never too late to showcase your own uniqueness. So, what can you do in the morning? 

First of all, try to wake up early in the morning, it doesn’t mean you have to wake up at 2 am or 4 am. You just have to rise before everyone else does. For example, if people in your home wake up around 5 or 6 am, you should awaken one or half an hour before. Why? So, you can spend time in solitude and express your gratitude to the Universe, God, and your angels that you are happy with your life and you feel grateful to be at the place you are at. “Count your blessings and the Universe will give you more”. All of us have our own spiritual sides where we feel grounded and we thank the creator of the world (Jesus), and morning is the best time to do so. It keeps you active, alert, healthy, and active all throughout the rest of your day.

The first hour of the day is known as the rudder of the day, it’s like a golden hour! Utilize it wisely! Many of us follow a different form of format, but what I do is below-

  • First of all, I wake up each day at 4:30 am in morning because I believe the morning is the best time for spending time with yourself.
  • I follow the below format to showcase my gratitude. It was taught to me by my mentor – Mr. Blair Singer, who is a world-renowned speaker and the best-selling author of Sales Dog and Team Code of Honour.

Question 1 – Make a daily goal. 

Set yourself a definite goal and keep running down towards it. I don’t believe in making to do’s list as that remains a to-do only. I write something that I feel I can do it and you know what, I have been following this format since 5 October and since then, all the goals that I have been wanting to do on a particular day, have been completed! 

Question 2 – What am I willing to give to others today? (Kindness, Compassion, Courage, Love, Strength, Blessings, etc.)

Question 3 – Ten things for which I am grateful

Question 4 – What am I grateful for that someone else does for me? (E.g. I am grateful to my parents for loving me unconditionally and always being there for me, I am grateful to my mentors for their guidance)

Question 5 – What am I happy about right now? Even if you are not happy, find ways to be happy. Once you can find one, there will be many! 

2. Repeating positive words to yourself (Affirmations)

Self-talk matters the most! If you don’t speak positive words to yourself, how do you expect others to speak positively to you? Do you have self-proving beliefs or self-improving beliefs? Along with the gratitude exercise, I urge you to speak affirmations on a daily basis. Affirmations are nothing but the positive or encouraging words that you speak to yourself to reprogram your mind for success such as I am loved, I am confident, I am beautiful, I accept everything, I am the best, I am leader, etc. 

Here are my affirmations guides which you can use – Affirmations for success, Life is Beautiful (Affirmations), I believe affirmations, Gratitude Affirmations. These are some guides I made for you in order to understand the power of affirmations. Never ever undermine the spirit of who you are and who you can become! Now, you may think how come repeating these sentences change your life? Well, I must clear this concept too. 

In this gloomy and crazy world, wherever we go, we hear negativity, and thus our programming of mind is done in such a way that it is filled up with negative beliefs, emotions, thoughts, and feelings and that’s why we always say the negative words, either to ourselves or to other people. So, when we repeat the positive words to ourselves on a daily basis (Best timings to do = before bed and after waking up) our minds develop a kind of confidence and self-worth in itself, and thus our words, feelings, emotions, decisions, and results are also impacted. Here’s a question – Are you 100% committed to implementing this and making it your daily habit?

3. Mirror Exercise/ Self Note 

Do you take the time to show yourself some love? Do you think you are worthy of your own love? Do you spare some time out of your daily schedule to nurture and nourish your own seed? Well, some of you may and some of you may not! No worries, I will do my best to encourage you to take action towards this step too. What exactly is a mirror exercise? How to do it? When to do it? I know your inner critic must be asking these questions. Well, first of all, I will tell you the concept of the mirror exercise. It’s an exercise where you see yourself in the mirror and acknowledge your own efforts and give yourself credits for being so honest in your journey towards greatness. 

So, what exactly do you need to do? Every day, before bed or after you wake up – go in front of the mirror. Make sure there is no one in the room rather than you otherwise people will think you have gone insane :). This is nothing but an exercise for self-love. 

I am giving you my example, so you will get an idea of what to do in front of the mirror —

Hey Gargi, I hope you are doing awesome. 

I just want to make you realize that I see and acknowledge all your efforts and the daily hard work you put in to add value in people’s lives, thereby moving you one step closer towards your goals and dreams. Never ever let anyone steal your light, let even the stars fade in front of you. I love you and I am so proud of you! God bless you always.

In the same way, you can speak for yourself. Always acknowledge your own efforts, never ever beg for love because everything starts with you! 

4. Read something uplifting and positive

Readers are leaders and the leaders are readers. I guess this is the easiest way to reprogram and rewire your belief system. Since childhood, I never liked to read books other than my school ones. But, since last year, I have been reading a lot of books and now I can easily make out the difference between my old self and my current version. By reading books, you can gain as much knowledge as you want and you can implement it into your daily routine. 

Are you aware of this equation – 

Knowing + Not Implementing = Not Knowing. Even if you are a book lover but you don’t like to implement, you are just wasting your time. Remember “Focus is the most valuable asset of your life instead of time”, I learned this from one of my mentors – Mr. Siddharth Rajsekar. Make a commitment to read one book per month and by the end of the year – you would have gained so much knowledge and your mind would be 100% recharged with the endless cycle of positivity. 

5. Creating your own rituals

You have to have your own morning and evening rituals. And why do I say so? Because when you have your own routine, you are in your discipline and thus you are able to enhance better concentration and you have much more focus. I was inspired to make my own ritual by one of my biggest inspirations – Mr. Jack Canfield and since then I have been following it each day! Honestly speaking, I don’t have an evening ritual because I am still working on that part but I do have a morning routine, and it starts like this – 

  • Waking up at 4:30 am in the morning 
  • 40 minutes = Gratitude, Affirmations, Mirror Exercise, and 3 Clarity Questions
  • 20 minutes = Reading
  • 30 minutes = Listening to The Strangest Secret in the World (audio by Earl Nightingale) 
  • 10 minutes = Meditation 

I have almost told you about each one of them, but let me tell you more about the things you don’t know – 

1. 3 Clarity Questions 

Every day I ask myself these three questions in the morning –

  • What do I need to start doing in order to move closer to my goals and dreams?
  • What do I need to stop doing in order to move closer to my goals and dreams?
  • What do I need to continue doing in order to move closer to my goals and dreams?

2.  Listening to The Strangest Secret in the World (audio by Earl Nightingale)

I challenge you to try listening to this audio for 30 days and just stick to it. It has the potential to change the entire trajectory of your life. You need to experience this magic on your own, I won’t tell you what comes next!

6. Being a lifelong learner

If you want to become successful in any expertise, you must be a lifelong learner because if you are not growing, you are simply dying. You need to develop a passion for learning because once you do your growth will be super fast! Never ever stop questioning. And if you want to develop this passion for learning, every day attend 8 pm Clubhouse of Success Gyan (India’s largest personal development academy which brings world-class education at your doorstep for free) and attend each and every summit of them! 

7. Surround yourself with inspiring people

It’s said environment is greater than your willpower. You are the product of the five people you surround yourself with and your environment impact every area of your life. For example, if you will surround yourself with lazy people who have no vision and no dreams, it’s obvious that you will also catch the same vibes and you will become like them, But, on the other hand, if you will surround yourself with inspiring and amazing people who have a vision and big dreams, and they are fully committed towards it, you will attract the same vibe and be like them!

Remember you will always attract the people who are a reflection of you. So, if you want to change anything in your life, you need to work on the biggest project that is you because if you will change yourself, if you will work on your inner self, your outer world will automatically get changed! 

I hope this article gave you value and you enjoyed reading it in a similar way as I enjoyed it writing and you will implement these steps on a daily basis. Start small because you will not realize when these small actions will turn into massive steps. All the best for your journey ahead!

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