6 Steps To Comeback From Setback

All of us has the Setback in life and the one who has a WHY to live can bear with almost any HOW.

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Meaninglessness is a condition which the mind finds it hard to tolerate.

Life without challenges would be boring and we all are designed to Comeback from any Setback. We just need to have the right Attitude towards all the Setbacks. As the saying goes Success comes in “cans.” whereas Failure comes in “can’t.”

We all have FEAR in different formats and sizes. Let us Trace our Fear then Erase our Fear and Allow God to grace our Fear.

I am going to narrate 6 Steps to Comeback From Setback. Nothing can stop us by achieving what we want in life except our own Attitudes.


    It is nothing to do with what you have but everything to do with what has you.

    Be thankful for everything life has given you. Every one of us is blessed with a unique gift but we always live in a state of dissatisfaction looking at other's gift.

    Every one of us has the choice to give meaning to our life by using our own unique gifts.

    I finished reading the book "SECRET" and the law of attraction works like any other laws. 

    I have been practicing following and it has completely transformed my life. I would strongly suggest you try this at least once:

    1. Every day first thing in the morning thank God/Universe for gifting one more day in your life.

    2. Be happy and thankful for every meal you eat.

    3. Thank for all the money you have now.

    4. Thank for having your loved ones around you.

    5. Do something towards giving your meaning for your life and do it as if today is going to be your last day in the life.


    "A Person's Quality of Life is a fore measure of a person's commitment to excellence, regardless of what field they may be in." - Vince Lombardi

    Excellence Attitude is not about getting 100%. It is about doing the best you can with what you have.

    It is about Turning Your "forego-its" into "go-for-its".

    Let us do our best and work towards excellence in whatever we do. It starts from being a good human being, relationships in life, business, health, wealth, etc.

    Delivering more value with the best quality towards our mission in life is the best "Attitude Of Excellence."

    I have been practicing the following and you suggest you try it at least once:

    1. Allways have a proper beginning and Act as if you will not fail.

    2. Be creative, sincere, and fun while greeting people.

    3. Always look for GOOD in people.

    4. Learn always to respond by understanding people and not just reacting. Feed your mind daily with positive content and affirmations are very powerful.


    This attitude of confidence or faith is often only seen within the context of a problem.

    This attitude is all about how we deal with problems, not a false expectation that there will be none. Problems and pain are part of life and things aren't wrong just because things are wrong.

    We worship comfort and convenience and get upset over the minor irritations of life.

    It all comes from the heart. 

    "Guard your heart with all diligence for from it flow the forces of life" - King Solomon

    Would like you to remember that moment where your confidence was very high and you achieved the most difficult milestone in your life.

    Now you know that nothing is impossible if your confidence or faith is 100%.

    I have benefitted by doing the affirmation and positive self talk. Would suggest you try it once by consistently doing affirmations.

  4. 4 VISION

    Vision is all about how we see things, whether we like it or not, flows to us through the prism of our own perspective.

    Have you ever observed that Red Cars Travel Together?

    We see life from our own perspective and we get whatever we want to see.

    It is very important that one needs to have a clear vision for life and this one thing can transform life by just giving a purpose or meaning to one's life.

    We all will start living life very happy once we are clear of our purpose or meaning of our life. Everything that seems to be a burden and stressed will be fun to do as there is a meaning for doing that.

    As working professionals just let us take the example of a Sales Person and have been in that situation of getting fed up of running behind the targets. One day after meeting one of my mentors who just gave a different perspective or vision. He said that Sales are actually doing service to people by providing them with the right product/service to solve their problem.

    This one thing changed everything for me and was more charged up to do Sales than ever before. Now what actually changed, it was only the perspective or vision.

    I would suggest you to try it at least once to have a clear purpose/vision for your life.


    I am sure we all agree that kids are always high in energy and enthusiasm.

    When we were kids it always felt life is full of possibilities and as we grow older things changed. Have you ever analysed what happened?. We just gave up our enthusiasm and started accepting the situations around us.

    Science is proving that everything is energy and we attract what we emit.

    I want you to think of all those days in your life where your energy was very high and you went through the day achieving all you planned. Now how it would be to be in the same state of high energy and enthusiasm every day?

    Think about it and never ever allow negative thoughts to come your way. The best way to stay positive is to ensure your association, inputs, and habits are all positive.

    Would suggest doing affirmations every day to program your mind to stay positive.

    It is said that the environment is stronger than your will and hence chose your association wisely.


    This is very close to my heart.

    Living life with the energy of giving is a totally different experience.

    Giving doesn't only mean money, we can give our time, expertise, etc for the needy.

    I would like to narrate one such incidence. One of my friends on her Birthday donated her hair (~20 inches) to another woman who was suffering from Cancer. This completely gave a different perspective to "GENEROSITY" and from that day onwards have started living a life filled with generosity.

    I am very sure every one of us has such an incidence to remember.

    I would like you to think about how it would be every single day doing a small act of Generosity?

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  1. Very heart touching it’s what we miss in our personal life gratitude and Generosity… Very realistic.
    Keep it up D.

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