5 Ways To Make Your Personal Finance Easy

“A vocabulary of truth and simplicity will be of service throughout your life.” — Winston Churchill

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What so good about this quote is that Winston Churchill learned that by combining the truth with simplicity, we can be of great service to ourselves and to others.

So today I wanted to make your life simpler and easier to live with respect to personal finance.

I am listing down 5 Simple KISS(Keep It Stupid Simple) Real Life Ways To Make Your Personal Finance Easy

1. Keep Investments Simple

We as humans tend to complicate everything we come across. Because we fear. In the case of investing its also the same and due to this reason we avoid the best practices or we delay the process of investing. Which will have an adverse effect on your journey to financial freedom.

Follow the KISS(Keep It Stupid Simple Approach)

Nowadays you have all things online. For e.g, you can start a FundsBazar account with Prudent Broker which helps you to see consolidated investments for free. Even if you do not know its ok, you can still watch the videos on the Prudent website or can get in touch with the Relationship Manager, they will help you.

2. Make Your Regular Payments Automated

Now due to the pandemic majority of people have opted for this even if they did not liked it.

But before corona, if you see from another angle, it’s real pain in the flesh kind of thing,
you have to go personally stand in a queue to make the payment, collect the physical receipt and file it, etc.

But automating the process will ease your life and also it will improve your credit score as well. 

So it’s like with one Stone you killed two birds.

So for this, you can use your bank’s Net Banking Facility wherein you have that automate payments option, you can add your payer and some 2-3 steps and BOOM your regular payments are automated.

3. Reminders

Many times we always forget to make some payments which are really very important be it related to anything like giving payments to our vendors or making payments to our security guard etc.
Since in this digital age, we are multi-tasking and due to multi-tasking, we tend to forget some of the very important things in the way.

So that is why you need to set reminders for any task related to personal finance activities.

Here I recommend You can download GOOGLE CALENDAR to set up alerts You can download the google calendar app on the phone as well.

I would end this point with this famous quote “When the remembering was done, the forgetting could begin – Sara Zarr. This means if you remember everything then forgetting happens. So don’t keep all things in mind, just use Tools to ease your life.

Final Sharing before I end this blog.

It’s a bit funny to see that we all know so much about personal finance, how to simplify the process, but still, we make it so complicated that we sometimes run away from all this or don’t do this because of fear of losing money.

I am sure now you will not do this. Since through this blog post, I have made an attempt
to make it more simple and easier for you to manage your personal finance. 

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  1. During my journey through the world of Finance(across the country) , I have observed that majority of Indians (including educated persons) don’t have basic Financial Literacy. Every person should gather a basic knowledge of Finance ( Savings and Loans), so that they can properly manage their fund. I hope you agree.

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