5 Things That Will Give You Sound Sleep At Night

Are You The One who is Facing Problems While Sleeping At Night

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    Here Are 5 Tips Which Will Help You In Getting Sound Sleep 

  1. 1 Eat 2 - 3 Hours prior To Sleep

    * Eating 2-3 Hours  Prior To Sleep Help You To Prevent From Indigestion

    * Once  Our Food Reach Body It Has Its Own Process Of Digestion /Detoxification. 

    * 11pm - Liver Detoxification Start  

    1am - 3am = Gall Bladder Detoxification start 

    3am - 5am = Lungs Detoxification (Early Morning Cough) 

    5am -7am  Large Intestine Detoxification (Toilet  Time )

    7am - 9am = Small Intestine Detoxification (Small Intestine Absorbs Lots Of Nutrients, Hence Breakfast Should be Done Here) 

    Midnight -4am = Spinal Haematopoietic Period 

  2. 2 Cut Off Your Self From Electronic Appliances

    * Prior Going To Sleep  Keep Yourself 2 Hours Away  From  Laptop,  Television,  Mobile,  etc 

    * These  Appliances  Emit Blue Light Which Stop Melatonin (Sleep Hormone)  Secretion Preventing  You From  Falling  Asleep 

    * Replace Your Pre- Bed  Time  With Reading Books.

  3. 3 Take A Bath 1 Hour Prior To Sleep

    * Bathing With Hot or Cold Water Relax Your Body And Mind 

    * There  Are Certain chemicals (Melatonin).In Brain Which Is Responsible For Causing Sleep 

    * Certain Temperature Of Water  On Your Skin Send Alarm Via Sensory Neurons To Become Stimulated And Send Unique Signal To Brain Which Cause  Sleep  Activation 

    * Both  Hot And Cold Water Makes The Blood Vessels Open Up Giving Signal To Reticular Activation System In Brain That Everything Is Clear And Safe It's Get Deactivated Giving You Drowsy Feeling 

  4. 4 Take 20-25 Minutes Walk Prior To Sleep

    * Walking Help in Burning Calories, Reducing Stress Level Which  Is Good For Body And Brain 

    * Walking / Exercise Makes Micro  Tears  In Muscles  Which  Signals  Body  You Need  Restoration So You  Sleep  Deeper. 

  5. 5 Meditation / Deep Breathing

    * Meditation  Is The  Key  Of Maintaining  Emotional  And Mental Health 

    * Meditation Relax Your Body Releasing Anxiety,  Tension, And Stress And  Place You In A Peaceful State Which In turn  Help  You  To  Fall  Asleep 

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  1. Well articulated…noticed that the fringe benefits of these tips exceed the original intent of bettering your sleep!

  2. Thank you Vaishali for putting this together. I have been suffering from Insomnia for the past couple of days. Will try out the ideas listed here.

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