5 Techniques To Use The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind

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If you have a goal in life, be it personal, professional, financial or creative, you would already have a plan to work through. Apart from the hard work, smart work and time management, the one thing you might be missing out on is tapping the power of your subconscious mind. 

What is the subconscious mind?

The subconscious mind thinks and acts in the present moment. It retrieves information and works as programmed. The programming is done from the minute the human is born and receives information in the audio and visual format. Sound, speech, emotion, objects are stored in the subconscious mind along with the interconnectivity of situations and circumstances that in essence form life itself.

The conscious mind is purposeful thinking and acting. 

Why is the subconscious mind important?

The subconscious mind is like the dark horse of the race that runs slow and steady, picking up speed, and beating the rest of the horses in the race. The dark horse wins and surprises everyone because no one expected this horse to win!

We think it is how we act in the present moment that determines the situation or turn of life event. In actuality, it is the information stored, retrieved, and the way the mind is programmed by internal and external forces that cause us to behave in a certain way. While most external forces – people around us and their behavior that cannot be controlled, internal programming can be done by us. 

We cannot always determine the external forces. For instance, if you have a goal in life and are working towards it. There is a perpetually negative person who is staying with you. He/She is aware of what you are trying to accomplish, yet create circumstances that force you to get out of your plan or create disturbances. 

In this article, you’ll get to know about the techniques you can implement to program your subconscious mind. This will help you be less affected by external factors and stay focused on what you are trying to accomplish.

  1. 1 Calming and clearing technique

    Mundane activities and thoughts are inescapable basics. To remain calm and sane in trying circumstances can be done only by one magic wand – meditation. Starting your day sitting with your eyes closed, letting thoughts pass by your mind – not getting entangled or thinking about it, by just letting the thought pass by. This will calm you down and clear your mind. 

    Of course, there are plenty of other methods of meditation. But when you practice the calming and clearing technique for a few minutes in the morning before starting your day, and a few minutes every evening, you will be able to tap into your subconscious mind easily.

  2. 2 Negative counter technique

    Humankind is programmed to think negatively, see negative, and point out the negatives. It takes purposeful practice to see the positive in others and believe in good. Regardless of the years of practice, you have put in to see the positive, it is going to be an everyday practice for as long as you want to work towards your goal.

    In this technique, you will counter every negative thought with a positive thought. Forcefully come up with a positive thought every time you have a negative thought when it comes to working towards your goals. Most of the negative thoughts fall in line with why you can’t do it, excuses, reasons, why it will fail. 

    When met with a negative thought 

    Step 1 - Write it down

    Step 2 – Rate if it is genuine

    Step 3 – Find a way out

    Step 4 – Counter it with a positive thought

    By all means, heed the warning signals if your gut is trying to warn you from anything that’s dangerous. But that’s as rare as one in thousands. Most likely, you will find a way out of your excuse and be able to work as per your plan.

  3. 3 The mantra technique

    It is common to have a fear or worry harrowing you when you are working on it for the first time. It could be more pressurizing if it is a risk you have never taken or seen any other take. But if you believe it is for you and you want to accomplish your plan, here is the mantra technique. 

    Step 1- Be seated in a quiet place

    Step 2 – Write down your fear or worry

    Step 3 – Find a relevant mantra in the Scriptures if you are a spiritual person. Otherwise, fret not. You can scourge the internet to find a mantra that suits your fear/worry. Search for “affirmations [your fear/worry]” and read out loud the affirmation. The mantra that has the most resonance with you will drive out your fear. Write down that mantra.

    Step 4 – Repeat the mantra for a set number of times daily

    Step 5 – Follow the mantra technique until the day your fear and worry no longer cross your mind

    Follow the above steps and implement the mantra technique for any fear or worry you might have as you walk along with your plan.

  4. 4 Motivational sphere technique

    There is a reason behind every goal. That reason is your biggest motivation to work towards it. Every time you want to sit back and think of it, remind yourself of why you set your goal and started working towards it.

    It’s great to have people who understand, support, and motivate you. Any time you slack, they push you back to where you need to be and work for it. In case you are looking for a way to motivate yourself every day, look for a piece of music, picture, or art form that represents what you wish to become, or, reminds you of what you want to be. Put it in a place where you get to see it frequently. Look at the picture and imagine yourself to be there. If it is music that motivates you, find that piece of music and what you can relate it to. Listen to the track every time you feel low, or even before you start your work for the day.

    The motivational sphere technique is forming a sphere of everything and everyone who motivates you. Keep it close to you and let it be by your side. Internal and external motivation is needed for the best of us. It can get us moving in the worst possible days and be our source of happiness.

  5. 5 Graph technique

    Have a graph of your progression towards your goal. Record it every day. Even if there are bumpy days, you will still improve and get where you want to be. Graph technique helps you look at your wins and celebrate it. No matter how minuscule your progress seems tomorrow, after a few days of consistent work, when you look at your graph you will see a reason to celebrate. 

    Visually viewing your progress is the best way to motivate oneself and keep track of the work being done. It shows you the days you slack; you can mention the reason why and work on it. The sole purpose of having a graph technique is to help you see where you started, how long you have worked, and how far you have come. So, every time you see it, pat your back! You deserve the appreciation!

    The five techniques to use the power of your subconscious mind are easy to implement. The only difficult part being, cultivating a habit to practice is every day. Make the effort to put in those few minutes daily and harness the power of your subconscious mind. You will surprise yourself with the results. 

    Do share in your thoughts and experiences of harnessing the power of your subconscious mind.

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  1. Radhika, I loved reading your post. Even though I have read and learnt about this topic 100 times before since this is my passion , your article had a different twist to everything e.g I loved having motivational spheres

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