5 Ridiculous Lies You Believe About Your Mind!

Are you a parent who believes any one of these 5 lies about your child's Mind, Memory, and Learning Capacity? I am going to bust the 5 major lies in this post.

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Do you think that your child has a weak mind or a poor memory? With all the respect, I would like to say that you are mistaken. 

In this blog, I will bust the five major and common myths people have about their minds, memory potential, and learning capacity. 

Let’s dive in.

  1. 1 I Have A Weak Mind.

    It can be rephrased as 'I Have A Poor Memory.' However, nothing can be farther from the truth. 

    Your mind is like a muscle. You can either use it or lose it. As you do physical workout to keep your body healthy & fit, you need to do the same for your mind. If you do physical exercise, your body will be working on better fitness levels. If not, it will deteriorate. In the same way, you can have a trained mind.

    What you consider as a poor or weak mind is actually an untrained mind. It can become stronger through proper training and mental exercises.

  2. 2 If I Learn More, My Mind Will Be Full & Cluttered.

    This is paradoxical actually!

    Since you have an unlimited mind power, you cannot consume or fill it. Imagine that your brain is like a mobile. As your mobile has a certain storage capacity, for eg. 64, 128, 256 GB; your mind has the storage capacity too. And do you know how much storage capacity does your mind have? 2.5 Petabytes- 2.5 Million GBs.

    Yes, You read that right!

    To make my point home, if you utilize your brain fully, it will take approx. 300 years to consume all the storage capacity. 

    Now, do you think you can consume it in your lifetime? I don't think so!

  3. 3 People Have Different Mind Power & Learning Capacity.

    It sounds true but it is just a lame excuse! (Pardon my straightforwardness.)

    Do you use a smartphone? Of course, you do! 

    Everyone uses a smartphone these days, but for a different purpose. Maybe you use it for basic calls and social media apps. Someone may use it for calls only. Many people may use it for lots of office work like preparing & giving presentations, doing online meetings, marketing & other activities.

    Now, the tool is similar (a smartphone), but the utilization is drastically different for different people

    Similarly, we have similar hardware (our brain), what matters more is how we utilize it!

  4. 4 People Use 10% Of The Brain.

    Again, a highly common myth!

    Technically, we have two major cells in our brain;

    1. Nerve Cells (Neurons)

    2. Glial Cells (Glia)

    Quoting Dr. John Medina from his phenomenal book, 'Brain Rules For Baby':

    "The first type, glial cells, make up 90% of the brain cells. They give the brain its structure and help the neurons correctly process the information. The second type, are neuron cells. Neurons make up only about 10% of the total number of brain cells. That's probably where we get the myth that you use only 10% of your brain."

    Without going further deep into the technical details, now you know that it is just a misconception floating around!

  5. 5 Mind Gets Weak With Age.

    Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

    Not many years ago, it was considered that your brain stops growing after a certain age.

    But, numerous groundbreaking researches have proved that your brain does not get fixed with age. This property of the brain reorganizing and growing itself is known as Neuroplasticity.

    It is 100% possible to learn new things, improve your memory, and perform better mental activities at any age.

    Now, you know that many of the myths you hear around you are not true at all. In fact, I would encourage you to throw these lies outside the window and embrace the real power that lies in you.

    I encourage you to teach your children these truths, so they can be more confident about themselves. It will help them unleash their true potential, that they so highly deserve.

    P.S.: Kindly do these two tasks:

    1. React & comment below the golden nuggets you found in this blog.

    2. Go to my Facebook profile & let's connect there. 


    With this, I wish you all the best. Thank you for giving your valuable time in reading this.

    More Power To You!

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  1. Rohit great content man…I am completely agree being a memory coach I always keep telling my students this…2.5 petabytes is really true…digital recorder for almost 300 years in our mind…

  2. This is quite interesting and really throws light on some myths about the mind. The wrong beliefs about the potential of the mind are very crisply brought to the surface and these misconceptions are broken.

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