5 Real Life Proven Financial Steps Every Woman Should Know

A Woman Goes Through Various Phases Of Life, Be It From Single, Married And Working, Married And Housewife, A Divorcee, Or A Single Parent.

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Each phase brings its own challenges in their lives.

Due to these challenges, they are not able to manage their finances and outsource to anyone they trust and thus they become money’s bad friend.

So here are the 5 Real Life Proven Steps Which I Am Teaching To My Women Clients About Investments.

  1. 1 Know Your Money Path

    1. Keep A Diary about to note down your expenses, and income daily, weekly and monthly.

    2. At the end of the month just sit for 1 hour and analysis what went wrong, what went right,
    where you can avoid the expenses but you did not etc.

    3. Discuss With Your Husband, Your Children's if they understand about money about how a family can avoid such unnecessary expenses in the next month.

  2. 2 Plan For Retirement

    While Women We Know They Are Busy Devoting Much Of The Time To Their Children, Husband, Their In-Laws, Their Own Parents Due To This They Often Forget To Plan For Their Own Retirement.

    1. Create A Separate Retirement Account Right From The Age 0f 18.

    2. Continue To Invest In that Account Till You Reach Retirement Age.

  3. 3 Have a Separate Life & Health Insurance cover

    Often The Women Who Are Housewives They Always Think That They Don't Need Life Insurance As They Are At Home. 

    But This Is Wrong Belief. Every Woman Be It Single Or Married They Should Have At least 1 Life Insurance And Health Insurance Cover For Themselves And They Should Cover For Their Family If Possible.

    1. Buy A Good Life Insurance Separately For You and For Your Family.

    2. Buy A Good Health Insurance Separately For You And For Your Family. Women related diseases are very high complicated compared to men, So Its Very Necessary To Buy A Separate Health Insurance Cover And Other For Your Family.

  4. 4 Automated Your Investments

    Always Go For Systems Which Can Give You Peace Of Mind. 

    1. Use Online Methods To Invest, Redeem Or Track So That You Can Have A Command Over Your Investments Irrespective Of Any Thing.

    2. Link Your Investment Bank Account To All Your Investments.

  5. 5 Create A Emergency Fund Account

    And Last But Not The Least. Create A Separate A Emergency Fund Account. 

    1. This Account's Money You Can Use Only If In Emergency cases. It's Not For Daily Use

    2, You Can Create A Savings Bank Account And Save Money Or Else Put Money In Liquid Mutual Fund.

    Hope this valuable real life steps would help each and every woman who is reading this blog and also to those lovely husbands who love their wives 🙂

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  1. Hi Mahesh, The article headline is very catchy and caught me up to read the whole blog. Its very very informative for us. Thank you so much for thinking about to write on it. MPTY. 🙂

  2. valuable contact. as a women im very bad at managing my finances. this article has given me insight on how i can plan and manage my money and also .. plan for future.

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