5 Hidden Secrets To Help You Learn Faster.

Are you someone who wants to be a quick learner? This post has 5 awesome ways so you can learn anything fast.

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Would you be able to lift your car by hand to change its tyre if it gets punctured?

Am I being crazy for asking this question?

Do read to find what’s going on.

  1. 1 Use The Power Of Mind Mapping.

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    Mind Mapping is a smart tool to make notes. It is a highly effective process to help you learn in a short time. Your brain can store vast information through a mind map without much effort.

    All top performers in various fields use this daily. You can use mind mapping for your study, presentation, daily schedule, to-do list, planning a party, or vacation. Its uses are endless.

    Pro Tip- Draw mind maps with pen & paper. (If not, you can use apps on mobile/laptop.)

  2. 2 Single-Minded Focus Is The Key.

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    Multitasking was the buzzword of the last decade. 

    Now, we are back to basics.

    Focusing on a single task at your hand is the best way to perform effectively & efficiently.

    In 2015, in research by Microsoft, it was found that we have an attention span of 8 seconds only. The reasons may vary but, you have to build & guard your focus in the digitalized days.

    When you give your undivided attention to a task, you feel more energized after finishing it. Why? Because one, you were in a FLOW state. And second, You get a hit of dopamine, that makes you happy.

    Pro Tip- Keep your phone away! (Maybe in another room.)

  3. 3 Make Study Time Slots & Utilise Breaks.

    Using the Pomodoro technique, Build your study timetable. 

    Eg. Study for 25 mins. Break for 5 min;

    Study 50 mins. Break for 10 mins;

    Study for 90 mins. Break for 30 mins.

    This process gives recovery time to your brain to assimilate the information properly. 

    And these can be the ways to utilize your study breaks:

    1. Chitchat with family & friends.

    2. A short walk. Or any other physical movement, like Jumping jacks.

    3. Helping in household chores.

    4. Organising your study room & table.

    5. Listen to some upbeat music.

    Pro Tip- Plan your breaks of the day in advance, so you won't go astray.

  4. 4 Sleep On It.

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    You want a magic pill that will give your brain a super learning power?

    Yes, you guessed it right!

    Sleep is the most valuable 'pill' your brain & body need.

    Just think, Why do an average human sleep for 1/3rd of its life? Other animals may sleep more.

    Because it is a vital need for your well being. It helps recover the body & brain. It helps clear out the useless information & stores the useful ones.

    Pro Tip- Sleep for 7.5 to 8 hours at night. Yes, a good night's sleep is the key here!

  5. 5 Use Smart Memory Methods/Tools.

    Would you be able to lift your car by hand to change its tyre if it gets punctured?

    Of course, you can't. Nobody can.

    But that's how you have been trying to learn your whole life. And the same you are teaching your children. You are utilizing just a fraction of the potential of your brain. Because you are not using the right tools.

    Eg. Cramming: Is it a proper method/tool? No!

    Pro Tip- Incorporate smart memory methods in memorizing & learning theory & data.

    I encourage you to tell your children these secrets, so they can perform better. It will help them achieve more, what they so highly deserve.

    React & comment below the golden nuggets you found in this blog.

    With this, I wish you all the best. Thank you for giving your valuable time in reading this.

    More Power To You!

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  1. Hi Rohit, your article really was insightful. The concept of Power of mind mapping has really opened horizons for me. Also about being focussed rather than multitasking has really helped me in achieving better results and has help me cope up with stress. Thank you

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