5 Facts About Our Second Heart

Is there any second heart in our body? Lord has created this or Science has invented this in our body. Let's check it out.


We know that our heart is on the left side of our chest. It is the most important part of the circulatory system which supplies pure (oxygenated) blood to the whole body. From our birth, our heart never stops its work of pumping action to keep us alive. 

But another organ of our body is performing a similar action to keep our blood-flow from the lower part of our body basically from our legs.

  1. 1 Name

    Yes, that is our leg muscles present just behind the leg (shin) bone and in between our knee and heel. Can you get that muscle now? That is our Calf muscles. The name of this muscle is given as calf because it looks like the belly of a calf as it is bulging out. It moves as per our leg and ankle movements.

  2. 2 Structure

    The structure of our calf muscle consists of normally two main muscles. The bigger one is called Gastrocnemius which is further divided into two parts looks like a diamond in shape and the smaller one is called Soleus which is present just below the bigger Gastrocnemius muscle. And the calf muscle is attached to our heel by the Achilles tendon.

  3. 3 Function

    Our heart pumps the pureblood towards the leg area. But as we know again from all the parts of our body the impure blood goes to heart for the purification. So when the blood from our lower parts of the body normally from our leg areas circulates to the upper portion towards our heart through a vein. The force of blood flow is not proper due to so many reasons. Most of the gravitational force when we stand for a long time or sit for a long time by keeping our leg elevated. And veins are not effected like arteries as per the blood flow concern. So the role of the calf muscle is important in the upward flow of blood.

    The contraction and relaxation of our calf muscle happen as per our daily activities like walking, running, and exercises. Which helps blood flow through veins.

  4. 4 Similarity with Heart

    The similarity of our calf muscle with our heart is both the parts of our body are associated with the blood circulation. As the heart pumps the blood towards the whole body, our calf muscle also pumps the blood towards the upper portion of the body. As the calf muscle present in the lower part and away from the heart it is also called a peripheral heart.  

  5. 5 Caring Tips

    To keep our second heart or peripheral heart fit and healthy we have to do regular exercises. Running and walking is the normal exercise we can do in a regular manner for a healthy calf muscle. And if you are more careful about your second heart you can practice squat and leg curls. 

    Normally we have to be careful that no extra fat to be deposited in our calf area. And always we have to make habit of contraction and relaxation to our calf muscle for better blood flow.

    People standing for a long time in their working hours and sitting in front of the TV and Computer/Laptop for a long time have lazy/weak calf muscles and feel swelling in their legs. Over the period it turns to leg vein disorders. 

    Conclusion: So now I'm awaiting your valuable comment.

    Lord has created or Science has invented the second heart in our body?

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