4 Simple Ways To Make Fast Decisions!

These 4 Strategies Will Help You Save Time, Energy, And Money.

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The main reason why decision making is so important is that we make thousands of micro-decisions every single day like 

•          what to wear

•          what to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

•          how to start our days

•          what to do 

•          and so much more.

And while many of these decisions are automated, we still have hundreds of unique, new choices to make every day.

Here are 4 strategies that will help you to make better, faster decisions:

  1. 1 Listen To Your Gut Feeling

    Listening to your gut feeling/intuition and finding out what you want is much easier if you can’t control the decision.

    If the decision is important, flipping a coin will help you find out what you really want. Once you flipped, you’ll eventually find yourself hoping for heads or tails. 

    Simple Way On How You Can Do it.

    Keeps a decision making coin in your wallet and use it when you’re indecisive.

    Flip your coin, close your eyes, and listen to your inner voice.

  2. 2 Fewer Options = Better Decisions.

    The more choices you have, the worse the result of your decision will be.

    We think that we might be missing out on an even better option and look for more alternatives.

    That’s called as, fear of better options.

    The reality, however, is a different one: Too many choices often lead to indecision or even frustration.

    Limiting options can not only lead to an increase in revenue, but it will also help you save time, energy, and probably even money.

    And above all, it will help you to make quicker, better decisions.

    The fewer options you have, the better the outcome.

    Simple Way On How You Can Do it.

    Whenever you need to make a decision, limit your options.

    You don’t need to choose from ten pairs of jeans to find the perfect match; just try three options.

    You don’t need to choose from hundreds of books to decide on your next read. Create a list of three books and choose efficiently.

    Next time you need to make a decision, no matter how small or big, start by defining your options and make sure to keep it to as little alternatives as possibles.

    Decision making can be so much easier if you have fewer options. 

  3. 3 Earlier Is Better.

    At the end of a day, your willpower is used up and you make worse decisions.

    The more decisions we make throughout a day, the harder it becomes to choose.

    Willpower is a battery: If it’s empty, you need to recharge it through a break, snacks, or an energizing activity.

    Simple Way On How You Can Do it.

    If you need to make important decisions, do it as early as possible, Don’t try to make important decisions late at night.

  4. 4 Sleep On It

    When in doubt, sleep on a decision, yet there’s also scientific evidence: According to a survey, our conscious attention is limited; that’s why it makes sense to make use of our unconscious.

    Even when we sleep, our unconscious mind is busy looking for solutions to our problems. And quite often, this helps to come up with new, innovative solutions to existing problems.

    Simple Way On How You Can Do it.

    Sometimes, it can be helpful to give yourself some time to process a decision while you sleep. By doing so, you can let your unconscious mind work in your favor and come up with new solutions.

    Whenever you need to make an important decision and struggle to do it, allow yourself to sleep on it at least once before making the ultimate choice.

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