3 Ways For The Students to Become a Career Celeb & Be Future Ready!!

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A New World is in making which is – Virtual, Understanding, and Clarity.

A career in 2020 is different in all aspects and the career opportunities would connote a different meaning in 2025. It is more about adjusting the Goals and resetting expectations of everyone. Does it mean the Evolution of Career opportunities is dynamic and one needs to upgrade forever?

The Answer is Both Yes & No.

The World is now flat in terms of opportunities for the students and the winner is the one who will adapt to the changing atmosphere and will utilize the opportunity of learning fast and new techniques to stay relevant with times and market.

The degree will help the students to know the subject and prepare them to be experts. But it will not create the skills to be future-ready and confident to make an EVERGREEN CAREER (something which is always rewarding)

There are 3 ways to be a Career Celeb & Be Future Ready and make a crisis-proof career. These are:

Career Building Skills

Only choosing a career based on your degree is not sufficient enough to bag the dream job or build a career. What can anyone do to have a secured career which is equally rewarding? The answer lies in catching the trend today and foresees the skills for tomorrow which will be in demand forever and build oneself upon the 3Cs as stated above.

  1. 1 Creativity

    Creativity is at the Soul of all Careers. All the successful persons in the world are those who have followed their passion has created a career out of it. Enjoying what someone wants and creating a career around it definitely, helps the graph soaring. 

    Creativity is a skill and does not have to be God-Gifted. Every student can be successful in their career in the long run if we manage to learn new creative ideas to stay relevant in time. Creativity does not mean trying to write poems while pursuing a career in English or being a writer in the long run. Creativity can be teaching others to write poems by inspiring or showing them different patterns in the history of writing poems.  

    And while searching for creativity, one should be knowing oneself first. And the most scientific way to do that is to know what personality you belong to. Do not make your prejudice your prediction. I can recommend a website that most of the corporate prefer- 16personalities.com

    Know yourself better to know your passion which will hold your hand to discover your creative side in the process. Passion leads to creativity. 

  2. 2 Competency

    Competency is at the foundation of all the career options and opportunities. You can reap the rewards if you are competent and loaded with all skillsets which are never going to perish. The need of the hour is to create skills to be worthy enough to stay relevant in future years.

    Students should be dynamic and being the "jack of all trade" is important while you develop mastery in the subject-specific. You may not be a master of all the skills, but you can certainly learn, evaluate, and grow your core skills and make it your strengths. Some of the best skillsets to develop which will stay forever and build your competency level are:

    • Active listening
    • Communication Skills
    • Computer & Digital Skills
    • Customer Service
    • Interpersonal Skills
    • Leadership
    • Management Skills
    • Problem-Solving Skills
    • Time Management
    • Transferable skills
  3. 3 Career Building Skills

    "The best known is not always the best"

    Self Brand positioning is important. It is important to create an image even before entering the field that you want to create your career in. Employers look for credentials before hiring and self-positioning as a brand in your niche makes employability easier.

    There may be best people in a certain field but the better known has more credibility and trust.

    In today’s world, most employers don’t even read the resume. There are 100s of them and your resume may not stand out in the crowd. To be honest, the only place the resumes drop is the dustbins. That's a harsh reality. While speaking with lots of recruitment officers, companies today are looking for people who are unique and value propositions. They are looking for candidates who can bring solutions to the table.

    Whether you like it or not, people talk about you in your absence. So, deep dive into your subject matter and be into a commanding position by becoming an influencer cum authority in your niche. And if they are talking about you in your absence, make sure, it is for your niche or your skills.

    Create that reason through career-building skills and leverage on your personal brand and make it known to the world through the competency that you have built and self-position yourself.

    Read the above sentence once again.

    And Yes!! There You are, A Career Celeb & Future Ready to rock the world!!

    This article is purely based on the understanding of my corporate career and as a consultant in the Education industry. Do let me know if this article was useful in thinking in different aspects while building your career as a student and entering in the new journey of a professional career. I will be coming up with a more detailed study on each of the topics (Creativity, Competency & Career Building Skills) in future articles for better understanding and clarity on each of the topics.

    Till then. Stay tuned!!

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  1. 3C are actually key in the modern world and after corona it has become must to be competent in what you love…this is soon going to be lifestyle and not competition…world changing very fast…great content….

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