3 Tools Which Changed My Business Game !!

I am using many tools to do Automation at different levels in the business. In this blog, I handpicked the to 3 of them for you which helped a lot to change the game

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Hey Friends,

Have you seen Sidz latest Automation Mastery course?  

It is Super Cool Course. Sidz always talks about Automation very passionately in his courses. Ultimately that is what lead our business to “THE GOD MODE “

It always needs exciting to talk about tools, products, and platforms for me. That’s what my niche is all about ๐Ÿ™‚

So, Automation is the backbone of our business.  No doubt about it !!  

You might be already aware of different tools like Demio, Webinar Jam, Zoom, Get Response, Convert Kit, Zapier, Many Chat, Click Magik, Click Funnels, Teachable, etc.  

Hey, hold on !!   This blog is not about these tools.  

These all tools Sidz covers in a great way in the hackathon and other courses.

Here we are talking about other different tools that I have already explored in my business journey and using them.  So thought of sharing that with you all.  

I am sure, you will like it.  You never know one of these tools can be GAME CHANGER for your Business!

So jumping in the list of 3 tools straight away. I will be very crisp (like Sidz) to give you ideas about each tool.  

Let’s get started ……..

1.  GOOGLE DRIVE (part of Google Workspace formerly G Suite) :

You may say, Hey Sam, we know google drive ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Guys, I am not talking about 15GB google drive which comes along with your free Gmail account.  I am talking about a premium Business GSuite account which comes with unlimited reliable storage.

How I started with Google Drive 

Actually, I do conduct a lot of live training, mentoring programs, etc which always gives me content in lots of GB.  If I look at my 1-hour session, it results in more than 1GB video. So you can imagine if I conduct 2-3 batches daily and want to keep this content to be stored forever.  What I will do?

Maybe you will think like me.  I purchased a 1 TB USB Seagate hard disk (INR 4K).  After its full, I bought an 8 TB big harddisk (INR 18K).  In spite of spending so much money.  One fine day my 1 TB HD got corrupted.  After all, it is just a USB device, and it’s not reliable… Fortunately, I had a backup on my 8 TB HD.  That day I decided to go for a paid gdrive account.

Standard Use –

To store data permanently and reliably with space at a cheap price.

How I Use it Day in Day out  –

Every Saturday whatever is my week work, including live session recordings, created blogs, family photos, professional posters, documents, videos, etc. I transfer from local drives to Google Drive.  

I can’s take chance with these USB Hard Disks !!

Also, I use it extensively to collaborate with my team.  They do work at their home and upload it to their shared folder on my drive.  No e-mails required.  All my trackers are there on Gdrive accessible to me and my team from anywhere.

Mobile App Available – Yes, available for android and iOS(Apple).  You can very well synch up data from your mobile and laptop on Google Drive.

Pricing: Starts from INR 125 per month.  A few months back, it was g Suite, now they rebranded it as Google Workspace.  Depending on your requirement, the price gets increases.  Still, it’s cheap as compared to data loss risk ๐Ÿ™‚




How I started with tawk.to  –

I do have my website on which I launched all my courses.  But what used to happen, even if I have displayed what’s app number on site.  I used to get very few pings on what’s an app from my leads.

So decided to have a LIVE CHAT facility for my audience.  Remember it is different than chatbot (many chats).  And on my web hosting service provided site I seen live chat with the line “powered by tawk.to”.  

From there, tawk.to enter my life and become my chat buddy !!

Standard Use –

It is used to implement the Live Chat facility.   Leads can ping you on chat.  You can have online chat with leads or can get offline messages. Cool!

How I Use it Day in Day out  –

i keep it open while I work on my PC.  If somebody comes on the site, it gives a sound alarm and I can check what that person is doing on my site.  Some times I proactive ping the lead to start the conversation.  My photograph appears when I ping.  It helps to form personal connections with new leads.

Also tawk.to gives me geographical details of my lead.  It helps me to understand that my site is getting accessed from which country, state, city.  Also, it shows what’s the source of visit, e.g. FB, googles, youtube, or linked in, that way I come to know which channel is doing good.

Mobile App Available:  Yes, available for both android and iOS(Apple).  It’s very handy to have it on mobile.

Pricing: FREE.  In case if you want to hire their virtual assistant then they charge around $1 per hour.  But frankly not needed.  Still, I am using it on the FREE plan.  It works awesome.



How I started with Prezi –

I have always done blackboarding to explain concepts.  Sometimes uses PowerPoint.  But frankly, PowerPoint is a very boring way of learning.  So was in search of something where my presentations can be lovely and lively ๐Ÿ˜‰

Standard Use –

It is used to create dynamic and lively presentations.  Typically people look at it as the next tool to create presentations instead of PowerPoint,

How I Use it Day in Day out  –

I am always fascinated looking at presentations that can be so dynamic, superbly animated, and lively with Prezi.  I am using it to demonstrate complex concepts in my live training as of now. 

Mobile App Available – Yes, available for both android and iOS(Apple).  It’s very handy to have it on mobile.

Pricing:  starts at $3 per month.  That’s really throw away price for value which we get from Prezi.

After adding these 3 tools, I could see an increase in my productivity (gdrive), efficiency in handling leads (tawk.to), and excellent user experience(Prezi).  

If you have such tools in your toolkit, share it as a comment on this blog.  Let us all join hands to create a list of such amazing tools, it will help all of us !!

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  1. Thank you Sam for this super useful Post! Not only have you covered the way you use these and their advantages but also indicated the price and insider view of what impact it has on business… Thank you!

    1. Thanks Mahesh for checking it out. Great that you found it useful. Yes, tawk.to is amazing tool because of which I closed many high ticket customers … definitely try and let me know if you need any help.

    1. Hey Thanks Tausifa. Thanks for checking it out. Great to know that you found it useful and valuable. Stay tuned for more blogs like this. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Supercool stuff! I use GSuite but will use it even more. I would love to know more on editing presentations in Prezi. Thanks for sharing these tools. ????

  3. Sam a very nice article. Great information on the tools mentioned. I have had the same experience with HDD hence have started using Google Drive. Off-course need to learn a lot more . Thanks for the article

    1. Thanks Rajendra for kind words !! I went for G Drive when my so called reliable HD said “you cant access data because your boot sector corrupted”. Now I am using One Drive (from Microsoft) and Google Drive both.

  4. Excellent post, Sam. I have a paid acc for GDrive and now I realize how underutilized it has been.
    Tawk and Prezi – I will try it out right away.
    Thanks a ton, buddy!

    1. Hey Sudhi .. Yes in fact I am also using only Gdrive extensive from GSUite, however they do have many apps which can be used for our business. Thanks for checking this out.

  5. Very useful tips !! First time i heard about tawk tool. which is free and more features as paid tool. Thank you

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