3 Ideas To Engage Your Child After Online Classes

Are your kids engaged more with Gadgets even after online classes? In this post, I am going to share 3 Ideas to motivate your kids through different activities.

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       As a Parent, most of us are worried about our kids just because they are engaged more in the Gadgets after their online classes. 

          Not only the kids, but children of all age groups are also very attracted to the Gadgets and want to spend lots of time with it. They do enjoy them. 

But how to control them. Is this a healthy habit? No, not at all. So how do we really motivate kids and divert them in different activities.? 

Let me share with you 3 Ideas to motivate your kids by diverting and engaging them in different activities.

  1. 1 Spend Time With Your Kids

    Children who spend time with their parents participating in activities together build a positive sense of self-worth. When children feel that they are valued by their parents, they feel more positive about themselves.  

    How can you spend your time with your children?

    • Play Games With Them: Research shows that children having playtime with parents is important. It makes them feel special. So find time to spend playing with your kids on a regular basis.
    • Tell Stories:  Storytelling is fun. It can encourage the development of emotions and feelings in a child. You can even share your life stories of your own or from the books.
  2. 2 Encourage Them To Learn Something New

    Learning keeps the mind engaged and body active and healthy. List of things you can teach your child to learn are:

    1. Planting  a seedling

    2. Laundry

    3. Wrapping a Gift

    4. Hammering a nail

    5. Writing a letter

    6. Preparing simple meals

    7. Treating a wound

    8. Learn painting

    9. Art and Craft

  3. 3 Motivate Them To Do Spiritual Activities

    Spiritual Kids Have High Self-Esteem And Positivity

    Spirituality and positive thinking go hand in hand. It encourages the participation of your kids in the community and gives them a sense of belongingness. They will have a good relationship in the future improving health, mood, well-being, and boosting life expectancy.

    Here is a list of spiritual values:

    * Service to others

    * Caring, concern for equality and social justice

    * Integrity and honesty

    * Responsibility

    * Healthy lifestyle

    * Peaceful conflict resolution of sense of purpose for one's life

    Some of the Spiritual Practices you can teach your kids are :

    1. Paying Attention - Towards the elders and who are in need.

    2. Blessing - Bless the kids and let them be a blessing to others.

    3. Breathing - Teach them to pray God and say "Have mercy on me".

    4. Silence - Enjoy being in God's presence. Silence as a part of personal prayer time.

    5. Scripture - Teach them how scriptures can comfort and sustain them in difficult times.

    6. Body Prayer  - Tell them to close eyes, kneel down, bowhead, fold hands while praying. Use the body when they pray because God gave them bodies.

    7. Sharing Gifts - Teach the way to be generous and use money which was given to them as gifts on their birthday or pocket money to help others.

    8. Do 1 Thing - Be Kind and Compassionate. Kindness and Compassion help us to share God's love with others. 

    Hope these 3 Ideas will be helpful to you as a parent for engaging your child after online classes. Definitely, children will be motivated and will be away from Gadgets once you teach them and engage them in these activities.

    If your child is benefited through these activities. Please do comment.

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