3 Effective Ways To Tune The Teen

The teenage brain undergoes structural and functional reconstruction which is the "Second Window Of Opportunities" after the neonatal stage of development!

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Adolescence is the time where the brain undergoes remodeling. The prefrontal cortex which is considered as the “Logical or thinking brain” is not yet fully developed and it continues to develop till 20-22 years of age. Whereas the “Emotional brain” which includes Amygdala and the Hippocampus is fully developed. Since different brain areas develop at different time points, it is quite natural to expect significant changes in the behavior of a teenage boy or girl like poor decision making, heightened emotionality(aggressive), sensation seeking behavior, novelty seeking behavior, or even substance abuse. This is purely because the Emotional brain overrides the Thinking brain. This process is also influenced by pubertal hormones and also peer influence. At this point, a teenage kid becomes a headache for the parents. But don’t worry! This is normal and you can use the same behaviors in a positive way to become strong individuals in the future. 


    IKIGAI is the Japanese term for "Purpose of life". The concept of IKIGAI helps to choose your career by asking yourself these questions. You can list many things for each question. the one thing which is common for all the questions is your IKIGAI. If you start working on your Ikigai, you can lead a happy, healthy, and successful life

    1. What you love to do? (Ex: help others, share knowledge, learn new skills, spirituality, etc)
    2. What are you good at? (ex: communication, public speaking, technology, impacting others, leadership)
    3. What the world needs?- Means what problem YOU can solve-(ex: Good teachers, coaches, mentors) 
    4. What you should be paid for? (Teaching, technology skills)
    • What you love to do + what you are good at = Passion
    • What you love to do + what the world needs = Mission
    • What the world needs + what you can be paid for = Vocation
    • What you are good at + What you can be paid for = Profession

    Your IKIGAI, in this case, is: Knowledge Industry, Training, and coaching, Digital coaching

    So once you discover your ikigai, set it as your Goal and walk towards it. You can also take "Myers-Briggs Type Indicator" MBTI personality tests.                                                                                                            


    Focus on developing skills, So that the teenage kid should be able to do something on his own by the age of 18 yrs. Necessary life skills like martial arts, swimming, etc, and hobbies like music, dance, painting, etc should be trained from an early age. But once they hit puberty they like to take up challenges and responsibilities. From 12 years of age, its ideal to start developing professional skills based on their Ikigai and personality tests

    1. Skill development is the key: The conventional education system is fading. Just getting some degree and then getting into a job and warming the chair for 8-10 hours without being productive is now invalid.  Education is now online. Students can easily access global education in the fingertips. The more skills you acquire, the more stronger you develop. Target one new skill every quarterly...that means learn 4 skills per year. think for a lifetime...Isn't it cool?! 
    2. Speed learning: In this fast era, big fish is not eating the small fish. Rather Fast fish is eating the slow fish. Microeducation means short duration courses(30-90 days), Lazer focussed on solving a particular problem can make a miraculous impact on your career building.
    3. Implementation of knowledge: Learn- Do- Teach is considered as the golden triangle of success. Just learning without being implementing that knowledge is a waste. One step further is to 'Teach', build a community, and emerge as a leader. Find out the niche to solve problems using your knowledge and skills. Public exposure of your work will boost your confidence. You can write articles, blogs, books, public speaking, making youtube videos on what you have learned will give you visibility.
    4. Work on Positive technology: Current teenagers are born digitals. But the major problem is gadget addiction, wasting time on social media which is not taking them anywhere. Digital slavery is disrupting parent-teen bonding. But if you work on the Pattern shift, you can build a strong career around the digital ecosystem itself. Get trained in technology building, E-commerce, digital marketing, or even digital coaching. Find a good Mentor to become world class professional later.

    Earl Nightingale quotes "YOU BECOME WHAT YOU THINK". Keep thinking about your goals and take action to achieve them. Here is some amazing stuff to build a positive mindset.

    1. Famous author Robin Sharma writes about the 20/20/20 formula for the first hour of the day, which he calls 'Hour Of Power' or 'Victory Hour'. Accordingly 20 min exercise, 20 min meditation, 20 min read, or listen to motivational talk/books. This kick starts your day. This really works. Make it a habit.  
    3. An attitude of Gratitude- Thank God for at least 5 things happening in your life every day. write them in a book. This will shift your focus from what you don't have to what you have. 
    4. Write/ Read your goals every day
    5. Spiritual foundation 

    The above points facilitate the action of Dopamine, Serotonin, and other useful neurotransmitters in the brain, which elevates your mood, mind-body connection, improve your attention, mindfulness, learning, memory, etc. A sound mind and the sound body is the sound system for success.

    CONCLUSION: Earlier is better. Today's teenager is the strongest asset for tomorrow. If you work on these points with passion and perseverance, then SKY IS THE LIMIT for your success.

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