2 Challenges Stock Traders Face Most Of The Time

The Growth comes from Being Aware of our Challenges and then trying to mitigating those challenges by moving brick by brick. Are you aware of whats your Challenge?

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Do you know most of the traders and investors are not aware of their critical challenges and hence they get swayed by the markets and they get what they weren’t looking for!

Why does this happen? If you are looking for something you must get that, Right? Why things can’t be simple?

If you are a Trader or Investor, you know what I am talking about. Most of the Traders I mean each trader or investor looking for Profits only, that’s the ultimate goal. But they fail to figure out why do they come across an unpleasant situation.

Here are my 2 biggest observations…

Being aware of these two facts will help you in your Trading or Investing Journey where ever you are.

1. Traders do not find RIGHT OPPORTUNITIES

This is a complaint (complaint to self) by many of the traders that they don’t find the right opportunities. But the fact is there isn’t any lack of opportunities its just a Mismatch of Opportunities.

Now, what do I mean by it? I am trying to say that if one keeps the eyes and ears open (to market) there are more than enough opportunities but the one which you want will exist only in a context. However, Markets do not move or get run by Your Context.

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If your Eyes and Ears are open then you only need to align your speed with the market speed.

Let us say, Some times a Day Trader wants to get the maximum profit in a trade and he expects the profit to come by on the very same day. The stock/s doesn’t move on that day but the next day.

This happens because of your speed, the expectation is not aligned to what the market is offering.

Super Hack to overcome to this Challenge :

I) Accept The Markets The Way They Are and see whats its offering and if it matches with your speed, expectation then go ahead (mind me it requires good practice)

II) Know yourself, know your style and define whats your speed and expectation

Q. Do you know whats your Style when it comes to Trading/Investing?

The Growth comes from Being Aware of our Challenges and then trying to mitigating those challenges by moving brick by brick. Are you aware of whats your Challenge? -DChandrakant

2. Traders Get too many opportunities and they are Confused

This is highly likely to happen when you are in the knowledge economy, everyone out there in the world has got something to share with you (let us restrict it to stock markets). 

You are the Victim of Information Overflow. As you feel that getting more knowledge (though it’s not completely wrong) and getting every available information about the stock or whatever product you are trading, you happen to seek information from every available source and you Subscribe to various information providers. 

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Here is how a common traders day begins,

He wakes up to see 100s of WhatsApp forwards from friends, service providers, brokers, advisors about what’s gonna happen today in the market

He opens door to pick up the Milk Bottle gets newspaper in hands (sometimes more than 2)

While reading the newspaper, Market Channel on TV has to be ON, isn’t it, and there are many experts speak about the market 

Then you open the mailbox, you have a minimum of 10 emails waiting for you to trade/invest

No wonder, you get few phone calls from friends and advisors Solicited, and let’s not talk about unsolicited spam calls and messages.

Now, you tell me who is saying there are no opportunities?

Its self propagated Karma ????

Tell me one thing, as a human being can you process all this information and take that 1 Profitable Make My Day – Trade. As human beings though we can run through 60k thoughts each day, decision making requires precision, which is not there with the common traders as it takes them a few years to realize this.

To be honest, you can’t avoid this. But you can Sure ignore some of the things and surely Chart out a plan for you as you only want to build for example the Burj Khalifa and not the Eiffel Tower, so you need a different design/blueprint. Being aware of what you need will open the pathway to how to get it.

Super hack to overcome this Challenge

I) Find out and prepare your one single plan of action which you do not violate every single day

II) Focus on the plan and stay away from the above information overflow

Q. What’s your 1 Plan of Action to Become a Highly Successful Trader or Investor

I would love your comments, suggestions, and queries…

Happy to Help you????

I hope you liked the article and thank you in advance for sharing…..

Be a Wealthy Trader…????????????


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    1. Yes Mahesh, this field is such a field where every day every one makes NEWER mistakes and they commit they won’t repeat any of them…. As a trader we all should learn from mistakes others too…

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